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  1. Gert

    1938 special

    Tried to send you a private message a couple of times, but maybe it has not worked out. Please provide your contact details, so we can discuss further. /gert
  2. Need a pedal assembly (break and clutch)and a steering gear box & column, as I am rebuilding my RH to a LH drive. Does any body know where to find such items. Appreciate any help. Gert
  3. I am modifying my '38 Special from RH to LH and need to find a steering gear (complete column) and the brake/clutch pedal arrangement. Does anybody know if these 2 items are interchangeable with any newer/older models? I have a '39 steering gear on the hand, but it seems like the mounting holes are a little different. If that is the only difference it might work or...? Gert
  4. Suppliers of ww radial tires suggest 225/75R16 to replace the old 650x16. It seems however, that the tread is very much wider (6.5") than the for the old 650x16 (5"- which is equally to the rim width). Does anybody have experience with the use of radial on a 38 special? Any advice appreciated. Gert
  5. Gregory, Thanks a lot for your help re. torque spec. Do you know how tight to fasten the locker washers which are fitted on top of the bearing nuts (never seen this system before) regards Gert
  6. The rear main bearing has 2 oil seal strips (Cork?). I have tried to install new ones, but they are very hard to get in place. Does anybody have a trick how to do? Thanks. Gert
  7. Does anybody know where to find the torques needed for engine assembly (bearings, cylinderhead etc.). The shop manual does obviously not contain that information. Thanks for any help Gert
  8. am the happy owner of a 1939 buick special. The engine is identical to the ordinary engine used for this model, but the valve cover is marked "Lycoming" (stamped with large letters in the metal). Does anybody know what the heck that could be??
  9. Cannot get the folding mechanism for the soft top to work properly. A bracket is missing and we cannot figure out the shape of it. Can anybody help with a photo, sketch or similar? Your help is very much appreciated. Please see attached photo, which shows where the problem is. Gert
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