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  1. There are two 1965 wildcats on e-bay. Does anyone know anything about these cars? Any opinions on what to watch out for? Thanks in advance
  2. When doing a web search I have run across a green '65 Wildcat Convertible SN 464675Y108161. Just curious if the new owner is a club member. The car looked to be in very nice shape.
  3. The Chrysler 300 Club I belong to publishes those numbers. I can ask how they get the information. I know they keep track of member's S/N. I'm assuming they also have the Chrysler begin and end S/N's. Seems like it could be an interesting project. I was hoping to get more input on how other Wildcat owners like their cars. Do you think a post in the BCA ? Me and My Buicks would get more responses?
  4. Ted, any idea what is the survival rate on the '65 Wildcat Convertibles?
  5. What a difference a number can make, I did mean to say 445(401CID). I'm supprised how many adds list the '65's as a 455. It makes me wonder if it is a typo or they have re-powered the car.
  6. I have a question. A few weeks back I notice a car on EBay that I had once driven/inspected to buy. Unless major work had been done to the car, the seller was clearly not describing the car accurately. I thought to ask the seller specific questions (i.e. how is the frame rust?) but ultimately choose to stay neutral. My question is what has other club members done in the past? I?m not sure there is a right or wrong, but ?buyer beware? seem a little cold sometimes.
  7. Thanks for the story Steve. If it makes you feel better I can share the opposite story. About four years ago I looked at a white convertible in Dixon, IL. The car looked great from 50 feet but as you got close you could see the bondo. Even the molding were screwed in form the outside. The rust had actually eaten through the frame behind the driver side wheel. Needless to say, I passed. I just saw the same car on e-bay, the seller described it as a driver in excellent shape. I think the bidding was around $3,600. Actually, from a "fun to drive" standpoint, is the twin four barrel significantly different then the 465 (425CID)? Maybe the next question, is the 465 that different then the 425 (401CID)?
  8. Thanks Ted, I?ve seen your red Wildcats on the Buickstreet website. ? very nice The green super Wildcat it quite the car. If I'm reading the info correct only 107 of the dual carb convertibles were made? You post did bring up another question, were the consoles only available on the Deluxe and not the Custom?
  9. I'm starting to gather information on '65 Wildcats for an upcoming purchase. Any suggestions on where to get detailed production data? (i.e. how many convertibles with A/C were produced?) I also would like to hear from current owners about what you like/dislike about your cars. By the way the reason for the purchase is I was born in '64. My family's '65 Wildcat was the first car I remember and was always my father?s favorite (there were ten years of Buicks before and thirty after, but he always talked about his '65). Since I'm planning a middle-age crisis, I thought a nice Buick was the way to go.