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  1. The car is a Minerva 1920/1921 type OO.
  2. I think the car is a Minerva type AF (1926 - 1928). There is now way to identify a Minervas based on hoodshape, counting louvres or that kind of thing. Yet, the wheelnuts betray that the car should be post 1925.
  3. Minerva AB: Cyl: 6 Capacity: 2967 cc Bore: 75 mm Stroke: 112 mm Wheelbase: 3600 mm Track: 1400 mm Carburator: Sthénos HP: 20
  4. The car is no Minerva. The hood latches are identical to those used on 20 HP Minervas. They I have seen only have one latch. The hubs are identical to those on Minreva from 1919 - 1925. The wheels are typical 895*135 on Minerva.
  5. A few/some classic cars was exported from Norway to US during 1950 - 1960. Would like to get in contact with the owners of these cars.
  6. Send me a private message, and I will respond.
  7. There is a Trumbull in Norway. Some pictures at: http://www.bilhistorie.no/report/bs417.htm
  8. Is the pump for sale? I do have a hole in a Minerva dashboard.
  9. I need replica door locks for a 7-passanger 1924 tourer. Where can I find door locks?
  10. Hi, I do have one that might be for sale, please contact me at kjgor@online.no Regards Kjetil
  11. Once I had a list with all the Minerva series and their chassis numbers. I cant find the list any more. Does any one have a list? I am trying to figure out what type chassis no 58126 was. Unfortunately the car does not exist any more . . . But would like to know year and type of this car.
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