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  1. I think it is B316 as for the key way you will probably have to take apart. Don G
  2. I belong to a car club HASC radar circle region there are 5 Don’s Don G
  3. Thanks Don Thats what I was thinking of doing ,just wanted to confirm. Thanks again Don G
  4. Sorry but they are copper and fitting are hard to find the lines I am talking about. Thanks Don
  5. What do you use to clean lines out after setting for many years. I have new hoses and new wheel cyl and a kit for master cyl. Don
  6. Drill a small hole in the end we’re the hold I screw goes in and punch in with drill bit or something similar. Don
  7. Remove glove box door take to locksmith he should be able to help look for ALOA certified. Don
  8. What’s the code on the lock, maybe I can help a little. Don I was locksmith for 40 years just sold my business to my grandson.
  9. Hi Don Feeney Go to Plymouth 4cyl club site under Chetbrz 29 u restoration. There was a guy makeing them from Germany ,the address is in that forum .I tryied to contact but no reply. I found a good original one on eBay 2hours away from me got lucky . For 90 dollars. Don
  10. We’re is the dome light ground wire can’t find we’re it is grounded Don
  11. I can’t find that blank in all my old key manuals ,they are some thing I have not seen in my 41 years in locksmithing. Don.
  12. I think they are a Chicago blank, I will see if I can narrow down with a common ilco number. Don
  13. Thanks Tom I will email him and see if he has any can still available. Don