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  1. It wasn't the donuts, but it was the exhaust! I posted the problem a few posts ago. It was the exhaust sitting on a center brace. The brace was bent up a little so I bent it back straight and that solved the whole problem.
  2. I just don't like my car making noises and vibrations like that. It really seemed like more than just the exhaust. And some mechanic guy thought it was a tranny mount, so he had me looking for the problem in that area. I'm just glad my Reatta is back to sounding quiet and running smoothly!
  3. That brace was bent up a little. Must have run something over. I pried on it a little until it was pretty straight and now there are no more vibrations or rattles.
  4. Ok. I think I figured it out. Now I gotta fix it. Nothing major. There's a brace the goes across the undercarriage about midway on the car. The exhaust is resting on it and when I pushed on the exhaust pipe it hit that brace. That would would explain the vibrations that felt like they were coming from under the center console and the rattle. My little donuts are right there by the brace attached to the exhaust. I'm guessing they are worn. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  5. The engine didn't move much. Probably just what it should. I couldn't hear any rattle or feel any excessive vibrations from the engine compartment either. I got in and hit the gas and it would shake and make the rattle noise. It feels like it's coming from up underneath the engine or tranny.
  6. I haven't had a chance to get under the car or really look at some of what you guys are suggesting. (Just too busy here lately and driving another car) But I did take it for a spin to listen to the sound again, and I'm almost certain I'm back to a loose motor mount or tranny mount. Maybe rattle isn't the proper description. The car vibrates/shakes when I crank it, when I stop at a light, and when I get on the gas. The vibration causes a rattle sound, but maybe that's just a product of the motor/tranny shaking. If I had rear wheel drive, I'd swear the tranny was shaking/loose or something.
  7. When I get going everything runs real smooth with no rattle or slight shakes. It's mostly on take off and at lights and when I first start it in the morning. Most of the time it there is no rattle, but it is happening a little more often so I'm thinking I should address it.
  8. I'm sure it isn't the brakes. It has something to do with the motor or tranny I believe. It's more of a low rattle that feels like it's coming from under the center console. It happens when I'm at a stop light sometimes, early in the morning a lot, and also when I get on the gas.
  9. I have a rattle coming from somewhere that seems to be getting louder. I thought it was just the exhaust rattling, but I think it might be something else. Somebody told me I should check the transmission and engine mounts. But everything is so tight in there, I'm not sure where they all are. Does anybody have a diagram of the engine that shows where all the mounts are? Has anyone ever had a similar problem with their Reatta who might know what's going on?
  10. I was hoping you wouldn't say that. lol I hate pulling those things off.
  11. Anybody have a fix for sticky door locks? I have to push them up or down by hand and use the key to get in from the outside. It started with the driver's side about a year ago and now they're both doing it.
  12. Well, I figured it out! It ended it being the top mount nut on each strut. I didn't have them down far enough and they were causing some play in the struts when I hit a bump. Thanks for all your help..... again!
  13. Looks like a boot to me. It even says "boot kit" in parenthesis. I put the old donut bushings back on the struts and covered them with new boots.
  14. Yeah, those are the ones the instructions said to leave loosened until i got it down and moved it around a bit. I tightened them with the wheels on and then again with the wheels off for better leverage. I just don't understand what could be knocking down there unless it is the sway bars. But I've yet to have a chance to take them off the struts and see what happens. Hopefully this weekend.
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