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  1. Thanks to Brian Laurance, the '59 Division did sponsor a small group that did drive the Rowena Loops and the falls. It was fantastic, even though it was a rainy day. Many of you have seen the Rowena Loops photos of 4 '59 Buicks in the National Meet issue last year.
  2. I can't possibly comment on every post of this recent topic, but I will give my $.02. Not the BODs, but my own. As the new Driven Class Chairman, I have submitted to the Chief Judge an overview of the changes to the Driven Class that I would like to make. Allowing Driven Class cars to participate in either 400 pt OR Archival is on that list. It will allow those high quality cars that are driven to the meet to receive an extra "badge of courage" for driving the car. This will not affect the awards ceremony as the Driven Class awards are distributed on the showfield. We have also seen a LOT of confusion on the field, especially from first timers, regarding the judging process. Many "driven" cars have been moved to the 400 pt class if we felt they belonged there and we caught it prior to show day. We allowed both classes to be entered in Ames and it worked great. With integrated classes, there is no reason we can't do it every year. We have a new Chief Judge. He worked with us in Springfield to include the Driven and Display cars in with the 400 pt on show day. The Driven class judges don't mind walking the entire show field one bit in order to find our cars to certify. Prior to show day, cars can park anywhere they want. Show day belongs to the Chief Judge and the Meet Chief Judge. Boy, I really have to hold back from naming them Meet Head Judge. Our SOP declares that they are responsible for the show field layout. Please continue to share your feelings regarding how you would like the field laid out, but someone has to have the final say and they are it. They have a job to do and I have to respect that they will get it done the best way they know how. For every member who would love to have a fully integrated judging field, you have to realize that there is another member that wants everything separated into classes. As leadership of this Club, we have to make tough decisions and some of those decisions are going to make people unhappy. There is no way around that. That doesn't mean that your group is taken for granted or disrespected. That means that the other 7300 members have opinions too. We were elected to guide this Club and we do the best job we can in order to represent the membership. ALL the membership. I am an active member in the Driven Class. I have 5 badges of courage on my '59 Invicta for successfully carrying my entire family cross-country to enjoy the BCA National Meet. If I hadn't destroyed my radiator a week prior to Danvers, forcing us to take the air conditioned Roadmaster Wagon, if would be 6! I am proud of those badges and don't appreciate them being derided as "participation awards" or a pat on the back for driving the car. I enjoy driving my Buick and am proud to display those hard won awards. Yes, hard won....it was quite the experience to be exiting the freeway in Springfield and have my foot go to the floorboard as the brake fluid poured out of a ruptured line. No fun in a single M.C. car. Luckily, the parking brake got us to the hotel "safely". In the recent past I have owned a 1940 Buick Special (as well as a 1922 Ford Model T). I also own a Reatta that my son drives daily. My wife prefers the '59, while my favorite is the '65 Wildcat because that was my first car. If I could afford one, I would own a new Buick Verano, but alas, I drive another GM stalwart, a 1996 Saturn SL1, as my daily driver. I don't ever expect to own a car that could compete in the 400 pt class, but I love walking through those cars at the Meets as well. I enjoy Buicks of ALL ages. I would love to see dozens of early Pre-ww1 cars at the Meets. The '30s and '40s tend to be well represented, but not like they were years ago. I especially enjoy watching everyone hoot and holler as they get rides in those old wagons and trucks.I myself enjoyed a ride in Pat and Pat's Great Race car in Springfield. What a HOOT! Previously as a member of the BOD, and now as President, my goal has always been to represent the members of our Club. ALL the members. At times I have voted against my own personal preference because I felt that the membership wanted something different. I call it Servant Leadership. Yes, I at times I even enjoy those Modifieds. I think they will be an important part of our show if we make it to California in 2018. I support ANYTHING that gets those Buicks out on the streets and driven! I rarely see another Buick at a local show unless it belongs to one of our local members. That's why I rebooted the Cincinnati Chapter, so I could coax some of those Buicks out of the shadows and onto the streets. Terry, I don't know you that well, but I think I could call Mark a friend. I don't want either of you to leave the club and this is my personal plea for both of you to reconsider. Your voices are very important for the Pre-War Division and your input is valued. I consider you both integral parts of the Club and we would miss your knowledge and camaraderie. I know the "non-judged" aspect of Allentown is another sore spot for many (can you imagine how many hours the awards show would be for a 1000 car event? UGH!), but I urge you to register and come enjoy the scenery. The cars are going to be lined up by decade throughout the entire display field. Many, many, many long hours of planning are going to have to take place to make that happen. We are nearly 1/4th of the way to our maximum of 1000 cars already. Many more hotels rooms have been booked than registered so far, so that number is going to climb quickly. It will be a sight to behold and you won't want to miss it. Also, there will be a special treat for anyone that brings a car! I for one, CAN'T WAIT! As far as I'm concerned, I would like to see our mission statement changed to: The Buick Club of America is a non-profit membership corporation dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of those vehicles built by the Buick Motor Division of General Motors Corporation. Email is ALWAYS the best way to reach me. Feel free to reach out to myself and the other BOD and NMC members to make your voices heard. Their contact information is all included in the Bugle. Please don't mistake a lack of action or change to mean that your concerns are not important or respected. It's late and I'm done rambling......got to get up tomorrow and drive my Wildcat while the sun is still shining and the skies are dry!
  3. Well, The wife and I drove separate classics, but I consider us 1 attendee.
  4. Our local club was invited to a private GE airshow today at Red Stewart Airfield in Waynesville, Oh. 3 of us made it out in 4 cars. Good food, free beer, old cars and upside down airplanes! It doesn't get much better than that! First, the '59 pre-flight, then some airfield photos. Then, my phone died...so I don't have any of the acrobatic flight maneuvers, but I should have some from my son later. There was a Studebaker wagon with a retractable rear roof, a beautiful Hupmobile, a Rolls Royce, a '38? Special, a very nice Model T and many more in attendance.
  5. My catalog shows Group 6.859 arm, pitman as part # 7805973 for 50-60-80 series with pwr steering.
  6. You got 64% (28 right out of 44). The average score is 45%. I did much better on year than make, but I got all the Buicks correct and chose Mopar when it was Mopar, just the wrong one...
  7. So sorry to hear of your loss Roberta. Take the time to take care of yourself and your family in this difficult time.
  8. cruise control should be on the end of the windshield washer lever on the left, I think. It's vacuum operated and probably wouldn't work anyway.
  9. My '65 wildcat has the same burp. I don't recall the '59 burping as bad.
  10. What a fantastic time capsule! Best of luck on the sale.
  11. I miss my '69 electra. Best driving old Buick I've had for sure.
  12. He was only there for a very short time as far as I know. I passed him once, said hi, and never saw him again.
  13. bhclark

    BCA Webiste

    Interesting. Thanks. Keep us on our toes.
  14. bhclark

    BCA Webiste

    Everything I see here is accurate. To what are you referring? http://www.buickclub.org/officers-and-board-members/
  15. IIRC, Ohio has no mandatory labeling at all. Most pumps are marked "up to 10% ethanol" though. I filled the Wildcat up today (about half a tank) at the closest ethanol free pump near me, a local tool rental spot. It was $3.60 compared to $2.29 around the corner. I'm not sure it was worth it. I didn't notice that it idled or ran any different, but I'm looking forward to starting it in a few days and seeing if it cranks over quicker. At that price, the startron? or lucas ethanol treatment is much cheaper.
  16. Check out the new art featuring the 50th anniversary logo! https://gm-photo-gifts-com.myshopify.com/collections/buick-club-collection/products/buick-club-of-america-denim-shirt-50th-anniversary?variant=3878067460 https://gm-photo-gifts-com.myshopify.com/collections/buick-club-collection
  17. That looks like it could be Marck's new truck. Probably headed to NC.
  18. Kevin's statement is correct. My September President's message also contains a plea for Chapters to bid for the National Meets. The NMC has realized that it is not realistic to continue to run the Meets remotely in their entirety. While the last 3 meets have been successful, there have been opportunities as well. The Meets need local, active participants to assist with many functions. Chapters (and Regions) are welcome and encouraged to present bids. The NMC has a lot of expertise in running meets and will be a fantastic asset to those Chapters interested in bringing a meet to their area. We will still attempt to work the "windshield wiper" effect to rotate the Meet around the country in an effort to bring the Meets close to everyone on a regular basis. There is no perfect solution, but at this time, we feel a partnership between a local Chapter and the NMC will produce the best results going forward.
  19. For the '59 check out the 1959 Division at http://www.buick-59.com/phpBB3/portal.php Also, check out Tom's restoration guide at http://1fine59.com/
  20. go to "My orders". You should be able to cancel the transaction before it ships.
  21. Sid, you should receive the August Bugle in your PO box. Please let me know if you do not. The Office should also be sending you the missing back issues. Sorry for the issue!
  22. Thanks to Mudbone for providing the Video!
  23. JD is a local long-time on the air personality. He is the absolute BEST our there. http://www.jdhughes.com/#
  24. The only photo I have is of the winners of our BIG door prize. I thought a local cruiser website was taking photos as they did a few years ago, but they haven't surfaced on-line yet. I was way to busy to take any and we lost our club photographer from past years. My son was judging the undercarriage, so he was too busy as well. Next year!
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