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  1. The original Jewett webmaster, Doug Thaemert, who died in 2012, was an enthusiastic Jewett owner. He assembled an amazing amount of information in a short time, which then came to an abrupt stop with his death. What is needed is another enthusiastic Jewett owner to restart the site. For Paige-Detroit data check my home page: <https://www.wcroberts.org>
  2. There exists a Jewett web site at <http://www.jewettsix.org>. Many of its links no longer work, and it has not been maintained since its owner died. If any Jewett owner wants to take it over, I will be happy to work with him. I myself am a Paige enthusiast. While the same company, Paige-Detroit, built both cars, I feel a Jewett owner is better able to do this. One day the Jewett site will disappear, which I would hate to see.
  3. As a Paige owner and a Graham Owners Club International member, I think I may have already done some of the work for you. I will be in Chattanooga in June for the GOCI convention. We can talk there. In the meantime, you can check-out what I have gathered so far. (There is already a link to Item 2 on the GOCI web site.) 1. My 1918 Paige Larchmont four-passenger touring car <http://www.wcroberts.org/Paige.htm> 2. A brief history of the Paige-Detroit Motor Car Co. (1909-1927), builder of Paige and Jewett autos and Paige trucks <http://www.wcroberts.org/Paige_Histor
  4. Over on the What-is-It forum this unknown auto was identified as a 1916-1917 Hupmobile. If correct, is there any other information available? The top, for example, appears to be an after-market item. The photo was taken in Valby, Sweden. The young lady behind the wheel, Siv Lindgren, was born in 1918. Today her daughter, Agneta Skafvenhjelm, wants to learn what she can about the car.
  5. What car is this? The photo was taken in the early 1920s in Sweden.
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