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  1. You can go a great deal faster than 35, but you don’t want to. You have just rear service brakes and an emergency brake. Driving brass cars takes all the concentration and energy you can muster. Our HCCA tours are usually under 100 miles a day for a reason. After 100 Miles, most drivers are ready for a rest. 35 mph is comfortable for most of the four and six cylinder cars.

  2. I’m trying to order a fuel pump repair kit for my 33 Olympic coupe. The parts place asks for a flange number, which I can’t find. The pump on my car has a glass AC filter, and the pump has the number FP296-A on top. Anyone know what I should be ordering?

  3. Here in Florida, where the heat takes its toll on trailer tires, many of us just replace all four tires every year, even if they've only had a few hundred miles on them. The other thing some do is to go up a size in tire rims. The larger tires seem to last better.

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  4. After soaking the cable and shifter in PB Blaster for awhile, and the gentle use of a soft hammer, I was able to get the freewheeling to shift. Idoubt that it has been used in many years, but with the coasting cable pulled out, the little coupe coasted easily, and I was able to lock the coasting feature easily as well. Very satisfying to get everything working as it should.


  5. One of the problems with living six months in the north and six months in the south is that you have to have twice as many old cars as "normal". Plus double the tools, double the lifts, double the tow vehicles, double the trailers, double the insurance, double the space and double the trouble. Of course, you have twice as much fun.

    Now, getting back to what's normal...?

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  6. Is there a source of information about the freewheeling feature on an Olympic? I've looked in the Club's q&a and couldn't find anything, and the operators manual has little to say about it.  My freewheeling shifting pull is frozen, and that is either because it is just stuck or freewheeling has been deliberately locked up. I doubt that Ill use freewheeling even if I can get it to work, but it would be nice to have it operate correctly.

  7. 2 hours ago, theKiwi said:

    I'd be interested in the Lion alone - assuming it's a genuine Franklin lion (not a reproduction, but I don't know how to tell the difference) for my 1926 Series 11A, but the Franklin emblem is later than my car, so of no real interest to me.






  8. A friend has two Franklin hood ornaments that he'd like to sell. Years ago he mounted them on wood bases. One is the rampant lion with a Franklin emblem, the other is an Olympic. He wonders what they'd be worth, and since so gave no idea, I thought Id put them up on the Forum to see if anyone had a suggestion.



  9. Bill, thanks for the scholarship. It's exactly what I needed. Though my car has wire wheels and side mounts, the base price is what is relevant here. The car is heavier than I thought. You get free admission to the Seal Cove Automobile Museum!

  10. As many of you know, my 1931 Transcontinent convertible coupe is going into a museum for the next two years, as the centerpiece for a studied display of automobile advertising. They need to know the following for their i.d. Poster:

    1. Original price of the car

    2. Weight of the car.



    I know the basic specs of the car.. wb, hp., etc.  I just don't know the price or the weight. Any help?

    Alex Huppe


  11. A pretty example. Someone has gone to the trouble of plating the radiator shell and the windshield. Very unusual, as they were always painted. By 1915, most of the cars had electric lights, so the gas lights are also unusual in a three-speed. These are surprisingly good touring cars, easy to drive and economical. It would be interesting to find out what the seller wants for the car, and where it is located.

  12. I think that John's observations are useful and interesting. The purpose of a Forum is to exchange information, to post notices, and to discuss matters of interest. A seller, or a dealer, should know that the followers of this Forum have a lot of expertise and knowledge that they freely share, and it's that freedom to share that makes the Forum terrific, even in the Buy and Sell section. I can understand why a dealer might be sensitive to such public nitpicking. But that's what we do in this Forum. There are other places to place your advertisements that won't subject you to freely stated opinions and observations.

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