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  1. Hi Fred, are you able to accept a paypal payment, if so how much to ship the remaining 2 u-joints to the UK, I have a 38 convertible coupe & 40 coupe, so they will be great as spares. Thank you, Pete......
  2. Hi Chris, your a very brave man, or talented. I own a 39 coupe that was sold new in melbourne, australia back in 1939, I bought & brought it to the UK back in 2000. I still have the contact details for the chap I bought it from, he remembers seeing the car back in 1940, fell in love with & managed to buy it in the early 70's, he then restored the car from the floor up over a 15 year period. So as far as guy's with a good knowledge of 39 lincoln zephyr coupes in australia, he's the guy to talk to. He absolutely loves talking lincolns too, he's getting on a bit, but is still very clued up. I'm sure he still has a load of info on the cars as well. If you want his contact details let me know.
  3. Hi, I have a 38 Chrysler Royal convertible coupe, when fitting turn signals I fitted the fronts into the period spot lamps that were already present, which are already amber (handy here in the UK) & for the rears I fitted a small amber lens with bulb behind into the hole left by the rear reflector once removed from the rear light, I had to position the existing stop/taillight bulb further back, but it worked a treat. I hate extra light as turn sigals, it's a pet hate so always try to fit them into what's there already.
  4. Wow, like the idea & the look. i wanted to do this some time ago but other projects got in the way. If you ever decide to sell please let me know.
  5. Hi Peter, From what i remember you didn't take too much leading astray! I've been blaming yourself for leading me astray. Had a fantastic weekend though, it always is a show worth traveling to, & going the night before allows you to let your hair down a little. Thanks for the replacement fan belt which arrived during the week, hope to see you again soon. Pete......
  6. Rally of the Giants is on the 19th of July this year at the same venue "Knebworth House", can we beat last years number of seven V12's. Worth a try! Any members from Europe fancy bringing their Zephyrs across?
  7. Hi, There is indeed a 39 coupe here in the United Kingdom which happens to be mine. It's great to hear of another coupe over here in Europe. Peecher is correct there was 2500 coupes built in LHD plus another 18 RHD coupes in 1939. Where did you obtain the zephyr? Has it been in Spain all its life? Is it restored or in need of restoration? Do you have any pictures to share with us? We'll have to keep in contact, you never know one day we may be able to get the 2 cars together!
  8. & more....promise thats it now, unless anyone has some more to share.
  9. Well we did it, 6 Lincoln Zephyrs & a LZ powered Jenson, all pre war, all on the same field & all running! The date was Sunday 27th July, the venue was the "rally of the giants" & the UK Lincoln Zephyrs were out in force, it's rumoured we out numbered tri-chevy's on the day! Excellent effort by Colin Spong in bringing the 3 37's, Bernie's 38 looked superb & picked up a prize, Julian's 40 continental made its ROG debut, Mike William's 38 Jenson complete with LZ V12 gave something for everyone to talk about (sorry Mike, the photo's I took of you car didn't come out too well, it was either the sunshine or your great paint) not to mention my own 39 that made the 300+ mile round trip without too many problems. Well done to all, hard luck on not making it to Peter Smith in his 37, who bravely set of on a 500 mile round trip but unfortunately broke down. Enjoy the photos & look out for a few words in "the way of the zephyr" mag, as well as in "classic & sports car".
  10. Hi Peter, at least you have now found something that is at fault. I'd be tempted to ring Colin, I'm sure he'll have a spare, plus it will save on the shipping etc and be a lot quicker. Pete..
  11. Mike, Glad you enjoyed yourself on the day, your car certainly received a lot of interest & was a great addition to our gathering, which turned out to be the largest gathering of Lincoln Zephyr V12's ever within the UK, all pre-war! I left shortly after yourself around 5'o'clock & was home for 7.40pm not bad for a journey of 150 miles. Fortunately trouble free, I think not stopping for petrol or food helped to keep that V12 smooth all the way home, unlike the journey down. I'm going to start a new thread with some pictures of the cars thet were there, after all this thread is titled "GOF UK possible gathering....." when actually we made it happen. Six Lincoln Zephyrs plus your outstanding LZ powered Jenson, I think with a little work we could possibly get into double figures next time. Congratulations must go to Colin's great achievement in bringing 3 LZs along, and also to Peter Smith who set out on an epic 500 mile round trip to get there but unfortunately didn't make it, a very brave effort.
  12. But Mike, it never rains here in the UK! Hopefully the sun will be out, it'll be good to see your car there & I'm sure it'll create a lot of interest. Peter Smith is hopefully travelling down with myself in his 37, this will make 5 Lincoln V12's. Looking for more...
  13. Last call, the Rally of the Giants is next Sunday, the 27th July.I don't think we're going to get a big turn out of lincoln V12's but anything over 3 will be a result. Mike, are you still coming? Ted & Peter, I've emailed you directly, Colin I'm sure will be there & Julian's taking the continental.......any other takers?
  14. Hi, good to see another Chrysler Royal coupe in Europe, I have a 40 Chrysler Royal coupe (pictured) as well as a 38 Chrysler Royal convertible coupe, great cars, great shape, excellent mechanics, rarer than any ford or chevy & half the price! Keep it original, my 40 Chrysler which is unrestored but mechanically rebuilt gets more attention because of its original unrestored condition (tatty paint etc) than any restored car or rodded car. If you require any mechanical bits, or advice, I may be able to help. Love that 39' front end! Pete..........
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