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  1. Hi 1937hd45 Its not that there is no interest there are not many Chalmers out there. I run the Chalmers Registry and we only have about 35 people on the internet. Some of them barely know how to get their email. We have 130 cars listed and more then half are only parts and not cars. I beleive there are less then 300 cars remaining. I don't see were you posted the pictures? Can you email them to me at I have been collecting all the information I can. Joe A. Chalmers Registry
  2. Hi Paul I would say it is not Chalmers. The tools I have all say Chalmers or Chalmers-Detroit. Also why would they put co after CMC when the C stands for company. Joe A. Chalmers Registry
  3. The brake drums on my 15 touring need to be replace. They are 14 inch stamped steel. Does anyone know were to find them, or how to make new drums. Joe A.
  4. This a GreatRace event. go to Joe A.
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    Chalmers Book

    ?Hugh Chalmers: The Man and His Car? The story of Hugh Chalmers is a unique American success story. Rising from an office boy at National Cash Register to founding the Chalmers Motor Company, Hugh Chalmers was a self-made man who personified the can-do spirit of early 20th century American manufacturing. ?Hugh Chalmers: The Man and His Car? chronicles the life of Hugh Chalmers and the history of the Chalmers Motor Company as told by his grandson, David Chalmers Hammond. A product of years of research and a lifetime of stories, this book is part biography and part technical manual. It will be enjoyed by history buffs and car enthusiasts alike. ?Hugh Chalmers: The Man and His Car? the book by Dave Hammond $25 plus $7.00 Priority Mail or $3.50 Media Mail shipping and handling. Make check payable to Dave Hammond and mail to 110 Sourwood Dr. Hatboro, Pa 19040 Joe A. Chalmers Automobile Registry
  6. I run the Chalmers Registry and have someone interested in the motors. Could you e-mail name and phone number. Thanks Joe A.
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    Old Chalmers

    Do you have anymore pictures of the car?
  8. Gr8race53

    FS front axle

    How much? And were are you? e-mail me at Joe A.
  9. Gr8race53

    FS front axle

    Do you know what model it came off of? How much?
  10. I just took over the Chalmers Automobile Registry, but have owned a Chalmers for a long time and tryed to be aware of what Chalmers were out there. Why guess is there are less then 300. We have 126 cars or major parts of listed in US, England, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and South America.
  11. Thanks Peter for listing the Chalmers Automobile Registry. Welcome to all who have a Chalmers and Registry members. If you are not a Registry member visit our website and join.