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  1. what is the part number and brand of the. Replacement fan
  2. Try: vintageandclassicreproductions.com They are in Australia and their US agent is: myersearlydodge.com Both top notch people. I have their carb on my'28 Std 6. Obviously differs from yours but kind of in the same family. High quality reflected in the $$$ Paul
  3. Good start. I would drain the gas tank. Disconnect the vaccuum uptake from tank to fuel line. Lower the tank using the 2 straps holding the tank to the body. Slowly, slowly lower the gas tank. Use your lift and a 2 X 6 X 24? piece of wood to shield the tank. Obviously do all this outside with good ventilation and a good A:B:C fire extinguisher nearby. Seriously. Once the gas tank is off and in fresh air for you; you will be surprised by the volume of crud in the tank. Wash the tank a couple of times to get rid of the big crud. Then put a NAPA 3031 or 3021 cannot remmember which, fuel filter in
  4. Don't have it in front of me but pretty sure the water pump esentials are covered in John Bittence's 1 volume CD on the Vic 6 available from DBC. If you cannot locate let me know. I had a machinist rebuild my Std 6 water pump decades ago. Also, have your person tell you specific parts which are not rebuildable. Only thing which comes to mind is the impeller which fits in the engine water jacket? Paul
  5. Per the parts book, Page D-3-3 Drive gear and pinion matched: 2251 up to IS-26211 4.454 to 1 2251 after IS-26211 4.454 to 1 2251 up to IS-26211 4.727 to 1 2251after IS-26211 4.727 to 1 2251 no number 4.75 to 1 My '28 Std 6 uses the 4.454 and I keep wanting to shift into the nonexistent 4th or 5th gear. Believe they were made to pull on the bad roads then available. Read one time about a person using a modern Chevrolet S-10 transmission but cannot find anything now. Believe the liability would be too much for encouraging people to go high speeds in cars not eqipped with
  6. What country are you in? In the US try Ace Electric, Wichita Kansas. Here is the link: http://www.acewichita.com/index.html Also there should be a data plate attached to the starter. It will say North East Electric and a model number. What is your model number for the starter? The Dodge Brothers Club did an article comparing starters for these models. I recall, vaguely, that the end plate and bodies were the same but the housing going into the fly wheel and the corresponding length of the shaft on the commutator varied based on the "reach" needed to engage the starter to the flywheel. Paul
  7. You can also get them at Tractor Supply. Admittedly not new old stock but works. Tractor Supply - Search Results for sediment bowl assembly
  8. Doug Glad to see you are back at it. A blessing indeed. When I replaced my glass I took them to Harmon Glass in Des Moines, IA. Commercial places which replace broken glass on our modern cars also cut flat safety glass for our vehicles. They have the tape and expertise. I would label each window glass and frame front and back. Probably does not matter on the windshield but the side windows do have a front and back. The original glass was not safety glass. At the very least do the windshield. Paul
  9. You might try Olson Gaskets. They actually manufacture and provide gaskets to the parts vendors. Here is the link: Olson's Gaskets Best wishes and good luck. Paul
  10. JB ed is being way too much modest. He put together a one volume searchable indexed CD on the Victory 6. Try the store site on the DB Club site. Recall only $ 10 +/-. It is a must have; less than 3 gallons of gas for most cities! Paul Bohlig Dallas, TX area
  11. Thanks for your help. Now the difficult part: getting the 4 nuts off each spring holder. I have tried W-D 40 and Liquid Wrench. I got one nut to move on driver's side using a 3/4 inch wrench with a 2 foot braker bar extension. On another nut the only thing which seemed to move was the torsion on the wrench. In the past I have tried using heat. And other times have broken off bolts by trying too much torque. Don't know if it is old age or humility. But would appreciate your thoughts on what worked for you. Paul
  12. Thanks; your post was what I was looking for but could not locate. I did buy an angle gauge from Harbor Freight. It is digital. The passenger side read 89.90 or a caster of 0.1. The driver side read 89.3 or a 0.7 caster. Awful hot in the afternoons here, around 100 f. So, need to work oon it early. Paul Bohlig, Dallas Texas area
  13. 4 and !/4 inches long Sharp end thickness 1/16 inch Fat end thickness 1/4 inch Paul
  14. I finally got around to ordering a pair of 2 & 1/2 degree caster wedges from NAPA. The NAPA part # is 2644104. The part had a wide deep groove on the bigger side and it looks like it slides in. The Chilton 1931 reproduction book lists caster as 2 & 2/3 degrees. Could not find one that precise. Presently have no caster shim or a way to measure current caster. The questions are: 1. The fat end goes to the front? 2. It appears the front axle must have an indentation on each side for the bolt head or the nut for the bolt holding the 9 spring leaves together? If true this would help align t
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