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  1. From 57 Olds Auto trans working well $200, Excellent radiator $150, J2 intake $50, NOS hood hinges pair- $150, 2dr front window regulators $80-pair, front grill with letters no lights $60, decent pair of inner fenders $50-pair, core support $30. Nors rebuilt rocker assemblies $80, Can get pics. Located in Wichita Kansas
  2. If you still need fenders I have a nice pair. -in Kansas.
  3. robval- sent you an email. Steve
  4. From 57 Olds-- -2 RH fenders, S88 and 98/rot free, 1 is surface rusted (98) $80 each, they fit any model 57 but have holes specific for fender emblems is all. inner fenders, nice $50 each -grill/both halves with no letters or lights $35, grill/both halves with letters and lights $50 -one RH rear bumper End with exhaust outlet, very good core $40 Two recon rods, $40 -one deluxe steering wheel that needs some epoxy work and paint $100, 1 core support $25 In Wichita, Kansas
  5. Willys77 -Let me know if you got the PM. It doesn't show up in my sent folder??
  6. Added some parts Willys77 -sent a PM. TDAD -I think I have pics of the front bumper, but can get pics of all. What specificly are you wanting to see? rocket49 -Hadn't thought about it but might do that.
  7. -2 RH fenders with No Rot but surface rust, pair of inner fenders $50 & $75, -1 core support $30, a gas tank that needs a patch on the bottom $25, -1 RH rear Deluxe bumper end (with ex. port.) $25 2 driver quality grills, one with letters and on without $50 & $35 -1 driveshaft from a 98 $20 -1 rearend probably a 3:42, no brakes on it. $150 -1 bare J2 intake $40 -1 set nice shape dog dish hubcaps $45/4 -1 set deluxe/flappers hubcaps that have dings-light rash good for a driver $80/4 - in south central Kansas (Wichita)--can do pics --316 200 2747 smbker@yahoo.com MORE parts,
  8. I have a nice front bumper "core". In south central Kansas typical bottom edge damage but straight otherwise. One RH end for rear with ex port straight core.
  9. 371 covers bolt on with 2 bolts through the middle, 394's with bolts on the edge/lip.
  10. If you still need a J2 intake-carbs, I have the items as well as a dry element air cleaner.
  11. I've torn the engine down, the block is sold. It has a nice crank/will clean at .010, good heads everything except distributor and crank hub/balancer.. If you are interested in something let me know. Trans may work with seals changed??
  12. In Wichita, Ks. -missing distributor, 4 brl carb engine. Is stuck -car sat a long time. $500-both. smbker@yahoo.com
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