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  1. The BCA will miss Joel. He was a wonderful ally and supporter of the BCA. Our best wishes go out to his family. RIP Joel.
  2. No, they sweat horsepower! (or torque, really)
  3. AWESOME! Thanks for putting that together.
  4. It was great to see Paul in Springfield. We were so glad that he and the family did what it took to get there. It seemed to be very enjoyable for Paul as he was in high spirits most of the time. Our condolences go out to Mary Ann and the rest of the family as well. I have already asked the Office to send an arrangement worthy of Paul's contribution to the BCA and it's members. Please keep us in the loop as to the memorial.
  5. I took the '65 wildcat convertible out for a drive today when I got home from work. Just me, the car, and some winding roads. Ahhhh.
  6. I almost always use 87 in my '59 and '65, and in Ohio, we have almost exclusively 10% ethanol. I have never noticed a knock or ping or had any fuel related issues that I can trace to the gas. My '59 sat most of last year, so I started off this year with about 2 year old fuel with no problems. It was treated with sta-bil when parked.
  7. The car looks perfect to me! Very Nice!
  8. My '65 with 401 gets about 8-10 mpg with me driving it, around town, but I have a heavy foot. I think I got 12 once on the highway. In high school, my '65 with 401 got about 7.
  9. I will follow up for you Sid. Which month's Bugles are you missing? July should be in the mailbox anyday. I got mine today, but I live pretty close to the printer.
  10. replaced the fuel pump today. It would have been easier if there wasn't about 13 gallons of gas in it. I gave up on my manual pump and just dropped it full using 2 jacks for support, then drained it into 5 gallon buckets before reinstalling. I made a mess. I did have to remove both bolts holding the rear track bar in place and use a crow bar to get enough clearance to get it out and back in. Other than that and a few spare parts left over, it was fairly straightforward. My son and his friend helped me. Hopefully, she's good for another 235,000 miles now.
  11. Well shucks. I'll second Chuck and Kathy for not only stepping up, but taking the heat when things didn't go as smoothly as we hoped. A true leader. One good nomination deserves another. I missed the deadline by 1 day for this year's award, but would like to get ahead of the game for next year. I nominate Ronnie for all the work he has done with the Reatta Store and the ROJ. He makes my life much easier when I'm working on the '90 coupe for my son.
  12. A hearty thank you to whoever brought the Yukon Jack Wicked Hot Whiskey. It's very enjoyable. And I must pay a dear apology to my good friend Larry Johnson for stealing his alcohol not once, but twice! I think he still ended up with the craft beer. We do this kind of swap at our chapter Xmas party every year also. Very fun!
  13. Mine was an accident, I'm sure. It was driven earlier that day by someone who may not have realized they left it on.
  14. I hope this photo makes the Bugle! The girls were enthusiastic and seemed genuinely happy to be out there.
  15. Is there a way to stop the pop up window that opens when you click "follow this topic"? also, Peter, can you increase the number of "likes" we can do per day?
  16. I did that a few years ago. Mine were fused shut. I came out Friday night at the Nationals to find my ignition on as well. Luckily, no ill effects that time.
  17. Thanks everyone. I serve at the pleasure of the membership.
  18. We had a bit of rain last evening, but the skies were dry today, up until about an hour ago. We managed to get the entire show in without a drop of water. I may not have gotten a ride in the Wildcat I like Chuck, but I did get a trip around the parking lot in Pat and Pat's 1931 race car! It was FANTASTIC!
  19. Trailer parking has been moved to the far back corner of the hotel parking lot to ensure better security and access. Overflow trailer parking will still be in Wal-mart parking lot.
  20. Peter Gariepy is testing the registration software before handing over to the registrar. I suggest sending him a PM. He may not be watching this thread. I would be more than happy to follow up with him myself if you would prefer. Thanks,
  21. We're leaving first thing Monday. The earlier the better to beat the heat. We should be in Monday evening in our B-59 road warrior. Took her for a 60 mile shakedown today. No issues other than a bit of brake pull. I need to hire a new mechanic.
  22. I'm registered! Love the online registration. Simple, easy and quick.
  23. I'm apparently a really happy guy, as today I received a warning for "liking" too many posts. It couldn't have been more than 10? Seems that should be increased to a more reasonable number. Thanks for everything you've done and do for us Peter. I'm sure you're finding new wrinkles daily on your own.
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