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  1. Changed out the Radiator. It was bulging in multiple places and had started to leak a bit. I had been soaking the lower transmission line for a few days due to rust, but it came right loose. Took less than an hour. I was impressed. Replacement radiator appears to have a slightly larger core.
  2. Diagnosed a leaky radiator...Already ordered a replacement. Should be here Wednesday. Ugh.
  3. Polish actually affects the paint/clear while wax sits on top and acts as a protective layer? Just thinking out loud....
  4. Our local BCA chapter had a cruise meet on Saturday. We drove about 35 miles to a small town street fair. Weather was fantastic and the '65 Wildcat performed flawlessly. We drove some leisurely back roads on the way there, walked through the fair, had a delicious lunch and a few adult beverages. Unfortunately, I had a previous engagement and had to take the shortcut home. The Wildcat enjoyed the freeway rush home as well!
  5. Fantastic photos! There has never been anyone more deserving.
  6. My Reatta is actually my son's daily driver, so for him, that's 17. We had a previous '90 Coupe, so my first one I was around 37.
  7. Congratulations to Lamar, Mr and Mrs. Shadetree, and Mikey. All of the awards well earned!
  8. After flushing the brake fluid, changing the oil, and topping off the fluids, I took my son and nephew out for ice cream in the '65 Wildcat. That's what convertibles were intended for, right? I was so upset with how it looked while I was out that I broke out the Griot's buffer when I got home and cut and polished the paint. Still a 20 footer, but it's a shiny 20 footer!
  9. Interesting, Now it is only showing the ALS490... Mine are currently working fine and I have 1 good spare. Just providing the information I found while shopping.
  10. Rockauto currently lists fronts, albeit, quite pricely. Are these correct? The SMP looks too long. [TABLE=class: main, width: 1148] <tbody>[TR=class: part0, bgcolor: #F0F0F0] [TD=class: alternate0][TABLE=class: parts, width: 1055] <tbody>[TR] [TD=class: left][TABLE=class: layout, width: 893] <tbody>[TR] [TD=class: partlayout]RAYBESTOS Part # ABS530079 <input type="button" id="node634part0moreinfo" class="moreinfo_default" value="Info" title="Click for more information about this part" style="color: white; overflow: visible; width: auto; margin: 0px 0px 1px; padding: 0px
  11. Drove my '59 home tonight from the storage garage. Ran like a top after not being started for 6 months! I LOVE that car!
  12. I've got an '89 parts car. Time to start taking it apart...when it warms up a bit. The '89 has a lot more electrical issues, brakes are shot, windshield cracked, power steering leaks, and sunroof leaks, and that's just what I've found from driving it on and off the trailer. So it's a bit farther gone. The mechanic didn't find anything else wrong with the '90, so hopefully this is the last big item for awhile. I've sunk too much into the subframe bushing replacement to stop now! The crossmember rust is apparently at the top mounting point. I'll know more when I crawl under for a look. The deal
  13. I know this post is 13 years old, but my mechanic just advised me that my rear crossmember is rusted completely through on the passenger side. I'm guessing that's why the door doesn't open easily. I'm in too deep on this car to stop now! I am probably going to have to have him do the work (or the frame shop). Car is 7/90 production date. Anything else other than the insulators that may need to be replaced while the crossmember is being done? I'm sure I'll need those too. I must stop violating rule #1.....DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THE RUST BELT! ARGH!
  14. http://www.riwire.com/ http://www.ynzyesterdaysparts.com/pdfs/Buick.pdf
  15. Thanks for the photo Corvanti! I know exactly where those are and will check them as soon as the temperature gets back above zero. Next week is going to be bitter cold here. Thanks!
  16. During braking, near the end of the stop. I can't tell if it's a downshift clunk, frame clunk, caliper, etc. I have not noticed it when shifting into gear.
  17. Thanks, I'll check out the above suggestions and start a new post if necessary. Clunk was there before the work....I was expecting the subframe work to fix it.
  18. I have a single clunk at this point....what does it indicate? Subframe bushings have all been replaced and I just did the dogbone as well. Thanks,
  19. I am interested in the coolant filter, but the only one I can find online is from V12performance and they want $78 for that hunk of plastic! Is there a more reasonable source?
  20. That was my first car when I was 16! Good luck with the restoration. When you get started start a thread in Me and My Buick.
  21. I'd trade my first born for one of those! Okay, maybe the second born.
  22. WOW, what a beauty and what a STEAL of a price! If it wasn't on the other side of the continent..... Congrats on the sale.
  23. I'll second that nomination! Ted is a valued member of the BCA community!
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