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  1. Hey Jeff, do you have an updated list of hotel availability?
  2. My son's Reatta is doing nearly the same thing. It gets better with a bottle of transx or Lucas stop slip. Haven't tried seafoam. The past 2 winters we've had the trans serviced or flushed after the treatment turned the fluid black. I don't think it's going to make it another year. Put a quart of Rislone in it today. Man, I hate sucking a quart of fluid out.... His is a Jasper transmission with about 75000 miles on it. 235,000 on the engine and it runs strong! I don't think the car is worth the cost of a replacement, sadly.
  3. It really depends on the level of service you have and who you're buying it from on Amazon. If it is sold and shipped by Amazon with Prime Shipping, it should take 2 days. Many items are now available free same day delivery here in Cincinnati (and a dozen other major cities) if ordered by noon. If you buy from an individual or without Prime shipping, then yes, 5-10 days is normal.
  4. bhclark


    I'm pretty sure anything over 100 gets you arrested in Ohio. I don't usually feel comfortable over 100 anyway. My top speed was 128 in a BMW Z3 and it felt like it had more to go, but I didn't! As I get older, I like to think I'm getting wiser as well and don't do such things anymore. Maybe someday, I'll get to a point where I don't care and maybe that process will reverse.
  5. lol. I can certainly see myself pulling the bumper clean off with that method! I have done the opposite however. Prior to driving to Colorado Springs in 2009, I had purchased a replaced rear bumper that just wouldn't line up. With the wife in the driver's seat and the car properly aligned with the frame of the garage, I had her put it in reverse and apply pressure to the bumper with the house with me under the car. I was able to get it aligned and the bolt threaded. I DO NOT recommend this method to friends! It was a Darwin Award winner in waiting, but I just couldn't handle 2500 miles of that bumper rattling as it had been since I put it on. My Son's Reatta has a Lexus shaped dent in the front bumper and hood. I need to try this method or replace the hood and bumper. Right now, I had to push the parking lights outward in order to be able to open and close the hood. That, and a little manipulation with a crow bar....
  6. John's shipping seems low from what I remember as well. I remember it being a flat % with no volume discount. I also stopped shopping from them. With free shipping so prevalent on ebay and amazon, there was no reason to pay those inflated shipping prices.
  7. It has been discussed. I think we'll be closer once the Roster is electronic. Right now, the accountant counts the votes. If we did both ways, the votes would have to be individually logged to avoid duplicate votes. That would be time consuming, and thus costly. If we went fully electronic, I'm not sure the vote count would increase, but could change the demographic of WHO votes. It would be interesting to be able to chart the demographic that currently votes by mail to see what means we could utilize to increase the voting %, but we don't currently have that demographic information attached to our membership. Electronic Roster with self updates could increase that information as well. As it stands, a large percentage of our membership doesn't even have an email address listed and many don't have email or computer access at all. That has slowed our conversion and caused us to be cautious of moving too fast to more electronic means of communication, voting, roster, etc. The idea is valid and appreciated, but there are many moving parts that have to be taken into account in order to not jeopardize our relationship with ALL of our members.
  8. So, that makes it a Special Sedan instead of a Century Hardtop....which cuts the value in half? Roughly?
  9. It's CLOSE! lol. The wife is screaming NO!!!!! No title is a deal killer. I have no idea of what it takes in Ohio to get one in such a situation. The '57 also doesn't state anything about running or driving, but we know it doesn't stop. There's also a neat '55 Century coupe listed nearby, possibly in better condition. runs and drives, but is $3750. http://cincinnati.craigslist.org/cto/5518795001.html Neither is returning emails asking for more photos and information.
  10. Monroe Sensa-Trac - Shock Absorber 58567 from Amazon.
  11. I replaced the springs on my '59 with those from Detroit-Eaton. I still thought the rear end was a bit soft. After installing the Monroe Coil-over shocks, handling is improved significantly and she no longer bottoms out when fully loaded. I skipped the springs and just did the coil-overs on the '58 and was equally impressed with the improvement. I wish I could find a pair that fit the '65 Wildcat.
  12. I can inquire with our merchandise vendor to see if he can produce decals of that size. I know he has vinyl banners available. As far as bca logos are concerned, they are allowed for chapter/division projects. each item is required to be approved by the board of directors. You can forward artwork to the board member of your choice or the office for approval.
  13. The Buick Club of America is proud to announce a new addition to our ranks. The Buick Performance Group is now officially "The Performance Division of the BCA", complete with all the benefits and perks of BCA membership! We would like to formally welcome all 67 of their members into our family. We would like to thank Sean Ryder, Brad Conley, and Ken Lisk of the BPG, and Alan Oldfield, Mike & Nancy Book, and the Board of Directors from the BCA for making this happen. The BPG is a group of passionate Buick enthusiasts who focus on Buick performance as well as Buick history. We all feel that this new partnership is going to benefit both groups. Please welcome "The Performance Division" to the Buick Club of America! For Sean's comments to the BPG, please see their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/148542922394/permalink/10152930817237395/
  14. 9, count 'em, NINE candidates for the board this time around. That's the largest field I can ever recall. Stay tuned for your April Bugle for your chance to vote.
  15. Old time ingenuity. I like it!
  16. Got mine today too Barney! A surprise for sure!
  17. Hey Matt...I think you should buy it, fix the brakes, throw some seat covers and carpet in it, a used engine...you know just play around with it for a few months. Then, it will be worth about $750 and I'll buy it from you!
  18. Fun beater is what I was thinking. I'm sure it's a money pit. No cheap spare engine locally though and like I said, my 364 is of unknown condition. Cincinnati is about 450 miles. Ugh...decisions, decisions. The wife said no...but that's never stopped me before! There's also that red '74 Apollo in Lakewood, New Jersey....
  19. I'm interested....I don't know why. I have a 364 engine of unknown condition that I could try to get running. I need to ask Marck what he would charge to deliver.....and Ted if he has a spare running engine just in case..... I just need 1 more garage space.... The guy pretty much just refuses to send additional pictures and is rather short when responding to questions.
  20. I think mine is around 230k. Transmission replaced around 170k.
  21. Inherited my grandfather's '65 Wildcat, may it RIP.
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