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  1. Peter, I too am having trouble logging in. At first it seemed that the server was down now it doesn't recognize my password. Is there something I am not doing correctly or is there a problem at your end. Bob
  2. We are having a discussion about what is vehicles are allowed on the show field. After reading the Judging Manual it appears that any vehicle currently 1981 or older is allowed on the show field but points will be deducted for each non-original feature. We sometimes have trouble filling our field for shows because we request that the vehicles be original or restored only. Some members just want to put a year only restriction. Since these are not national shows, although we use AACA judging rules for awards in one of our shows, are there restrictions on what can be displayed or is this up to the individual club?
  3. I found out last December that I had to have all the equipment hooked up before starting the computer. When I added a projector to a laptop that was already running it didn't recognise it, yet at work they do. So I guess some do some don't. Try a cold boot with the projector hooked up and on. It might work. MarkIII
  4. Is there a way to stop someone from posting in the guest book of a web site? I have received in the last two days about 30 posting of about 10 web sites each for all sorts of spam type junk... diplomas, travel, etc. I would like to be able to ban this poster from my site. Any suggestions?
  5. Peter, thank you for all your help of late and for the wonderful job you did on redesigning the National Web Site.
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