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  1. Thanks for the help. When did the press-on gear end? Did it end at the same time as solid tappets? I wonder if the rebuilder had a solid lifter performance cam that he installed and was instructed to restrict the oil. I'm trying to make some sense out of that restriction he told me about. Maybe I should pull the intake and see what is actually there and if I reverse the procedure see what happens when it has oil. I'll check those sources for the valve parts and a metal gear too. Thanks Kenny
  2. Thanks for the info. Do you think there is a good reason to block the oil to the push rods? I always assumed the 39 cam (which takes a press-on gear) was a solid lifter (push rod) type, so since that is not the case maybe he called it a 39 cam since it had the press-on gear, but it was actually an aftermarket solid cam & lifters. Any idea where I could get replacements for those 2 valves or how about a metal cam gear. The only one I have found is fibre. Kenny
  3. 41Zperson, I think i cluttered up my original post with too much info. I am not trying to patch up a ragged v12. I did not say it had low oil pressure. I was asking about the low pressure oil system. The cam gear broke and I remember the rebuilder said he installed a 39 cam with solid lifters and had blocked off the oil to the lifters at 2 places. I wonder if blocking off the oil to the lifter bores has a purpose. Since the car has been a trailer queen since the 1960s and I am the first to really drive it I wonder if I am ruining the engine with no oil at the lifter bores or cam gear. So
  4. I'm new here and have had trouble finding my way around, so once I found the post I figured I was going to have a bunch of guys directing me to it, but I am glad to direct you. It is on page 4 and has 4 stars. The subject line is engine & transmission identification or something like that. Kenny
  5. I found George Trickett's explaination of engine dating so all I really need to know is where the low pressure system might have been blocked and who has the parts I need to unblock? Thanks, Kenny
  6. I have a 47 Cont that broke the cam gear a couple years ago. The engine supposedly is a 47, but has a 39 cam w/solid lifters. How do I tell which year the engine is? The engine was rebuilt years ago by someone who allegedly was a v12 expert, but of all the previous owners I am the only one that has put some real miles on the car (about 5K). The rebuilder told me that he blocked off the oil to the hydralic lifters in 2 locations I guess because he was using the solid cam. I am wondering where those 2 locations are. Did the early and late engines use the same low pressure system? Looking
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