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  1. You agree, through your use of this private forum, that you will not post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate,
  2. Why not? Are you afraid of being judged?
  3. It must be your computer. I jump right on it.
  4. I figure that no one will listen to me, but here goes anyway. Croftgate has no wax in the wash products. And there are no petroleum products in the wax or the "Quick-N Slick". In fact I dare you to use some on your car, (pick a spot) and see if anything sticks to it., I use it heavily on the front and even the bugs don't stick. The reflective difference is noticeable on all cars, but even more so on dark cars. Look in to it. It really works without a lot of work. But do apply it as the directions say for best results.
  5. I only have one word for all of you WAX lovers "CROFTGATE"
  6. Dave I have a 16" spare tire in the hole.
  7. 16" wheels will clear the camaro calipers. I have them on my car.
  8. I agree with Jim. I have seen this happen a few times. Try a new key or/and clean the old one. And check the battery cables. But I think you will find that it is the key!
  9. It seems as though anyone with a different opinion is "Banned". We lost a good source of info with that banning. I'm just saying.
  10. Jim, I'll take the gray one W cupholder.
  11. If you come up short, let me know I may have a spare.
  12. I have a spare intake, three superchargers, front bracket, and several throttle bodys. Always have a spare.
  13. No, and Yes it should be if you want to use any of the added power. The EGR could be used if you care to hook it up. I didn't.
  14. Actually nothing. Connect you sensors back to the correct sending units and put on the correct belt. The cable to the alt may have to be lengthened, because the alt is now on the other side of the engine.
  15. Yes, I modified the new one for the tv cable.
  16. No, the supercharger has it's own oil in the front nose. It is a special oil and if you get a used one you should change it along with the clutch. It is a simple job.
  17. I agree. What you need is a supercharger & throttle body from a 95 or 94 Buick pontiac or olds, the intake manifold, front alt & power steering bracket and p/s pump. If you get parts from a bone yard, make sure you get the heater hose outlets. If you find one that is complete take everything off the top of the motor including the throttle cable bracket and the reserve tank for the power steering pump and injectors. I have some spare parts that I could let you have. Jon..
  18. Do you want to retain you turbocharged setup and add a supercharger? Or remove the turbo and install a supercharger?
  19. PM me please, I am very interested in your upgrade for the lights.
  20. Well it's wrong. It is a bolt on part, no modifications have to be made. The worst thing is rerouting the power steering hose, if you change the power steering pump to bolt on to the front adapter plate. Only other thing is blocking off the EGR outlet.
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