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  1. charlier, You didn't indicate your home town but US Highway 42 travels from Cleveland to Louisville KY. It is mostly 2 lane highway predating the Interstate system. It goes threw many small towns and could take 3 days from Cleveland. I have driven I-71 from Cleveland to Columbus to Cincinnati to Louisville and it takes about 6 hours driving 65 MPH. Heads up, in Cincinnati take the I-471 to I-275 to I-71/I-75 to avoid construction and the big hill on I-75 in KY. Adds about 6 miles but a better route with a trailer. I live in Centerville, near Dayton, and will be driving a 79 year old car.
  2. The printed SCHEDULAL OF EVENTS is as follows. It indicates the doors will be open at 7:00 AM. The show & judging starts at 10:00 AM & ends at 3:00 PM. The Car Awards are from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM Saturday, July 3 7:30 AM Judges Breakfast Crowne Plaza Hotel (Doors open at 7 AM) 10 AM—3 PM Car Show and Judging Expo Center North Hall 12:00 PM Youth Program -Expo Center North Hall 3:30PM -4:30PM Car Awards Expo Center 4:45 PM Closing Celebration Reception Expo Center
  3. Can you post photos of the inside using a flash? Also can you indicate the city and state location of the car? What things need attention under the hood?
  4. This company sounds like a broker who contracts with independent drivers. My personal opinion is you are better off dealing directly with the individual or company who will be actually transporting the car. One of the problems is the winters in the north can really get nasty with snow & ice. The driver will be driving through MT, WY, SD NE, IA, MO, KY & TN. Everyone of these states can have nasty storms into April. If you can wait till the middle of April, you should find a driver. I know of someone who moved a car from Columbus OH to Seattle WA. They wound up getting a renta
  5. huptoy

    Impala 1961

    There are several good companies that provide excellent parts for restoration. I am aware of one in Lebanon Ohio call Trim Parts. They have an online catalog at Trim Parts - Home With a little luck, other members can suggest additional sources for parts.
  6. Some of the factory options for my 1931 Hupmobile included fender spare tires, trunk, passenger windshield wiper, & passenger taillight. Additionally the car came with wood wheels but wire wheels were $10 and steel wheels were $40. Some after market items included Trippie head lights, wire rack to hold hat to headliner, oil filter, backup lights, tool kit, curb feelers, clock in rear view mirror, & Trico (vacuum) fan.
  7. The BB-1 carb I have is a cast iron model 517 S. Every now and then you see one on Ebay.
  8. Good news, you can use your Australia license plates while you drive it in Louisville at the 75th. You should have the AU title and proof of insurance. This is if a policeman should stop you. If you wind up in an accident, the police will need to see your insurance company and proof of coverage. If you keep it here and not sell it, then you should title it and add the license plates. The buyer will be responsible to title and get plates. If you don't sell it in Louisville, the car show, swap meet, and car corral at Hershey, Pa in October is the largest event in the USA. The car corral co
  9. If you plan to keep the car here, you can title, license, and insure it here. Depending what state you the car is in, the title and license plates will very. Some states, like Pennsylvania, require the car be inspected for being road worthy before issuing a license plate. Do you plan to sell the car or license in the USA? In Ohio, the title is about $10.00. The yearly license plates for a car runs about $50.00 when using the car as an everyday driver. You can purchase Antique Plates for a vehicle over 24 years old for about $5.00 and they are good for 30 or 40 years. The restriction is
  10. A Carter BB1 carb should work for an engine of your size. The are usually cast iron and not pot metal. Check for the correct bolt pattern for your car. I have a 211 cubic inch Hupmobile engine that originally came with a Stromburg U-2. The car runs fine with the BB1.
  11. You can get 39 Ford Pickup parts from Macs Catalogs. MAC’s: Dealer of Restoration Parts for Classic, Antique, Vintage Ford Autos, Cars & Trucks: Street Rod Parts, Vintage/Classic Ford Manuals & much more!
  12. Keiser31 describes the one you should use. Go to EBAY and search for 'HUB PULLER' or 'WHEEL PULLER'. They run from $25 to $70 plus shipping. Your local auto garage will usually have one in their tool cabinet.
  13. Go to your "Hupmobile Club Inc Roster" book. Go to (Texas) page 35 of the 2009 issue and call "Major" (first name). As he has a large collection of 28 Hupmobile parts including the back end of the car.
  14. Is this for wood or wire wheel? Can you post a photo?
  15. The cover to the below ground water shut off valve in my front yard has a 5 sided bolt. The water department uses a socket wrench with a 3 ft shaft and handle. This looks like it will remove the bolt.
  16. I use the "Saved Searches" option to search each time I go on ebay. When I run into someone like the antenna seller, I open the item and send a notification, using the "Ask a question" option indicating I have placed him on my "Exclude Seller" list. This eliminates all his postings in the future. I don't appreciate the shotgun type seller and as a protest, I refuse to even view his items. If I were nasty, I would send the same message for each posting.
  17. I have a black 1931 car with a single tail light at the lower left of car. Driving at night between 40 & 50 can be scary as people come right behind me before slowing down or changing lanes. I use two red bicycle LED lights (flashing) attached to my bumpers on both front and back. I only use them when driving in the evening or night as they are attached with just a screwdriver. On a 4 lane road, the drivers behind me will move over to the left lane about 50 to 75 yard back. On a 2 lane road, they slow down well back. I have heard the police will stop you with flashing lights but my e
  18. FIRST: You don't say where you live but your best source of knowledge resides in your local AACA club. Most members are willing to inspect a car for condition, especially members who are judges. Go to the main page and click on the "Select your location", pick your state, click on the "Find" button, and scroll down to the club nearest to you. Under AACA MEMBERSHIP, the requirements are stated as; General and Junior Memberships in the AACA are open to all individuals who have a genuine interest in the antique automobile hobby. Ownership of an automobile is not a prerequisite of membership.
  19. The Mullins Mfg Co in Salem OH built 3,000 RED CAP utility trailers using the 1936 Chevrolet 17" wheel and were painted "Admiral Moffitt Gun Metal", gray. When you ordered a trailer, they would paint it the color of your car and install wheels to match. This would allow you to use your car spare on the trailer. The green color photo was used in magazine ads of the period. The black trailer has wood wheel from a 1931 tow car.
  20. I received the following email from my State Farm Insurance Agent: Per a claims’ team representative, the antique classic policies would be paid, based on a stated value. We have $10000 listed for the 1953 and $14000 for the 1931. As for the 1937 Mullins, I am told we cannot list a “stated” value. The agreed value we have listed is $5,000, and at the time of a loss claims’ will pay actual cash value, of the trailer. Please let me know, if you have any further questions. The 1937 Mullins is a rare luggage trailer with only 100 known to exist of the 3,000 built in in 1936 & 1937. There ar
  21. There is a company in Lebanon, Ohio called TrimParts who make a variety of items for the GTO and other cars. Check out their catalog web page at trimparts.com. You can go to their plant or have the parts shipped. They are just off I-71 about 15 miles north of Cincinnati.
  22. I sent you a "Private Message" on particulars of car.
  23. What city and state do you reside in and how far are you willing to travel?
  24. First, thank you for all the informative comments. It appears I have left out some information. While I prefer a diesel, the initial cost and up keep is not cost justifiable. Also, most diesel trucks get high miles very quickly. I would prefer a truck with about 70,000 miles for cost and maintenance reasons. I have been looking at Ford and Chevy trucks and have nothing against a Dodge but have not found one. I will be towing the 3,300 car on an open trailer and expect the total weight to be around 5,000 pounds.
  25. I am interested in purchasing a truck to tow a car trailer with a 3,300 pound car. I am am looking at a used Chevy and Ford. I expect to tow from 2 to 3 thousand miles yearly and maybe an equal amount of miles without the trailer. This will not be a daily driver. Primarily, I am interested in highway gas mileage to expect and additional towing options. In the past, I have towed travel trailers from 20 to 26 feet using an equalizer hitch and anti-sway bar. I have seldom seen a car trailer with an equalizer hitch but have no problem using one. I have locatated 4 used trucks with differe
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