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  1. Try has all buick and others. Don
  2. Do you still have rad badge I need one and what kind of dollars Don Gower Clinton on. Canada
  3. Ok I did that way back in 1968 and I guess I can do it again I am 73 years young. Not as flexible as I use to be. Don G. I was a Locksmith and safe cracker for 40 years and cancer in 2007 and beat it , And now last August I found out I had aggressive cancer and went to my bones. But after the first chemo all the pain went away, so now they are keeping at bay. I feel pretty well and enjoy working on my cars.
  4. I have a new harness on order ,when restored in 1974 the wiring was not to bad, the wire in conduit is probably not bad, but the exposed wire has bare spots. I am thinking remove dash panel would make it easier. Don
  5. Just wondering if there are any tips on doing it ,car was restored in 1974 still in good condition. Thanks Don Gower
  6. Thanks Ray I bought all 3 just in case, they are hard to find. I got a wire kit coming from Rhode Island. Don
  7. It was chev 4cyl Gary number 254218687324 Thanks Don
  8. Were is he located what time zone. I am from Ontario Canada Don
  9. Is there a supplier for these male connector. Thank Don
  10. My McLaughlin number is 152304 Don Gower 2926
  11. I just took it apart and repaired it, it turned out to be a faulty wire in taillight. Thanks for all replies. Don
  12. Anyone know were I can obtain one. It's for 1929 116 buick Thanks Don
  13. Donlock

    29 Ply

    Need a housing for Distributor. Four Cyl. Don
  14. Donlock

    1929 ply

    Thanks I'll try that number. Don