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  1. An updated pic of the gas pump, a Gilbarco. Also, a pic of the "Buick" emblems on my tool boxes. And just for good measure, 1 of the shelves in my office.
  2. The "Gulf" pump is now a "Clark" pump! It is an old farm pump from what I understand. I can supply the make and model if anyone is interested. I bought it as you see it. It is securely bolted through the house. Any of the emblems with pins are installed through drilled holes in the doors, with the speed nuts on the back. Newer emblems are attached with 3m tape. I have previously posted my tool cabinets, where the manufacturer's nameplate has been replaced with a '70's era BUICK emblem. I'll try to remember to snap another photo of those. The corrugated Buick signs are fairly simple. I bought the letters at a local craft store, drilled through and tacked them in place. I'm currently searching for just the right reclaimed wood to make more, although the stained pressure treated wood has the best grip on the tacks. I have a separate storage garage that houses a rotation of the cars, depending on season. Snow White is actually under the care of http://antiqueautomotiveservice.com/, in preparation for sale. She had a few bugs that needed worked out first.
  3. I took a few photos today. There are 4 3 door cabinets hanging on the wall. The only way I know where to find anything is by the sign on the door. I have also been picking up emblems when I can get them dirt cheap, seen in the photo below. Also shown are a Gates hose display and a Delco shock display topper, then some of the wall signs. I haven't hung it up yet, but there is also photo of a few signs I made myself. I gave one away at our chapter xmas party. I plan to put a few more on eBay and see how they do.
  4. I'll add more photos as I take them. My garage needs lots of reorganization, especially with the random signage that I've picked up over the years. My question now is regarding this Warner windshield washer bottle. It stands about 2 feet tall. I have no spout or lid for it and don't know what the lid/spout is supposed to look like. anyone ever seen one of these? I don't know why the software rotated the image...I rotated it myself and it still posted the same way! Here are a few more shots from the past year or 2.
  5. Non ethanol here at the tool rental place is well over $4.00 last I checked. Ridiculous. I'll deal with the ethanol.
  6. There's a huge sign museum in Cincinnati. Going to try and plan a chapter meeting soon to do a tour.
  7. My son actually got pulled by a cop a while ago because his license plate lights were "too bright" and the light was reflecting off the license plate and "blinding" the cop. Sounds like a fishing expedition to me, especially since it was about 2am. He was released with no action. I know they are correct oem bulbs because I changed them when I swapped the lenses last year. I'm guessing today's license plates have a much more reflective coating on them than the ones in 1990 did or DOT would not have approved the bulbs and fixtures.
  8. Did you ever go look at it? I would love to see better pictures. This is tempting.....but it's 8 hours away. Ugh. $900 delivered and I might be on board! "needs usual stuff fixed" LOL.
  9. That explains all those slow-moving Buicks people are always complaining about! Speedo says 80, but you're only doing 60? That's too much for tires, I agree. I swiched from a 3.07 to a 3.42 rear end in my Widcat and it accounts for about 10% difference in mileage/speedo.
  10. Value? Is it a desirable engine in unknown condition? I will verify it's not stuck on my next trip.
  11. I came across a stash of '65 Special and Skylark parts. I brought home everything I could carry in my wildcat I and am going back for a few more pieces, but I wanted to know what this is and if it's worth bringing home. The aluminum head engine is in unknown condition. I thought it might be a Buick 300, but I'm not finding the numbers on buicks.net. Front of engine appears to say OK1148032. I also took photos of the bellhousing. Looks like B1867945 If the engine isn't worth dragging home, I'm assuming the aluminum heads are? Also wondering if the set of cast heads I picked up are worth anything, casting 1374870. I've got a virtually complete dash cluster as well with no cracks. Value?
  12. I received my first class copy today. I expect the media mail copy (which most members receive) to arrive Friday. In many parts of the country, members won't receive theirs for another week or so due to differences in efficiency between post offices. Unfortunately, there is no perfect option. You could say that everyone would have access to the e-bugle the same day, but the reality is that many, possibly a majority, wouldn't know how to access the e-bugle and would be waiting for their paper copy no matter the date. Someone in Missouri is going to get their copy earlier than a member in Alaska. A member who paid extra for first class service is going to get their copy a few days earlier than those who paid the standard rate for periodical class. Someone tech-savvy is going to have access to the e-bugle about the same time. Sounds like a fair middle ground to me. You are welcome to reach out to your favorite Board member and make your case for them to present a motion for change of posting date.
  13. Thanks Bernie! Actually, there is already a volunteer and sponsor for exactly what you are proposing, although I am sure that person wouldn't turn down a little help. I'd be happy to put you two together. However, Kyle has a very good point. The roster is often VERY out of date. If the email addresses and phone numbers are any clue, then the cars listed might also be very far off. In fact, I just checked mine and one car is incorrect and the home phone is mostly obsolete. At this point, we might just be throwing money away sending certificates without verifying they still own the car first. Maybe someone receiving a certificate would encourage others to keep their info up to date?
  14. Awesome. Thanks for sharing that Brian.
  15. Total cost of this program, with a grille badge, is estimated at about $1500 or so for the first 100 badges, including design, mold, and badges themselves. That should last at least 10, possibly 15 years or more. There was not a lot of discussion, but it did seem to center around it being seen as a "participation" award. Also, there were concerns that it would cause judging issues, but it shouldn't if implemented in the way most have suggested here. We could even make someone the "Centennial Award Chairman", who would handle everything at the meet, similar to the Driven Class Chairman. There were also concerns of "minimum standards" to ensure the cars were of a certain originality. I personally would not be too picky on this, but the car should be "substantially" period Buick, with allowances made for safety and drivability, subject to the Chairman's "certification". I would be interested in seeing pictures of the AACA and HCCA centennial awards. It has been suggested that this be done separately using a "sponsor" or by the PWD. I agree that could be an option, but for the award to carry the weight and pride that it should, I believe the BOD needs to implement it in order to show their support and that the BCA is behind the award. Just my $.02. I hope the Board decides to take this issue up again soon.
  16. Absoutely! We would love to have you in the Driven Class.
  17. I had 2 radiators split this year. the 1990 Reatta and 1993 S-10 truck. 2 years ago my 1997 Saturn blew it's rad too. I think anything over 15 years is borrowed time on a plastic radiator. All 3 were roughly $100 shipped for the rad itself on Amazon.
  18. Keep in mind this thread is only 26 hours old. I just found it and read it right now myself. I like the idea of a "100 year old Division", but feel that it would probably detract from the Pre-War Division. I have owned a 1940 Buick and a 1922 Model T in the past. I can certainly agree that bringing the '22 (which is probably comparable to an early teen Buick, technology wise), would certainly be a different animal than bringing a '59 like I do most years. There was more involved in taking that '22 Ford to get ice cream than there is in taking the '59 500 miles to a Meet. As such, I certainly appreciate the effort of not only bringing the older cars to the Meet, but I REALLY enjoy seeing the smiles on everyone's face as they get rides around the lot. I haven't had the privilege of a ride in one of Larry's or Terry's cars, but I did get a ride in Pat & Pat's race car. Exhilarating! We need to be providing more incentives to get more of ALL Buicks to the National Meets. 25, 50, 75, 100, etc. All great reasons to celebrate our Buicks! The 50th Anniversary in 2009 in Colorado racked up over 30 1959 Buicks! Most other years have had 3-5 tops. However, the BCA did not provide any incentive for that increased attendance other than up front parking, that I am aware of. There were 2 very impactful local members (the Lucks) that did a lot of work to organize our outing and special dinner, plus Brian Laurance spent at least a year rounding up owners across the country and even the world, in order to maximize the attendance. So, it can be done every year by the individuals. Still, it would be nice to have a special trinket/token from the BCA to further commemorate. As far as Motions go, as President, I try not to be too partisan during discussions. My role is to chair the process to the best of my ability and vote in the event of a tie. As noted by Brian D, I did express my feelings regarding the vote on the 100 year old award after the fact. While it is impossible to make everyone happy, as servant leaders, I feel it is our job as the BOD to steer this club in the direction of the majority of our members, not our own personal feelings. I have always tried to vote that way. Representative Democracy is a difficult task, as we have several vocal members here on the forum, but struggle to get responses from the rest of the members. We do have the Survey Monkey tool that we can use to survey members by email. That is relatively inexpensive as well, but only reaches a fraction of the membership due to the low number of active email addresses we have on file. This is also evidenced by the roughly 10% response we get each year to the BOD elections. This motion's purpose still has my support, although it may end up having to be implemented in a slightly different way. BTW, I took the '65 Wildcat out for a spin tonight after work. We're having just a touch of Indian Summer here in the Midwest.
  19. There was a very nice one on here a few months ago for a very good price. They are out there, but not very often. You could have one redone, but it would be difficult/impossible to duplicate the silver insert in the ring. Mine has been flaking off little by little.
  20. bhclark


    Hey, I don't have one of those! Very nice.
  21. High beams should be a silver button on the left side of the floorboard. Dash lights are normally adjusted by turning the headlight switch...the rheostat that does the work is often faulty in older switches.
  22. bhclark


    I have emailed the Office to request that they follow up. With email, you should receive it quickly. Snail mail will certainly take longer.
  23. Had the transmission flushed last week. It was starting to slip and a transmission service didn't help much last year. Added some Trans-x last season and another snake oil this summer. It apparently scrubbed the transmission clean, as the fluid was black, but not burnt smelling. Looks like the cleaner did it's job and suspended the dirt in the fluid. Fluid is now pink and slipping seems to be gone...for now. It's a Jasper replacement transmission with supposedly about 65,000 miles on it. (Car has about 225,000) Then it stalled on my son over the weekend. I checked all the computer codes and found nothing to explain it. Checked plugs and wires, nothing. Checked battery terminals and grounds for tightness. I didn't find any issue and it hasn't done it again yet, so.......hopefully it was just a fluke.
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