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  1. there is a really nice 40hp lanchester in the Buster Keaton museum
  2. For Sale > Classic Cars > Lanchester 1932 Lanchester 30hp Straight Eight For Sale The Lanchester 30hp Sports Tourer Straight Eight engine runs and drives really well. Engine Capacity 4400cc, overhead camshaft, servo brakes, Auster screen for rear passengers. This sports-tourer design is regarded as one of the most eye-catching cars made by Lanchester and is a regular winner of the Lanchester Register Shield. A unique and special car.
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    Malcolm Whitehouse

    Lanchester 30hp 1930 Layout: Front Engine rear wheel drive with a chassis frame and separate body. The body is a copy of a car made for Nancy Lanchester (George Lanchester’s daughter) using the original drawings created by George Lanchester in the 1920's. Engine: A straight 8 cylinder engine of 4.5 litres with overhead camshaft and dual ignition systems. The bore and stroke is 3.1 inches x 4.5 inches. The original Zenith carburettor has been replaced with an updraught SU. Petrol is delivered via an Autovac. Transmission: 4 speed crash gearbox with a torque tube and underslung worm drive back axle. Suspension, Steering and Brakes: The suspension is via cantilever rear springs and semi elliptic front springs. The brakes are 15in drums all round operated by Rod and Cable with linkages of Lanchester’s own design. The Steering box is unique to Lanchester. Interesting elements: The brake actuation is assisted by a Clayton Dewandre vacuum servo. Instrument lighting is via a sheet of edgelite Perspex very much state of the art for 1930. The rear seat passengers have an Auster Screen to protect them from the elements.
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    Lanchester 30hp sports tourer. Straight 8, overhead camshaft, dual ignition, brake servo, 4.2 litres, Auster Screen, a superb car certainly the best Vintage Car I have driven.