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  1. I replaced the ones on my '58 with the fender on. I learned that you need that double jointed wrist Smartin is always talking about. I was lucky that the hose clamp on mine was mounted the direction it was or I would have never got them changed. I guess they didn't worry about a once every 50 year job...
  2. Put your seatbelt on man! Fan-damn-tastic Adam! I think you're ready to open up your own shop...
  3. Congrats Adam! I know you've spent enough time in Cincinnati to know that it's a great, diverse city with lots to do, if that's where you end up. Keep your nose to the grindstone on Hobart!
  4. Billys, What is your full name so we can attempt to locate the membership application for you. If you want, you can PM it to me, along with your contact information.
  5. I am SO not looking forward to this job! But, I am glad many have gone before me and documented it so well. Great pics....keep it coming Jim!
  6. Are those before or after pics? lol! That looks cleaner than the underside of any of my cars!
  7. Please share the scan of the Chilton manual. My '59 is leaking at the rear pinion seal. Looks like a job I may have to tackle this fall. I figure while I have the rear end out, might as well do the whole shebang.
  8. The ad is nearly 10 years old.
  9. My '58 dipstick does this. Sounds like low fluid to me as well. Do you have good giddy-up-an-go on flat land?
  10. Looking good! Bet your glad to finally be putting things back together instead of tearing it apart.
  11. Might want to post over in the 59 Buick forum as well. Buick-59.com - The 1959 Buick online resource
  12. Nice Rotisserie Bob. Is that homemade? If so, you should do a build thread on it, if you have pics from putting it together.
  13. Absolutely. You are basically venting your garage into the house, allowing the fumes to penetrate. I've seen this on "Holmes Inspection" a LOT. I know my garage isn't as tight as they say to make it.
  14. I might get something done if I had an air conditioned garage....I about pass out just going to get the mail lately...
  15. Kitycat, You have a beautiful car. I LOVE the interior!
  16. Agreed! This makes the CAR stand out. I guess it all depends on what you want to POP! Some cars look more elegant, like the late 30s cars when you add the whitewall, where they look more utilitarian with the blackwall. Although I think red and yellow cars look great with the red and yellow stripe tires... Personally, I'm sick of cleaning them and will probably be turning mine in on all cars at the next rotation. I've got a set of portowalls for the '58 just in case. Alsancle, I had to google pilot rays....guess that makes me feel young! We call them light bars on motorcycles.
  17. I just woke up my wife when I saw those photos, especially the goofball shot. "WOW", I exclaimed! She groaned and rolled over. Fantastic job Adam...I only wish I could do 1/10 of what you do. It was all I could do to move both cars out of the garage and give it a thorough cleaning today. Finished at 2am. I'm sure the neighbors were happy to hear the tractor driving through the yard and the lights go out!
  18. Adam, I need the vacuum connector that screws into the front top of the intake manifold. did you buy a replacement and if so, where can I get one? Napa doesn't have it...and I couldn't find it on CARS website. Also, I also need a fuel inlet for the Carter carb that will accept a rubber fuel line instead of the metal line. (same deal...thought I kept the metal line, but can't find it, so was planning on just running rubber) Thanks!
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