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  1. Tim, Thanks for the quick response. Re: NADA, I was referring to the online addition; they've removed the TC from their Classic/Exotic section. I appreciate the info from your printed guide. Michael
  2. Does anyone have the current CPI (Cars of Particular Interest) values for the '89 TC SOHC. NADA no longer lists the TC in its vintage section. Much appreciated. Michael
  3. This info used to be on the TC Pages website. The top on the Porsche Cabriolet is made of Harrtz fabric, like the TC. You can purchase the Porsche-brand top cleaner and protectant at any Porsche dealer. Works great. Hope this helps.
  4. If memory serves, the 89's with rear discs used a drum-type emergency brake setup. Converting from the TC's '87-'88 style calipers to the '89's would require more than just changing calipers. If I'm not mistaken, it would involve changing to a complete rear disc setup from an '89. I'm not sure what would have to be adapted in order to make the e-brake work. If the correct calipers were no longer available, I'd understand taking the time and trouble to do this swap. Since they are readily available, what's the point? Perhaps Hemi Andersen will weigh in on what's involved.
  5. The TC rear calipers are from the '87 - '88 Daytona with the troublesome wedge-type e-brake. I don' t know of any other Mopar that uses this caliper. You can probably find the adjuster part you need at the local pick n' pull. Rebuilt calipers are available on-line for about $75.00 + core charge (Cardone #18-4502). Hope this helps.
  6. The earlier 2.2 block can be easily identified. There is a small block-off plate with two bolts just below and to the right of the oil filter. This opening in the block was used for the mechanical fuel pump on carbureted 2.2's - the later common-block 2.2/2.5's didn't have this. You can also take a peek at the timing belt; the early 2.2's used a belt with square teeth and the later 2.2/2.5 common-block engines used a round-tooth belt. There are other differences but these are two of the easiest identifiers. Hope this helps.
  7. You need an SMEC from a '89 Daytona Turbo2.2/5 speed. The part number to look for is 5235069. This unit has 12 lb of boost and the timing/fuel and boost curves are better than the stock SMEC, so performance improves a bit. Horsepower /torque increases to 174@4,800/200@3,200 (advertised). Expect the cruise control operation to be erratic.
  8. When these units throw an 'ERR' error code, I've had good luck by cleaning with a 'lens cleaning' CD Cleaner (the disc has small brushes on the back of the disc). They're available at most big-box department stores. Hope this helps.
  9. On May 27, I PayPal'd Mr. Klimek $80.00 for a wheel from his wrecked TC. I've never received it and Mr. Klimek has been unresponsive to numerous requests for either a shipping date or a refund. I used PayPal at Mr. Klimek's request despite seeing a few earlier posts about his rather casual shipping practices. A word to the wise - always pay by Postal Money Order when dealing with people you don't know. The USPS will ALWAYS pursue a claim of non-shipment, viewing it as mail fraud. This is more an issue of honesty and principal than the $80.00 (although I'd much prefer that he refund my money) a
  10. Are the ABS wheel speed sensors the same as used on the Reatta? I need a left front unit - the sensors are specific to each wheel.
  11. Preferably without dings or scratches. LMK price and condition. Thanks.
  12. Looking for the rear bumper center - stainless section. LMK price and condition. Thanks.
  13. I'm looking for the rear bumper center stainless piece - preferably without dents or dings. LMK price and condition. Thanks
  14. Hi Dru, I'm looking for a passenger-side headlight. You can e-mail me with condition and price. Thanks, tcmaserati@wowway.com
  15. By right headlight, I'm referring to the passenger side. Thanks, Reply to: tcmaserati@wowway.com
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