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  1. The first Tucker I ever saw and had the opportunity to examine and learn about was in 1972. There are many other automobiles manufactured by failed car companies that were as innovative, if not more innovative than a Tucker. By the way, Ford and GM never looked at the Tucker car company as a threat and the Tucker car company went out of business for the same reason hundreds of other car companies went out of business. The only reason we hear of the Tucker today is because of the movie.
  2. The question about whether interest in pre-WWII cars is dying has a connection to the recent report from the Classic Car Club of America that states, "...the membership continues to suffer attrition owing to the aging and passing of larger numbers of members." I think it is agreed that if a well established organization as the CCCA is seeing a drop in membership, and considering the majority of cars recognized by the club are pr-WWII, a correlation can be made to reduced interest in vehicles of this vintage.
  3. Sounds to me like a dishonest auctioneer.
  4. The woman claims to be the original owner of the 1941 Buick seats she has for sale making her 99 years old if she bought them when she was age 21. You've got to give a person who is nearly 100 years old credit for staying active in the business world.
  5. The car is shown as having sold at $22,400. Why is it these beautiful Lincolns do not command the same sales price as a Packard or Cadillac of the same year?
  6. The car is right hand drive. Is the Willys an import to the United States or is the car located in Australia, New Zealand or South Africa? Location has a bearing on the car's value.
  7. barry22

    E15 Fuel

    The U.S. aviation industry does not permit any type of ethanol fuel mixture to be used in aircraft because it is detrimental to the function of internal combustion engines. Enough said.
  8. Based on the Pennsylvania inspection sticker on the car, the last time it was on the road was in the early 1970s.
  9. Nice write-up about the car.
  10. Go to this link about an auction held in Virginia last year where a 1937 Lincoln in need of a paint job, but in good condition sold for $7,400. As stated in the article, "The Lincoln sold for what seemed a bargain basement price..." Clatter/Archives/2017/Nov 201
  11. Did Harry Bennett accurately portray himself as the thug that he was or did he attempt to blame the violence for which he was responsible on somebody else?
  12. The car is listed as achieving AACA National first place in 1997. Wouldn't the addition of the vinyl top if the car did not originally have one deduct heavily from the point grading system, or would the vinyl roof point deduction be small and with everything else being correct the car would be capable of achieving high point status?
  13. I'm interested in a close-up photo of the rocker panel immediately under the driver's door.
  14. So why did Kanter agree to rebuild the clutch in the first place if they don't rebuild clutches?
  15. Just curious. What constitutes a Model A engine being a "touring motor"?
  16. Sorry you got hit by the carts, they were all over the place. I understand many people need a cart to get around due to a disability, but why so many carts being used that have no place being there, especially when you see the occupants leap off the carts, and then jump back on and off in a hurry.
  17. During the Hershey meet last year a drone was hovering closely overhead and made a lot of people uncomfortable. One man spoke up and said if he had his gun with him he would shoot it out of the air.
  18. Thanks for posting all the great photographs!! They do a wonderful job of telling the story !!
  19. Many times the carts are observed cruising the aisles looking for parts only to stop suddenly while the occupants leap from their carts and rush to examine something then jump back into the carts and off again. Now go ahead and try to convince me everyone riding a cart at Hershey has a physical impairment. It's obvious AACA authorities have no interest in stopping the cheaters.
  20. I realize this topic was started last year and most of the comments are months old, but the suggestion was made that after an engine is Chem-Stripped, DP-90 epoxy primer should be poured in the cooling passages and the engine rolled in order to spread the paint everywhere. Is painting the cooling passages of an engine something that people should be doing? It's tough enough to make paint adhere to the body of a car. With extreme thermal cycling of an engine going from cold to operating temperatures over a period of years, and the potential for antifreeze chemicals to affect the primer, isn't this a recipe for disaster when it delaminates and ends up clogging the radiator and the rest of the cooling system and overheats the engine? A person can go on and on preaching that as long as the surface is perfectly clean, DP-90 and Glyptal can be applied to internal engine surfaces, but there always remains the risk the paint will not stick and result in very negative consequences.
  21. I suppose anyone who has one of the cars previously owned by Pollard is qualified to refer to their vehicle as a "Barney Find".
  22. Can a program be purchased and downloaded so a visitor can plan his itinerary rather than show up, purchase a program, and then try to figure out where he needs to go?