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  1. Will the updraft Carter BB1 work on the 1929 Oakland AA6?
  2. I do have a chassis manual. I have checked and replaced all hoses that need to be replaced. Just for my info, if the dual diaphragm is bad, does anyone know where I can find one?
  3. I am having trouble with the air condition on my 63 Riviera. I can not get air to blow thru the air vents on the dash. I tried changing some of the vacuum valves under the hood that controls this, but with no luck. I even purchased a complete control modular on Ebay and replace it still no luck. Any Ideas? Is there a replacement unit for these cars to do away with these vacuum valves?
  4. How will I know which ones of these will work? Are there specific numbers on these carbs?
  5. Is there a replacement carb for the Marvel carb on a 1929 Oakland AAA6? It seems my Marvel carb is hard to adjust. Let me know.
  6. I have not driven my 63 Riviera for a while. Took it off the car lift yesterday and noticed the power brake depressed easily and the pedal would not come back after hitting the brakes. I opened up the master cylinder and it looked like it was full of a muddy like fluid. What would cause this? I assume I would have to replace the master cylinder but will I have to replace all brake lines etc?
  7. This is a reply to Matt Harwood. Yes, I did purchase and change all 5 tires at the same time. I never drove on the tires. I mounted the tires and put the car on my car lift until just recently. I said I spend over $1000 for the tires. ActuallyI I paid $250 each plus the price for tubes and shipping. I finally tried lacquer cleaner on the tires as suggested by a reply and the tires did come white. Don't know how long they will stay that way.
  8. Thanks for all the info on my whitewall tires. I purchased these tires a year ago and never drove on them. Put the car on the top of a car lift. I don't understand why the spare tire mounted on back of my Oakland stayed white while he four on the wheels turned yellow.. I will try what was recommended. I suppose I should of inquired about Coker before I bought the tires. Way over a $1000 for these tires.
  9. I have a 29 Oakland with whitewall tires i purchased last year from Coker Tire. The 4 tires on the car turned a yellowish color. The spare on the rear remained white. I tried cleaning the tires with Wesley's Bleach white and also comet cleanser, but they still look yellow. Does anyone know a way to clean them and also why they turned yellow, but the spare did not. I have the Oakland on the top of a car lift so it is off the ground. Thanks.
  10. My Oakland wheels are two piece. You have the wooden spoke hubs and then you have an outer rim that comes off of the spoke hubs. This outer rim is where the tube and tire mount to. The inside of this is smooth. It attaches to the hub via 4 lugs.
  11. Do you really need these liners? I have a 29 Oakland for the last 32 years and my tires do not have them. I never had any trouble with the tires or tubes, except the tires have cracks along the outside due to age. I recently purchased a set of Lester white walls, which arrived yesterday. I am going to install them and not use these liners. Am I wrong?
  12. I adjusted the vacuum switches as per manual on my 63 Riviera, but I do not get AC air out of the air vents in the dash, only from the heater vents. If I by-pass #1 switch the air comes out of the dash as it is suppose to. I changed the #1 switch, thinking it must be bad, but it is the same thing. Any suggestions????
  13. Can someone tell me where I can purchase a spare tire cover? I have a 29 Oakland with the spare mounted on the back and looking for a cover for it The tire size is 550-19. Thanks
  14. I am looking for the little check valve that sets on top of the intake manifole that goes to the air condition controls. I loose vacuum when I accelerate the car and checked all the vacuum hoses, which seem OK. The manual says that my problem is probably do to a bad check valve. I looked everywhere and even went to the local parts store, but no luck. Would appreciate any info.
  15. I am looking to buy a set of 550-19 tires for my 29 Oakland. I have checked Coker tires and Lucas tires Coker sells B.F Goodrich which says they are made in America. Lucas Tire has Lester and Lucas tires in this size but do no say where they are made. The Lucas and Lester are less expensive than Goodrich, but I wonder if anyone has any feed back on these tires. I would like to buy American made, but looking for quality as well as price. Would appreciate any input. Also do you know of any other makes of tires that is this size?
  16. I have had the car for 30 years. I think, but not sure that I am the 3rd owner of the car. As far as I know the wood spoke wheels are origional. O still have the origional tires that were on the car when i bought it. The treads are real good, but have several cracks on sidewalls, probably due to age. I am going to buy new tires and put on and just wondering about checking the blance when i install the new tires. I am thinking about buying Lester brand tires. Anyone have any feedback on these tires? I don't drive the car, but a few hundred miles per year. How will I go abot checking the axel angle? I have a book on it but seems like of hard to do.
  17. I have a 29 Oakland with wood spoke wheels. The tire size is 550/19. I have a shimmy around 35 mph up. I checked the front steering, etc. and everything seems tight. How do I go about balancing the front wheels? Is it possible to take this size tire and wheel to a garage and have them do it, or do I have to do at home? Thanks
  18. I found out why I had a gas smell when I parked the Riviera. My car has air condition and the vent line from the gas filter to the gas tank was not tight on the filter. It had a compression clamp on it, but upon inspecting it, I found the hose moved and was loose. I removed the hose from the filter and cut a short piece of it off which seemed hard. Put it back on with a better clamp. Problem solved. I have a question about this line. Why do air condition cars have this type gas filter with a vent line and non-aircondition cars do not?
  19. I understand that. My Oakland is all origional also even the interior, except the paint. However when those pot metal handles start breaking, you have two choices either try to find old pot metal ones or bite the bullet and buy new ones. I had two outside handle break and three interior ones. I bought 4 new outside ones so they all match and just replaced the broken inteior ones . Eventually I will propable replace the old ones inside.
  20. H Have your friend try Vintageandclassicreproductions.com. This is an Australian company that makes repro handles cast out of stainless steel. have a 29 Oakland and have ordered several handles from them. The quality is excelent. Prices are in Australian dollars. Stainless sure beats the old pot metal that the origionsal handles were made of. Hope this helps.
  21. My mistake. I just glanced at the low point fitting and it looked the same. Upon looking further, it was smaller and worked. I charged the system with AC Pro 134 and it works great. Only trouble i have now is when I accelerate the car, the blower slows down and does not put air out of the vents. The manual suggests that the check valve off of the input manifold is bad. Been trying to locate one, but no luck so far.
  22. Both ports have the same kind of fitting. Can I change these fitings without loosing the R134 I have already in the system?
  23. Yes, it was converted a few years back. I tried the AC Pro on the fitting by the compressor, but it is not compatable. Can these fittings be changed without loosing all the charge?
  24. I bought an AC Pro air condition recharge kit to recharge my 63 Riviera air condition with 134. I found the port by the compressor but can not find the low port. Can someone tell me where it is? thanks
  25. I have not driven the car for about 4 days, but there is still a gas smell in the garage.
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