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  1. i have a stromberg carb,if you need one,gkeats@shaw.ca
  2. does anyone know where exactly the little oval chrysler plate goes on my car,i own a 1929 chrysler 75 4dr,it must be held on with 2 screws,but cannot find where it goes,thank you,gkeats@shaw.ca
  3. hi there,i own a 1929 chrysler 75,i have a lot of extra parts here,not sure if anything would work on your 77,i have a set of wooden spoke wheels with drums attached,missing 1 cap,carb,gauges,headlights,headlight bar,dash,a bumber,etc
  4. hi there,i have a bunch of parts forsale,i have a speedo ,but not sure if i have cable,but i do have one of those canister for the fuel,all the parts i have are off 28-29,email me if you need anything,gkeats@shaw.ca
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