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  1. John, Thanks for the info and it was addressing my exact question. Thank you!! I spoke to an Auburn technical expert who told me there was no four-spoke Auburn wheel at any time and I asked about the photos and he reiterated "not Auburn" and directed me here. I will check out the Franklin's and I do believe the 1928 and '29 Auburn speedsters (two of the photos above) had similar. Now I'm looking for 2 sets of scheblers with 1 3/4 throats. Was told Hershey would have them but of course, this is the days of Covid. Ugh! Thanks again for your thoughts and time. Mike
  2. I have had a love affair of cars from the 30s since I was 16. Over the years I have gotten into the pre-war boats. The US boat manufacturers then were very close to Detroit and used a lot of the same parts from the suppliers. Dodge, Gar Wood, Chris Craft, and Hacker were all there. I found a correct boat engine (Kermath-way ahead of its time) and it came with a boat and lots of great hardware including a correct steering wheel/Ross gear/and rods to take the movement from the levers in the steering column to where they should go. What was missing was the hub mechanism, levers, and rods down the shaft. The two photos show the wheel (with a 'bubba-ized' metal plate bolted on over the center of the wheel) and the bottom on how the rods transfer the movement to longitudinal movement to the motor. The 698 c.i. motor (photo attached) was the real purpose but the steering was cherry on the cake. So yes to TTR, looking for mechanism in the hub and the levers.
  3. Good day, all. I'm looking for assistance in two things, identify the following Steering wheel, central control hub and levers and also checking to find if anyone has original or reproduces the central control unit and levers for these 20s-30s steering wheels.
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