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  1. Peter: Very sweet and it will be nice to have another compact at Salado in the spring if you can come down! I had good luck finding a correct style muffer from Waldron's Antique Exhaust (he is in the Bugle) 800.503.9428 or 616.467.7185. Post some more pictures when you get a chance. Bill
  2. Jerry: You might try Kanter http://www.kanter.com/drumroto.html#BUICK Good luck. Bill
  3. Hi Willie: I used Alan to rebuild the clock on my Special and he was great. Good price and quick turnaround time. Hope all is well in Seguin.
  4. Cam: Have your Dad try Cars Inc http://www.buick-parts.com/ or Classic Buicks http://www.classicbuicks.com/. I've had good experiences with both places for new parts and for used parts you can't beat Wheatbelt http://www.wheatbeltbuick.com/. Good luck, parts for our compact Buicks can be a little tricky to find sometimes.
  5. Mr. Mike: Gladys is perfect and she will be the hit of Batavia. Now about those personal flaws of yours...
  6. Howdy Keith: Buick Club of America Classic Chassis Car Club
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