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  1. Farrell sockets, seem they are for door handles, mere same size Dlon
  2. Anyone got seized electolock they don’t need, I am experimenting on rejuvenation of them. I had one and things didn’t work out it broke inside. I’’ll pay postage etc. I have been a locksmith for 41 years . My grandson took. My business over in 2018 . Now I continue with my old autos. Would be nice if they could come from Canada and Ontario. Don
  3. I store mine with a 2x2 wood block in the winter. Don 2926
  4. Need a gas tank no holes and fairly clean. Don G. Ontario Canada
  5. Anyone have a 1929 model 26 cp. That could make a traceing of mat. It would be great . I have the rubber to form the under mat, and the carpet material. ps just have medical issues which does not let me bend etc. Thanks Don This covid sucks big time ,I hope everything is well with everyone!
  6. I already belong to the silver anniversary Buick club Don thanks
  7. Need diagram or mat shown with measurements, or a pattern. Don
  8. He must of had the original spring caps and tags or he did some trickery?. Don ps hope they weren’t double sided
  9. When did Buick have double sided keys?? In pre war cars. Don
  10. Does shaft have a key code on it. Maybe if you had working key an wiggling it back in forth after driving pin out. Don ps that drill hole will not work the bar is in the way after I looked at one I have.
  11. I think it is B316 as for the key way you will probably have to take apart. Don G
  12. I belong to a car club HASC radar circle region there are 5 Don’s Don G
  13. Thanks Don Thats what I was thinking of doing ,just wanted to confirm. Thanks again Don G
  14. Sorry but they are copper and fitting are hard to find the lines I am talking about. Thanks Don
  15. What do you use to clean lines out after setting for many years. I have new hoses and new wheel cyl and a kit for master cyl. Don
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