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  1. My McLaughlin number is 152304 Don Gower 2926
  2. I just took it apart and repaired it, it turned out to be a faulty wire in taillight. Thanks for all replies. Don
  3. Anyone know were I can obtain one. It's for 1929 116 buick Thanks Don
  4. Donlock

    29 Ply

    Need a housing for Distributor. Four Cyl. Don
  5. Donlock

    1929 ply

    Thanks I'll try that number. Don
  6. Donlock

    1929 ply

    Thank Guys I'll Try that. Don
  7. Donlock

    1929 ply

    No 1929 ply owners on here?
  8. Donlock

    1929 ply

    Need to know were I can find or buy new Distribitor housing that bolts to front of motor, mine desinigrated. I heard someone was reproducing them but can't seem to find . Thanks Don
  9. First number all spokes on the ends and donot sand round pin at top,or sides of taper at bottom or the part that fits around hub. If you do ,you will be shimming to take click out !!! If painted you have to bleach paint out to make natural wood grain. Good Luck time and patience