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  1. Instead of going with the second highest bidder the seller is instead asking more than the winning bid. Maybe the second bidder also backed out.
  2. I always heard those older vehicles has a lot of wood in them.
  3. Years ago we called him Young Joe, but then he changed his name.
  4. Nice Cadillac! Thank you to this AACA website member and all car spotters who bring fine automobiles that are for sale to the attention of AACA website viewers.
  5. I never would have guessed that carbon/copper brushes make such a difference on improving starter performance. Thanks for letting us know.
  6. Thanks for giving people on this forum first opportunity.
  7. I agree that primer is not present, which translates into paint delamination occurring far, far sooner than if primer had been applied, and I don't believe the painter was experimenting with a formulation that combined primer and topcoat as one.
  8. Very interesting article. Chrysler products are well-Engineered vehicles, but are not given sufficient credit for their simplicity and reliability.
  9. DB26, Can you remove one of the paint flakes and show us the backside side so we can see if primer is attached to the black paint?
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