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  1. There is a company in Lebanon, Ohio called TrimParts who make a variety of items for the GTO and other cars. Check out their catalog web page at trimparts.com. You can go to their plant or have the parts shipped. They are just off I-71 about 15 miles north of Cincinnati.
  2. I sent you a "Private Message" on particulars of car.
  3. What city and state do you reside in and how far are you willing to travel?
  4. First, thank you for all the informative comments. It appears I have left out some information. While I prefer a diesel, the initial cost and up keep is not cost justifiable. Also, most diesel trucks get high miles very quickly. I would prefer a truck with about 70,000 miles for cost and maintenance reasons. I have been looking at Ford and Chevy trucks and have nothing against a Dodge but have not found one. I will be towing the 3,300 car on an open trailer and expect the total weight to be around 5,000 pounds.
  5. I am interested in purchasing a truck to tow a car trailer with a 3,300 pound car. I am am looking at a used Chevy and Ford. I expect to tow from 2 to 3 thousand miles yearly and maybe an equal amount of miles without the trailer. This will not be a daily driver. Primarily, I am interested in highway gas mileage to expect and additional towing options. In the past, I have towed travel trailers from 20 to 26 feet using an equalizer hitch and anti-sway bar. I have seldom seen a car trailer with an equalizer hitch but have no problem using one. I have locatated 4 used trucks with differe
  6. Transport of car, Dayton, OH just off I-75 to Ashville, NC area just of I-26 in Nov. 2009. Zip Code 45459 to 28754. Car is a drivable 1953 Willys Aero that starts easy. Please send information of type of trailer, dates available, rate per mile. Be prepared to provide references of recent hauls, email address, and phone number. I will check Personal Messages daily.
  7. My wife has been with State Farm 46 years since she was 18. Nine years ago we had a truck and 2 modern cars. The agent had no problems adding a 1931 Hupmobile restored driver. They required photos of front, back, & sides allowing me to establish the value of $15,000 with a $100 yearly premium. I have added an unrestored 40 ford and 53 willys with the same experience. A car valued at $7,500 carries a premium of about $75 yearly. Just a tip, they have a joining fee so ask for the premium for the 2nd year. Dec 2008, my wife totaled a 28,000 mile 2006 Buick on black ice and State Farm
  8. A friend is looking for the 1973 Olds 88 plastic inserts located between the rear of car and the bumper. If you have them or know of a source, email me at jdwyer40@aol.com I will be at Hershey.
  9. There is a wheel puller available on ebay at: NEW BRITAIN A-100 ,USA, LARGE PULLER, FLY WHEEL PULLER:eBay Motors (item 270461214355 end time Oct-02-09 00:34:24 PDT) You can also do a search on "Wheel Puller" to see various variations.
  10. Check your private message.
  11. huptoy

    grease gun

    Try "Alemite" but I am not sure this is correct. I have seen a conversion piece at swap meets in the past to attach to the current gun and converts to the older style. . On Ebay, check out the following links under "grease gun" vintage model T ford Alemite lubricator grease gun 1919:eBay Motors (item 260475174142 end time Sep-17-09 09:27:18 PDT) or Chevrolet Tool kit Size Grease Gun 1925 1928 1931 1933:eBay Motors (item 190334122011 end time Sep-16-09 19:30:00 PDT)
  12. Congratulations! Again the information is timely and correct. The little girl died last month, at 81, and this photo was found in her things. Her sister is very happy to know about the car. Thank you.
  13. Would like to know the make, model, and year. It appears to have rims from a 1936 Chevrolet. The hood ornament looks like it could be a Plymouth. Does anyone recognize the trim along the side of the hood. The original photo is only 3" by 4" so detail is poor.
  14. The place to purchase a bell shaped wheel puller that screws on the wheel hub is Hershey in October. There is a dealer who carries a large variety of sizes just north of the stairs over the road at the west end of the chocolate field. The hubs come in a verity of sizes like 2 inchs, 2 1/8, 2 1/4, 2 3/8, 2 1/2, 2 5/16, 2 9/16, 3 1/4, etc. I suggest you take the hubcap to a machinist to measure for the correct size. Don't try to use a tape measure or ruler. If you know someone going to Hershey, contact them. They sell them from $25 to $50 based on the availability. If you get the size, I
  15. I use a red flashing LED bicycle light attached to the ends of the bumpers using the standard bicycle frame attachment. The bike shop verity have several blinking options. They really work great as dusk approaches. I also use white ones on the front. I have never been stopped by a cop and motorist are accustomed to seeing bicycles on surface streets. On 4 lane highways, they get into the left lane a good 200 feet behind me. I have not used the lights during the day but have not had a problem being seen.
  16. I used "Aesthetic Finishers" in Piqua, Ohio and am happy with results. Their wep page is "http://www.afipowder.com/" Aesthetic Finishers - Ceramic Header Coating and Powder Coating - Home. I wanted an original finish and had several options. I drive this car and just got tired of having a rusty looking manifold when I showed it.
  17. 1988 Buick Reatta. Power everything. Automatic 3800 Series V6 Engine. Leather seats with Burgandy Interior. 16,419 MILES!!! $10,900 EXCELENT CONDITION Please call 937-433-8038. (Dayton, OH) No emails please. Posting for a friend.
  18. This post is because I have had several requests for interior and under carriage photos.
  19. Do you have a 26 or 27 6 cyl? If you have an 8 cyl, ignore the following information. I have a 1931 6 cyl. The generator is driven off the timing chain. To remove the generator, 1-remove the 3" cover on the front of the timing chain cover. 2-Remove the 2 nuts from the top of the generator. 3-Use a long socket extension to remove the bolt on the bottom of the generator. 4-Tilt the generator to about 30 degrees toward the passenger headlight. 5- reach in the hole on front of the timing chain cover and lift chain off the generator sprocket. TIPS: After steps 1 & 4, take a light and mir
  20. Check the vacuum lines to the wiper motor. I had a leak in the rubber hose under the dash.
  21. Closeup of front end, does this help?
  22. I was at a collector of misc things and saw this 1929 Bugatti. I don't know if this is a kit car or the a real 1929 car. Is there any way way to authenticate this car? This was the only photo I could get due to everything else around it. The car is not for sale nor anything else he owns. Your correct, the car is a VW Kit car. With everything in the barn, I couldn't tell.
  23. My insurance company charges $105.00 for 15,000 collision plus 100-300 liability. The same coverage if I rented the car for weddings, etc. will cost $1,000 due to the increased liability coverage for the passengers. If my 1931 sedan should have a problem and injure the client, you bet there will be a law suite. I have driven for friends without charge and they normally give me a cash donation a couple of days later. I never ask for money or even talk about a charge amount. The donation is usually in the $200 range. If you rent a limo for a wedding the charge is $300 for 3 hours plus extra
  24. The price has been changed from 'Best offer over 7,500 to a flat price of 8,700. Additionally, I recently had the radiator cleaned out.
  25. Looking for radiator for a 1940 Ford. I no longer need a radiator, thanks for your help.
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