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  1. wmsue, I did get one upholsterer to install a temp fix. Basically took a piece of top vinyl and glued it to the window material and the top. Worked for about a year, then the weight of the glass combined with the heat from the black top wore down the glue and it failed.
  2. Thank Joe. I've got glass now and I know that's "correct". The glass is the reason I need to replace the top. It's weight has torn the vinyl at the upper bar. Upholstery shops won't touch it without an estimate of a 75% chance that after peeling back to replace the window, the entire top will need to be replaced. It's at least 20-25 years old (since that was when the car was painted), so it needs replaced anyway.
  3. Might help to state where you are located.
  4. Too bad you're 5 hours away or we could partner up and help each other on this. I've never installed a top either, but have one ready to go on my '65 wildcat. still have to pick up the pads, cables, well liner, boot, etc and decide whether to go glass or plastic on the window. I've never touched the hydraulics, so I probably ought to pull the manual and check everything.
  5. That is "SUPER"! I'm officially jealous!
  6. If I had space, I probably would have pulled the trigger on the '58 special that just ended on Ebay for $500. Unfortunately, my step son's non-running '03 Taurus is taking up my available space out of the law's eye. It will be gone by spring one way or another.
  7. I don't see much "weather permitting" anytime in the near future....snow, snow and more snow.
  8. It wouldn't be a 50 year old battery tray if it didn't have some acid damage! Keep it up Adam...you make this look easy.
  9. LOL...I always try to forget Chicago......I hate it there. Give me NYC, Boston or LA anytime.
  10. That's the first I've seen Greg's Avanti? Please ask him what he was wearing to the steakhouse...I would like to duplicate his outfit.
  11. I traveled all over the country in my last job...I can't remember where that was, but I'll try to dust the cobwebs and try to remember!
  12. That's quite a good looking "parts" Model T and a beautiful Olds! Wonderful finding old memories like that.
  13. WOW...I had no idea the installation of those generators was so involved. Home Depot makes it sound so quick and easy! Thankfully we don't lose power around here often.
  14. WTF? My wife just came in the room to see if I was ok 'cause I was laughing so hard. That picture was totally uncalled for! I once tried to take my team out to eat at this place, but they wanted to go elsewhere. Of course, there are other ways to cook your dinner....
  15. Hell, you lost me after Spam! If that tells you how far north I'm from! Not sure the bottom of my feet have ever seen the ground without socks and shoes on and I don't go near water unless it's got enough chlorine in it to kill a cat. I do like Cracker Barrel though, especially the fried catfish!
  16. bhclark


    I'll have to check into hagerty.....I just switched my home and auto over to Farmer's from AIG and they are an agent for JC Taylor. All in all, I saved well over $1000 a year. On 6 "antique" cars with about a $45,000 total agreed value, I think my policy is about $325 a year, down from $160 per car with AIG and no agreed value. (problem is that I can only get 5 of the 6 into my 2 car and 2.5 car garages....yes, 2 full size buicks and a Model T will fit in a 2.5 car garage, with about 6 inches of clearance. ) Age, driving record, marital status, credit score, and zip code (plus a lot more) al
  17. Been there, done that! Only place you can buy Garlic Spam, or at least it used to be. I went while in Minneapolis working back to back overnight shifts. Long drive to Austin from there. On the way home, I work up doing 80 in the median in 3 foot tall grass. Managed to pop the rental car back up on the highway and stopped at the next rest area for a splash of cold water and a short nap. A few days later, I returned the rental car....the agent walked around the front, tilted his head with a confused look on his face, shook his head and continued. As I was walking into the terminal, I looked ba
  18. Greg is absolutely amazing. He seems to be able to rebuild an entire brake system faster that I could remove the master cylinder.... Inspiring and infuriating all at the same time!
  19. I'm sure you were the most talkative of the bunch! Looks like a fantastic trailer! Well built and easy for you to customize to your needs!
  20. John, Every time I do something like that (all too often), I just calmly say to myself "and that's why you can't have nice things".
  21. I made myself a new one for my '59 out of luan plywood. I figured it would be more durable than the panelboard, plus it was cheap and local. Mine is covered with vinyl though.
  22. John...Look in northern inland Florida. (got to avoid possible hurricane vehicles) Lots of low mileage cars down there. You can buy a lot lower mileage car down there than you can farther north. When we bought our minivan, we got a florida van with 30,000 miles for at least 2 grand less than what we could have bought locally with 70,000.
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