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  1. I saw a car in a yard and will go by Saturday to see if it has one on it
  2. I have a roof off a Skylark and will look at the ones on it.
  3. The dash was dk brown the car is at a friends, I will ask him what he wants for it. I do not think the dent can be pushed out but if you look at the last picture you can see the dent to the right of the steering wheel.
  4. I have some owners manuals that I do not need any more they are in various conditions, some are almost complete. Prices are plus postage. 1) 1969 Fullsize car 8.00 1) 1970 Fullsize car has vin on it 12.00 1) 1972 Fullsize Car 30.00 1) 1973 Century/Regal 25.00 1) 1986 Regal 25.00
  5. Did you ever find a dash pad? I took a picture of one not the best one but it has on cracks just the dent on the r/s of the steering wheel.
  6. I will be going back on Saturday and will see if it has the chrome surround.
  7. I found a 59 Chevy Sw in a yard and I will see if the hinge is any good, also here are pictures of the stainless and lenes
  8. I just saw a 1973 Centurion conv over the weekend I will be going back this weekend the car was complete.
  9. I will get some pictures of a car tomorrow and post them
  10. Well I guess that will be too far to ship. You can look at v8buick.com.
  11. Where are you located I have a complete engine that I want to sell out of a 73 car it has 47,000 miles on it I will be taking it out over the weekend. Thanks engie