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  1. Gordon,

    Its interesting that the entire re-engineering was done for only $5,000. Inexpensive, even in 1932. Do you have a source for finding out how this was accomplished? At some point the ACN is going to do a comprehensive history of the Olympic, (I believe the Club has some experts working on the project) and this would be an important aspect to the a Olympic story.

  2. The question is partly theoretical, though there is a nice 33 REO for sale on the HCCA website. But when I was putting together my 33 coupe last year, I wondered what the sum differences were. As I understand it, all Franklin did was change engine, grille, hood, lights and the “F” on the dashboard. Is that all?

  3. What would it take to transform a very solid 1933 REO sedan into an Olympic sedan? I know it would take a good Franklin engine. (adaptation engine to transmission?) A grille. Badges. Small dashboard changes. What else?

  4. We are trying to renew the Saxon Registry. If you haven’t renewed your membership recently, find the registration form on our saxonmotorcars.com website, under Saxon Registry. We need your input!

  5. The term doctors coupe, in modern use, is said to originate with the Model T. Back in the brass era, doctors made house calls, and the model T coupe was likely the cheapest, most practical way to visit patients in rural areas. Just enough space for a doctor and his bag.  I think Ford may have used this concept in its advertising, the way Saxon did for selling it’s economical roadster to small businesses.

    I believe that the term doctors coupe, like the term business coupe, were marketing devices and commonly used. There are uses of the term doctors coupe that long precede Ford, however...it was a term used in carriage trade.

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  6. Anyone in driving distance of Houston willing to loan a Saxon roadster to the Houston Historic Society? They are celebrating the famous round-the- nation tour by Alice Burke and Nell Richardson in 1916, , stumping for suffrage. Please let me know.

  7. I suggest you make a visit to the Gilmore Museum in Michigan to see the wonderful Franklin Collection there. Those are all very correct cars, and the visit will inspire even greater appreciation for a Franklins. There are two other major Franklin collections to visit: the Franklin Museum in Tucson, Arizona and the Northeast Car Museum in Norwich NY. 

  8. This is a well documented car. Lamphere  was an active member of the club and used his Franklins in long drives around the country, Vermont to Tennessee to Alaska, He was an engineer and added a lot of gadgets to improve his car on long trips, all documented in articles in ACN. As I recall, he strengthened the roof, as well, to carry loads. Some of the early comments on his trips are in ACN 30, ACN 34 and ACN 25. He was a frequent commentator on technical issues, including Such topics as 12 volt conversions and fiber bushings on fans. 

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