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  1. I Would suggest getting the applicable service manual, this will have a section for this trans, and will explain reasons and test procedures for the down shift problem when you come to a stop in high range.....
  2. Cool trinket to have, wish I had 1 with a 48 Chrysler on it......
  3. Very beautiful car, wish mine were as nice. I have a 47 Chrysler Royal Coupe, with a 228 engine and 3 spd trans and regular clutch froma 1951 Canadian Dodge. I do have a 251 engine, fluid drive and M5 trans too, not sure I will ever install those back, as I enjoy the current set-up. I find a regular 3 speed trans, no fluid drive coupler and 3.73 diff, gives decent off the line performance, but you have to shift, and none of the around town benefits of a fluid drive. Chrysler built many Dodge, Desotos, and even Chrysler Royals with a regular 3spd trans and fluid drive coupler, those you could drive like a standard, or keep trans in 2nd or 3rd, and drive without clutch, like an automatic nothing like the M5 trans, no electronics, or special carb. So you were right in assuming some of the fluid drive set-ups could be driven like a standard trans. Some pics of my beast, need to have chrome all replated, well maybe someday... My car was extremely rough, I did the entire fix-up myself......Fred
  4. Great Car, and in good shape. The Hubcaps are like mine, those are 49 Chrysler caps, but heck I like em too. The 46-48 Caps were the Dog dish type, you could get trim rings for them too, good ones are hard to find. Here is my car...
  5. You mean this extra punched hole, for ????? I kinda wondered what it was for too, was there a switch for the power top for a convertable in there??
  6. PS make sure your engine idle is around 450-500rpm, as is required to upshift. Check all the electrical connections to make sure they are not corroded and weak. Do you hear anything, when you let off the gas pedal, or is it silent and not upshifting?.....Good Luck
  7. Check out, Yahoos PWHM 46-48 Chrysler Auto Group, and P15-D24 Homepage . You need to get a manual, and know what you need for this M6 trans, before you start spending time and money. There are some Gentleman on both of the mentioned forums, who can answer questions and guide you with this task...
  8. Heck, this ain't high pressure, maybe 8 psi. Go to any hydraulics place, and have em make up a new hose with the connectors, take the old one to show them what you need. I ahve made these myself, with fuel line fittings and small hose clamps. Here is the 1 I got made for $20 in Canada, if I would have paind 10 more bucks, it would have had better end fittings, but thse were good enough, and overkill for these applications. Have a look at this Movie_0003.wmv - YouTube
  9. fred

    Flathead 6

    Go to P15-D24 Homepage on either the car forum board or the Pilothouse Truck board. You can join, then post or go to parts wanted, should be someone in the Witchita area who can help. If you have done this already please disregrd. The mentioned web forum is dedicated to the flath ead 6 engine, and has a lot of memebers and a lot of trafic on it.......Good Luck
  10. If it were a Canadian 37 Plym or Dodge, which shared the same body, in Canada, it would have come witha 25 inch engine. So yours beinga ply, this could be doable, exactly whats needed, will be your research to find out. The idea of going toa say late 50s, 230 23.5 inch engine could be great, as those came with cloes toa 130 hp stock, witha higher compression ratio to boot. You would notice some more pep with that..... PS go non P15-D24, and post some questions, lots of traffic on there, with a lot of knowledgable Guys...
  11. Contact Don Coatney, on P15-D24 he has done this very swap, He can give you some info with substance on this topic...........Fred
  12. Check out this website P15-D24 Homepage , others have done this very swap, with some modifications it can be done. Interestingly, in Canada, all Mopars cars and trucks had 25 inch flathead 6s, they did not market or make the 23.5 inch 201,218 or 230s, they had 218,228,237,251,265, all with a 25 inch block. You will have to move your front motor mounts forward, and somehow move the rad ahead, or eliminate the fan, and go with an electric pusher fan, which you can buy in the 6 volt type if you need. The 251 will give your Plymouth some extra boost, having probably an extra 30-40 HP, that you will notice.....
  13. You can look at this a few ways. Swap out the diff, to a more modern Mopar 81/2, with a gear ratio of 3.23 to 3.55, that is what I have in my 1955 Fargo pickup, with a 4speed, whether its 3 or 4 speed, the final drive ratio is 1-1. You could convert to Borg and Warner T5 trans, this would drop your RPM in 5th gear, and still aloow you the off the line trhust with your stock diff. Go to P15_D24 and do a search, and check ut the PilotHouse truck forum board, good luck......
  14. You Tube video of my truck running Fargo 2012.wmv - YouTube
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