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  1. John Spinks wrote the following description based on the photos provided. The rim is off either a 1934 or '35 Airflow that has been modified to fit up to a '36 Airflow with the extra holes for the dowl spigot that was used on the '36 models. The rim also does not appear to have the safety bead that was rolled into the '36 rims. This safety bead was not on the '34 & '35 rims. ---------------------------------------- The rim and tire is in Dayton and I will be at Hershey in October and can meet you there. The price is $100.00 and you can reach Rick weekdays at (937) 271-9502 between 9:00AM and 7:00PM.
  2. A good place to look is in Hemmings under Chrysler, etc, or Services. I believe there are several advertisers rebuilding and at least one who sell rebuild kits.
  3. If you are near an Amish community, check with a wheel wright. This a problem with wagon wheels.
  4. The car has been moved to a friends garage until it can be driven. The fuel tank and radiator were drained 10 years ago when he stopped driving it around the back yard with the grand children. It has not been on the road in 41 years. The engine starts and runs. It needs a carb rebuild kit, plug wires, master & wheel cyl kits, and generally any thing rubber replaced. I don't expect to get it home for 3 to 4 weeks.
  5. My car is a 1931 Model S, 4dr, Century 6 motor. The 28-29 Hupmobile was very different from the 30-31. The newer cars were cheaper and not as ornate. What parts are you looking for and what 1930 parts did you purchase? I have had my Hupmobile since 2000 and have driven it 12,000 miles. The furthest I have driven it in one day is 200 miles. I drive it almost every week and even in January and February if the roads are dry and don't have salt on them. It's not unusual for me to drive it 150 to 200 miles over the winter. The late 20's Hupmobiles were often sold as taxis as they were very dependable.
  6. Yes, the color is not great but it is the color.
  7. This a 1940 Ford Deluxe I recently purchased. It has been in a 2 car attached garage for the last 41 years.
  8. If you haven't joined the Hupmobile Club I suggest you consider it. There are many experts you can quiz for information and it is an excellent source for parts, etc. They print a "Parts Locater" newsletter advertising parts wanted any for sale usually not available elsewhere. If you plan to paint the engine, I have the correct color green available.
  9. I can get you a quart of green color used for the 6 Cyl Hupmobile. The two photos were taken at the same time, one is shaded and the other in the light.
  10. I have access to a nice 1940 Ford 2dr Deluxe. It is one of the nicest original cars I have seen. The original seats have no holes but have been severely eaten by moths. It would be nice to redo the seats or the complete interior but they are usable as is. The body is rust free and the paint is still shiny. The passenger door could be painted due to the other car door hitting it. The second owner purchased the car in May of 1967 and only drove the car around his property for the first 30 years. The last 10 years he has turned the motor over every 3 or 4 months using the fan blade. This car will never be a trailer queen, but used for touring and driven to shows as an original. How much can I modify the car and keep it as original? This car was offered to me as the owner knows I will never hot rod it.
  11. Am planning to move a late 20's roadster from Dayton OH to Seattle WA. Car is restored and starts easily. Car must be shipped in covered trailer. Am also considering hauling it inside a U-Haul type truck as an option. No need to reply after July 1st.
  12. There is a antique car parade in Hamalton OH (Just north of Cincinnati) Sat. July 26th 2008. They restrict cars to origional condition. You can add seat belts and turn signals but the car must not be modified. The following is their description of acceptable: All American and foreign vehicles 1896 - 1983 in restored or original condition are eligible. No modified cars, street rods or after market wheels. Vehicles must be clean and free of advertising. To encourage prewar II cars to participate, the $20.00 registration fee is waived. If you go to one of the following web pages you will see some interesting cars. Photos of parade in the early 1960's
  13. I was recently told the 1928 Hupmobile 8 cyl also used the Stromberg OO-2. This is apprizingly large carb.
  14. I believe the 2 barrel Carburetor with OO2 stamped on is for late 1920' car. It is big like a UU2. I suspect it is for an 8 cyl car. Can anyone provide what make and models using this Carburetor? Jack (937) 287-8466
  15. Contact Rick in Dayton at (937)271-9502. He is more than capable of doing the work you want. Based on his work load, I would be surprised if he can get you in quickly. You should go to his shop to view the projects he is working on. One of his current projects is modifying a 1912 Packard to be used for long distance touring and has hidden the modifications except the turn signals.
  16. Scott (708) 516-5342 in IL near Chicago has a 6 cyl 1928 Model A Hupmobile 4 door in good shape. Original interior needs redo bu all complete. Felix (402) 363-1895 near York NE has a 6 cyl 1936 Model 618G Hupmobile blue with complete engine overhaul. $12,000. I have not seen either car. The Hupmobile was built as a dependable car and many of the 28 & 29 cars were sold as Taxis.
  17. The 16" rim does not appear to have a number unless I am looking in the wrong place. Please look at the photos and let me know if I can provide anything.
  18. I have a 17 " wheel for an Airflow in very good condition. I am attempting to identify what model car the wheel came from. How can I identify the wheel, is there a part number stamped on it and where is it located? What is the best angle to use to identify the wheel? The wheel is a blue. Note: the tire on the rim is actually a 700 X 16, not a 17"
  19. My guess was an early 30's Buick but I didn't want to influence anyone. The second car is a mid 30's something like a Pontiac, Chrysler product, or an orphan car like Hudson or Reo. This is only my guess. See the attachment.
  20. I am in the process of restoring a 1923 Paige. Need a Thermostat housing for a 1923 Paige Detroit model 21-24 - six seventy. Prefer to purchase or will provide deposit to borrow one to make a copy. The Thermostat Housing consists of: a one-piece all-metal bellows, a valve, and a housing. Contact Merle at 513-897-2360 Dayton, Oh
  21. I am in the process of restoring a 1923 Paige. Need a Thermostat housing for a 1923 Paige Detroit model 21-24 - six seventy. Prefer to purchase or will provide deposit to borrow one to make a copy. The Thermostat Housing consists of: a one-piece all-metal bellows, a valve, and a housing. Contact Merle at 513-897-2360 Dayton, Oh
  22. Can someone identify the year and make of the blue and white sedan and the gray car car behind it? This is a recreation of the John Dillenger gang robbing the bank in Mason City, Ia. Please open the web page link to view the clip.
  23. In the early to mid 1960's I had a 56 conv. and it had full hubcaps but not wire ones.
  24. Go to a public weigh station usually located at your local moving company. They will charge $20 or $25 and you will have the exact weight.
  25. I am open to suggestions for a source for the material and someone in the Ohio area to install an interior for a 1935 4dr Model 50. Is it possible to purchase a complete interior as a kit? The car currently has all original interior intact but is in need of extensive repair or replacement. This car has the original paint with some flaking on the top of the fenders. It runs very well and is best described as a driver and not a show car. It could also us replacement running boards. I am open to suggestions.