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  1. A longer tongue allows better control when backing.


    With more steel, a longer tongue will add weight to the tongue at the ball.


    The tongue weight calculation is to use the distance from the ball to the axel & the percentage of distance the weight is from the front.  we need the cargo area length & the tongue length for both trailers.  We will also need the distance the axle is from the ball.

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  2. It appears you are using the “by guess & by golly” weight distribution methiod.  When you buy a travel trailer, it is built with a tongue weight equal 10 to 15% of the trailer.  When the hitch weight gets heavier, you need equalizer bars to distribute the tongue weight to the front wheels & back to the trailer wheels.  


    When the tongue weight is too little, the trailer can sway sideways back & forth till you slow down or flip over.


    (1) load your trailer & weight it without the tow vehicle attached.

    (2) Next weigh the tow vehicle without the loaded trailer.

    (3) Attach the trailer to your tow vehicle & move the only the tow vehicle wheels on the scale.

    (4) Subtract the tow vehicle (2) weight from the tow vehicle attached to trailer (3) giving the tongue weight.

    (5) Divide the tongue weight (4) by the trailer weight (1) giving percentage of hitch weight.  This should be in the 10 to 15% range.

    (6) Move the car forward or back to attain 10 to 15% tongue weight.


    The tow vehicle & trailer should be even height front to back.  If it sags at the ball, you are a candidate for equalizer bars.  With the bars, you can load the car closer to the front with a 15 to 20% tongue weight.


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    In 1929 they used a cutout instead of a voltage regulator.

    The relay is open until the generator is putting out about 8 volts.

    It then closes to charge the battery.

    At idle, the the relay is open.


    Without a relay cutout, the generator will discharge the battery at idle.


    Also the cutout could be bad.


    Many cutouts have a connection on the bottom connecting to the generator & a 2nd connecting to the wiring harness.



  4. It could be an early Hupmobile. This photo is a 1915. 

    Hupmobile Made the model N from 1915-17.   

    They moved the steering wheel to the left side about this time.

    The fender lights and rear view mirrors were aftermarket options. 

    They also placed the "Hupmobile" script in the lower right radiator.  


    Keiser31, in reference to this post, in your comment below.  Thanks, you are correct.


    Hupmobile model N.jpg

  5. Have you joined the Hupmobile Club?  It is an excellent source of parts & information.  They publish a newsletter 5 or 6 times a year with sections for cars or parts wanted and for sale.  Additionally, they publish a magazine quarterly.  


    Once a year we have a rally, this year we will meet in StauntonVA the 1st week in June.  I can assure you, there will 28/29 model M’s.  We expect 20 to 25 cars this year but most come without their car due to distance or status of restoration.  Registration is Sunday with touring starting Monday.

  6. Do you have a NAPA Store near you.  When I go in to get an oil filter, they apologize for not having one in stock but the warehouse will get one the next day.  Also points, plugs, condenser, etc.


    Also, try posting on the Buick forum.  The Buick club is known as an excellent source.

  7. Joining the Hupmobile Club will provide you with technical information you can contact. 

    Once a year we have a 4 or 5 day rally.

    It moves around the country, in 2017 it was in San Diego and the June 2018 will be in Staunton, VA.

    Based on travel distance & if your car is running, many people fly or drive in and tour in a Hupp.

    In 2017, one couple flew in from Australia.   

  8. We use State Farm ins on both modern & antique.  Our 2 antique cars cost about $115 each.  State Farm commercial ins goes up to $1,000 dollars above antique ins.  At a wedding, people are milling around and should something happen, they will sue everybody in close.  If you get hit on the road, your car is not as safe as current models.


    My 1931 car is requested for weddings several times a year.  


    I only do weddings for friends with the understanding they can tip me after the event if they Ask about a price.  Also, they need a plan B should my car elect to not run.  Last year I did a prom & his plan B was a newer Corvette if needed.  They did go home in plan B.


    For others I decline the request.  I make sure they know my effort takes longer than the 15 to 30 minutes to the reception.  The car needs cleaned, time to get to the wedding early, waiting during the wedding, photographer photos, couple will leave first but arrive at the reception last, more photos, and then the drive home.  When pressed on what price they should expect, I get the response that $100 or $200 is high for a 30 minute drive.


    I wish you the best in your business.  Weddings are fun because everyone’s enjoying themselves.


  9. A picture is worth a thousand words.  Your behind in your description.  Photos help.


    Try going to a book store and purchasing the “Old Car Price Guide”.  They will have an estimated value based on how you define your cars condition.


    As a test, compare the books calculated value of your own cars known value.

  10. I believe your best source for parts & information is to join the Hupmobile Club.  The membership cost is $31.00 a year.  The “Parts Locator” is distributed 6 times a year.    The “Hupp Harold” magazine is published quarterly along with a membership roster.  Additionally, a “Technical Advisor” who coordinates information on your M is available.


    The club members get together yearly for a tour where we excercise the cars & waste gas having fun.  The 2018 tour is June 4th - 7th in Staunton, VA.  Usually about half bring a car, in 2017 a couple flew in from Australia.  The tour cars are all ranges of condition from unrestored to just finished.


    If you have any questions, send me a PM with your phone #.

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  11. It will be a 2 to 3 day event to visit the swap meet + car corral.  Un like Hershey, you will find old stuff less than 25 years old.  You will also find many of the same commercial vendors.  Charlotte is not a clone of Hershey, they are both fun & have great people. I believe it’s a great event to visit.

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  12. Hupp Motor Co had minimal changes for the model S from 30 to 31. 

    The temperature gauge was added to the dash. 

    The free wheeling transmission was a major change as indicated with a button at the top of gear shifter. 

    I have been told that some  early 1931 Model S cars came without free wheeling.

    I believe the radiator was changed from 30 to 31.


    Photos will help.