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  1. there is a really nice 40hp lanchester in the Buster Keaton museum
  2. For Sale > Classic Cars > Lanchester 1932 Lanchester 30hp Straight Eight For Sale
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    Malcolm Whitehouse

    Lanchester 30hp 1930 Layout: Front Engine rear wheel drive with a chassis frame and separate body. The body is a copy of a car made for Nancy Lanchester (George Lanchester’s daughter) using the original drawings created by George Lanchester in the 1920's. Engine: A straight 8 cylinder engine of 4.5 litres with overhead camshaft and dual ignition systems. The bore and stroke is 3.1 inches x 4.5 inches. The original Zenith carburettor has been replaced with an updraught SU. Petrol is delivered via an Autovac. Transmission: 4 speed crash gearbox with a torque tube and underslung worm
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    Lanchester 30hp sports tourer. Straight 8, overhead camshaft, dual ignition, brake servo, 4.2 litres, Auster Screen, a superb car certainly the best Vintage Car I have driven.
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