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  1. I'm not sure which type of heatshrink is being used but some heatshrink is available with a meltable/fuseable inner liner to help seal things up. Might be a bit stiffer though.
  2. I've had a CPS below the dash go bad. Intially the dash would very intermitttently flicker and a relay(s) would click a few times. The problems progessivly worsened, to the point were the car had severe runnabilty/stalling issues. Tried replacing the BCM and ECM, checking ground connections etc with no sucess. I even tried a rebuilt CPS with no luck. Finally a used CPS out of another same year reatta solved the problem. My general concern with the CPS and other electronics in cars this age is that the electolytic capacitors are failing, like those in the radio and CRT.
  3. Mike_s

    trans fluid

    castrol, penzoil, wolfshead, chevron and advance all market dextron type 3 compatable AT fluids. The label on Castrol's bottle indicates it's made by BP I think wolfshead is made buy sopus, which also makes penzoil and shell the chevron product is named md-3 and is available at west marine a guy @ advance thought they made their own.
  4. The top might be a hex socket vs a torx, You might already know this, but with the bottom, the bolt can't be just loose, you need to remove it as there is a grove in the back of the shock which the bolt occupys and it keeps the shock from being removed.
  5. FYI after some additional digging on axles I came across Raxles- uses redline? synthetic grease and hd boots, seems to replace outer cv w\new, apx $150-180 each. Raxles, America's premier supplier of OE quality CV Axles and CV joints - Raxles Inc. Driveshaftshop - street and high hp custom stuff, no reatta axels lsted but I'm guessing they could make some like these $800 pr for a 400hp Fiero (this links for you Padgett ) The Driveshaft Shop | Pontiac Fiero Manual 400HP Direct fit Axles - Pontiac - Domestic Axles
  6. About 7?yrs ago I saw a p1800 wagon at a volvo showroom when I was looking at a used c70 coupe. I also thought the p1800 was a reall cool car. The c70 seats were so comfortable to me I still ocassionaly think about trying to put a pair into the reatta.
  7. wws944: hey I remember laugh in - I don't recall who pushed the limits more, them or the the Smothers brothers. I've purchased some of the 6.5" for my daughters college car, the're not installed yet though, from what I've read they seem to be a very good value. There're pretty efficent @ apx. 92db, so it seems most typical low watt head units should not have a problem driving them. parts express also has some 4x10 speakers Affordable 4" x 10" Car Stereo Speakers and Rear Deck Speakers Upgrade Your System For Less At Parts Express! PE also does reconing. you might consider asking if they have reconing kits for 4x10 delco's
  8. " I wonder how Volvo being owned by an Indian car company" According to this article on oct 6, volvo is owned now by China's Geely, with rumors that were they were considering buying Saab as well. Volvo owner Geely denies reported interest in Saab | Reuters
  9. You might want to consider these closeout Aura's, no personal experience though http://www.parts-express.com/wizards/searchResults.cfm?searchFilter=new_aura_oct11 Madisound has this aura 5 1/4, for $8.00, it was used in ford GT's, I saw the speaker and it had a McIntosch (sp) (label) (some consider audiophile grade audio) Aurasound NS525-355-8A 5.35" Poly Cone: Madisound Speaker Store
  10. I'm looking for cv's for a 88, when I enter an 88 into advance's "your vehicle" info boxes the CV6715 comes up for me. I think the shaft for the hub has a different # of splines between 88's and 89's Thanks for looking into it, the lack of them for 89's @ advance is a bit concerning also. The local autozones around here don't stock them
  11. The one I noticed it on was a Fenco CV6715 at both Advance and ebay. Buy Fenco Constant Velocity Axle Assembly CV6715 at Advance Auto Parts Maybe it's the incorrect photo fwiw The Fenco axel listed without ABS @ advance does not have the rubber damper
  12. Thanks, guys. I've seen replacement right\passenger sides with or without a rubber piece midway on the axel, most without. Any pros or cons regarding this?
  13. Well it looks like I need a replacement cv joint / half shaft. Does anyone have good or bad experience with a particuar brand, ex: A-1 Cardone rebuilts, or Cardone new, or with A-1 Drive Shaft - Driveshafts * Front Wheel Drive Axles * Rack & Pinions ( someone on a jeep forum liked them) Thanks, Mike
  14. I get the impression that the rear sway bar rubber bushings that attach to the strut are hard to find.
  15. Glad to see you back Philip. Hang in there
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