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  1. I have went ahead and ordered the AC Delco Pump and Strainer, along with a Wix filter. Should be good for another 230,000 miles once I get back from Springfield.
  2. Thanks Harry. I ran a jumper from the + battery terminal to the green connector. No dice. \ So, that seems to narrow it down to the pump or the wiring to the pump, which I'll have to drop the tank to inspect the end of anyway. If I can remove the heat shield without removing the exhaust and I can find a pump that will get most of the fuel out, then I'll do the job when we return from the Nationals. Working every day between then and now...no time. opinion on Delco vs. Bosch fuel pumps? Delco is listed as OEM and Bosch as an OEM upgrade. The Bosch pictures all the associated parts. I'm assuming the Delco comes with all that as well? I know to stay away from the generic, Airtex, etc. It looks like the Dephi strainer is the same quality as the Delco. And I'll probably go Wix on the filter.
  3. I changed the relay. No change. I'll try the fuel pump primer next. I'm considering sending this to the mechanic. I pulled the gas tank out of the '89 parts car, but the rear end was out at the time. It looks like the track bar and the exhaust are in the way of pulling the tank. Not fun, especially in the driveway instead of the garage. ugh. I'm guessing about $800 for the shop to do it. ($100 in parts that I'm sure they will charge $200 for) I'll call and get a few estimates tomorrow.
  4. My son's 230,000 mile 1990 stranded him the other day. It will crank, but won't start. I towed it home today and began diagnosis. No pressure at the fuel rail, so I pulled the fuel filter. No pressure in the line at all. Looks like an original A/C fuel filter, so I'll replace it while I've got it out. Cranked with no fuel filter in place and no fuel coming through at all. I'm assuming fuel pump, but want to rule out the relay and regulator if necessary. I don't have the master's degree in BS to figure out where the relay is using the FSM. Can someone give me a hint? What's the best way to check the fuel pump regulator, if that could be causing the issue? Any other tips, tricks, or suggestions to verify prior to dropping the tank? Car has a fresh full tank of gas, so that ought to be fun. I think I'm going to have to buy a pump to empty the tank before I drop it. Recommendations on fuel pump (and strainer) brand? I know it's usually worth it to go with a name brand here. Thanks guys!
  5. Padgett, you won't see it once you open the thread. The dot/ball/star will appear to the left of the thread title in the subforum.
  6. I use Wix filters with no issue. 33034 for non A/C cars and 33039 for A/C cars, at least for 1959.
  7. I'm not sure if I'm not on the list or if the forum was abandoned?
  8. I use Valvoline Dexron/Mercon in a burgundy bottle, available at the local FLAPS. (Autozone/O'Reilly)
  9. I've got 2 pairs of tail lights in good and very good condition. Contact me via PM or email and I can send some pics.
  10. I'm in. I voted twice...kind of surprised that it let me. No, I'm not from Chicago. 11:30 sounds great to me. I'm okay with either restaurant choice. Walking distance would be good for some folks I'm sure, but Hooters worked well last year.
  11. I'm in, pending schedule not conflicting with required meetings.
  12. Good Price if it's as solid as it looks and sounds. Nice family cruiser. See, they don't have to cost an arm and a leg to get into the hobby.
  13. Wish it were closer! I'd love to have a rusty beater. I like how all of the photos are from far enough away that you can't see any details.....
  14. Took the '65 Wildcat to the flea market. Scored a peanut butter jar full of assorted automotive fasteners for $2!
  15. ran when parked 4 years ago.....Sure it did. Still, a solid looking car for the price.
  16. Hey! Detail that car in the background!
  17. Agreed. I'm still looking for the correct bracket for a '59 364 with the powerpack option.
  18. And another one. This one is close to home...but it's got the worst ebay presentation in history. It's unclear whether it runs and drives even. The only one of these I ever drove was not roadworthy and scared me away from them. I still like the poor man's corvette though. http://www.ebay.com/itm/121627708608?forcerRptr=true&item=121627708608&viewitem=
  19. Dale, you will be sorely missed. Please do check in from time to time and we hope to see you at another BCA national in the future as well. Take good care of yourself and your young bride.
  20. Peak 50/50 mix is $5.97 here at the local Home Depot. Not worth mixing it for that price.
  21. I will simply add that I am and have always been in favor of the scholarship and hope that we can find both the means and method to enact it within the parameters of our by-laws and the tax code. Based on the member feedback received so far, that appears to be the general consensus as well. I regret that we have had to put it on hiatus while we research the best method to go forward.
  22. The pinion seal on my '59 has been leaking oil into the torque tube for at least 10,000 miles. I top off the differential fluid once a year and it hasn't been an issue. Best part is it's not that messy of a leak. Most of it lands on the ground and not the underside of the car. Once the torque ball and rear wheel seals start leaking as well, I may take it apart, but not until then. I guess it depends on what you expect. Mine is an all weather driver, so it's not as big of a deal as on a show car.
  23. Looking great Pete! Don't you love how the '59 drives and rides? I'll admit that my '65 is more sporty and responsive, but the '59 is just smooth and comfortable.
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