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  1. Hi Mike, I live in the Springs. I own a '51 Roadmaster. There are a lot of shows and gatherings in the area. Pretty much every weekend once Spring roles around. Rod
  2. Hi Toolman53, I have owned my 1951 Roadmaster for six years. I live in Colorado Springs where the weather allows you to drive from mid-April through most of October. I change my oil at the start of the driving season and at the end. I use Castrol 10w50 as my engine can get a little warm and I like using an oil with a little more body. I also throw in some Marvel Mystery Oil right before I change it as I think it helps with sludge build-up. If your engine has not been rebuilt, you may want to pass on the MMO.
  3. Hey Thriller, Great suggestions, I would love to get my wife a Reatta but she actually loves the car she has. She drives a 2000 Neon that has over a 160,000 miles. It has gone where few Neons have gone before. I really am going to push for a getaway in the Roadmaster. I think it would be great fun. I have a wine festival we plan to attend in a couple weeks. The Buick it is! Can you think of a better car to attend a wine festival in? Plenty of room for beverage storage.
  4. JohnD1956 - One time I stopped to buy gas and the battery died. I keep the battery on a trickle charge and no problems since. Thanks for the picture of the Skylark but I really am partial to the Roadmaster. I think my wife misses the point. Buicks from the late 40's through early 50's were understated elegance. I've always believed that in the GM pecking order, Buick was for people who had money but really didn't need/want to show it. I kid with my wife and tell her it's a "chick magnet." I no longer take my wife to shows because she makes me give her a dollar every time an elderly gentleman c
  5. Hey Folks, My car was in a local Labor Day parade Monday. I took my wife of 22 years with me (possible mistake). A friend who was in front of me drove his 1941 Super convertible and I followed with my 1951 Roadmaster sedan. I thought for sure the Super would be a big hit and I thought it was neat to have such nice Buicks a decade apart. The big hit was the Camaro behind us. I don't have a problem with that as people like what they like and the Camaro was a nice car. My wife says that she feels old in the Buick and would like to have something a little more modern and sexy (i.e. Mustang). I can
  6. Hi Dick, I had my radio switched on my '51 Roadmaster. I was tired of burning up vibrators (insert joke here) so I had my radio converted. I can now play FM stations as well as AM. There is even a wire for an Ipod. The only difference is that their is a tiny light that was placed on the station dial that lights up when you have found a station. It was not cheap but it was worth the peace of mind. You really cannot tell the difference because except for the inner-workings, it is still the same radio. My only complaint is that they had to change out the speaker and the original speaker (when t
  7. Hi Everyone, This Saturday my wife and I will be celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary. I'm taking her to dinner in the '51 Roadmaster. I'll be stylin' and profilin' with my two favorite girls. I take Estelle (the Roadmaster) to a few local classic car gatherings during the summer. People get the biggest kick looking at the straight 8. I'm very blessed in that as a youngster, I always wanted a Roadmaster and as a bachelor, when I met my wife, I knew she was the girl for me. My Buick My Love and I Rod
  8. Hi Willy, I'm also looking for the windshield washer pump. I don't need the glass jar, just the pump and lid. Thanks, Rod
  9. Hi Willy, I'm interested in the radio knobs. Would you be willing to sell them and how much? Thanks!
  10. I'm fortunate enough to own a '51 Buick Roadmaster. It doesn't have the custom roof or rear window but it looks very much like the car pictured. I love my Roadmaster and the '51-'52 models are the bees knees. Rod
  11. I am very fortunate in that I have the Buick that I always wanted. Several years ago, I had a 1949 Chrysler New Yorker that was at the point that needed work that I could not complete. I took it to a mechanic who restored antiques and he had a 1951 Roadmaster sedan sitting in his lot. I sold the New Yorker and bought the Buick. She was originally all black (aren't they all) but is now 2-tone with a Cloudmist Gray top. I've always liked sedans and since they are generally less expensive, better for me. Merry Christmas everyone! Rod
  12. I suspected that most people who read my question probably felt the same way I do. I love my Roadmaster and had wanted one since I was a kid. The straight 8 engine is a lot of fun and is a real conversation piece. Is there a more distinctive grill than one on an early 50's Buick? The funny thing about my car is that the body is black but the roof is Cloudmist Gray (a stock color for that year) and I have had judges not notice the second color. Come to think of it though, the beauty of a Buick (in my opinion) is its understated elegance (my apologies to '58 owners). I think that I want to stop
  13. I own a 1951 Roadmaster that is in decent shape. She definitely is a driver but the paint is nice (haven't quite figured out how to get a picture posted) and she rides great. I have taken her to several car non-brand specific shows and she hasn't gotten a second look by the judges. I enjoy the car shows because I get to see some great cars outside of the club I belong to and I don't go to win a trophy (altough that would be nice). The problem is that some of the comments I hear at the shows really get me to thinking that I could better spend the entrance fees (typically $20 - $30) elswhere.
  14. I live in Colorado Springs and I can tell you that one reason you saw so few Buicks is that there seems to be a car show in Colorado of some sort every weekend during the summer.I have to be a little careful because all the entry fees can turn into real money right quick. I have a '51 Roadmaster and my wife makes me put a nickel in a glass jar on the front seat anytime someone comes up to me and says, "My father (or grandfather) used to drive one just like that." The jar is almost full. Boy, there must have been a ton of '51 Roadmasters made! Rod
  15. Hi Carl, I sent you a pm. Let me know the specifics as I am interested. Thanks, Rod
  16. I am looking for the glass reservoir jar (windshield fluid) for my '51 Roadmaster. Does anyone have one for sale or know where I can get one? Thanks, Rod
  17. Hi Pete, Thanks for the post. The bumpers that I have are for the side (along the fenders). The problem is that the rubber part of the bumpers are slanted and I am trying to not only find the proper location, but ehich side the slant is supposed to face. Rod
  18. Hi Everyone, I have two quick questions: 1. I bought 4 hood bumpers from Bob's. Were hood bumpers original equipment? Can anyone produce an image of where they should be located? Ahh, the joys of a side opening hood. 2. My headliner is original and looks fantastic. The windlace is a different story. Is their a way of replacing the windlace without destroying the headliner? Thanks! Rod
  19. Hi Alex, I feel your pain. I was in the same position as you with my '51 Roadmaster. My hood emlem was cracked and the previous owner used putty behind the emblem to keep it in place. I checked Bob's and such and the part is no longer made. I found one on Ebay that was repainted but looks much better than my original. I paid $80 for it. Be vigilant and one will come along. I sure would like to see the part reproduced again though. Best of luck! Rod
  20. I am a Jeep owner and I will tell you that the one big screw up was discontinuing the Cherokee. The Cherokee was the perfecrt fit for people who could not afford the Grand Cherokee or simply did not want the bells and whistles associated with the Grand. I live in Colorado and I see Cherokees around all the time and I don't think they have been made since 2001. The Liberty doesn't come close to the room in Cherokee. The 4.0 inline is bullet proof. I would buy a new one in a heartbeat and I bet I'm not the only one.
  21. I am buying my wife a new camera for her birthday next week so we will put her up then. Thanks, Rod
  22. I just got a look at my car after the repair and the paint. It brought tears to my eyes. Estelle looks like she had been sitting on the floor of a Buick dealership all these years and had never been sold. The owner of the shop said he really enjoys old cars and his specialty is black so I went to the right place. He told me that as soon as I get my engine work completed, I was to bring the car back for a detailing and another coat of wax free of charge. The shop is located in Colorado Springs. Wreckmasters, I can't reccomend them highly enough. Rod
  23. Hi James, I had my radio in my '51 Roadmaster repaired back to specks. When I want to listen to music not played on AM, I bring my ipod with me and plug it into a little food pack that is fitted with speakers. That way, I can pack sodas and a sandwich when I take the Buick out and listen to the type of music I want. I keep the radio original and my expense was a lot less then the conversion you are thinking of. Food for thought, Rod
  24. Hi everyone, It has been a while since I have visited this site. For some reason, I could not log-in under Rodney anymore; hence my new name. I am now living in Colorado Springs and we have gotten more snow over the last few weeks than I ever remember getting in Vermont. I hired a company to move my car and it was a disaster. I contracted the move in August and the car did not arrive until November. The car had damage to the roof. The company is paying for the damage but it was a problem I didn't need. Anyway, I am having the car repainted while the damage is being repaired and Estelle ('51 Ro
  25. Hi John, Sorry I haven't gotten to you before. Glad the rearview mirror is working out. Concerning your problem: My '51 Roadmaster was in a parade on Saturday and the parade was very slow. As a result, by the end of the parade, she was overheating and when I shut her down to cool off, she did not want to start for about a 1/2 hour. I think you are correct about the vapor lock. On the way home, the battery was charging quite a bit. My guess is that she will start right up after your battery is charged. If that is the case, the bigger question is why she overheated so easily. Keep us informed. N
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