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  1. What is normal oil pressure for a 3800 engine. At Idle and at speed?
  2. 63viking


    Could someone tell me where the "Starter enable relay" is located? Please.
  3. Only for the intake manifold. Put a dot in each corner where the gaskets come together.
  4. Spray some electrical cleaner into the ign, let it dry, clean the key well and try it again.
  5. I Have three items on e-bay that some of you may be interested in. Arm rest / Center console REATTA 1990 (123219341248) Reatta trunk pull down motors (123220113756) License plate holder Reatta. (123220098785)
  6. Thanks guys, it worked after checking the fuses I disconnected the battery last night and the air started to work again. Thanks again everyone. Jon.
  7. Thanks for all of the replies.
  8. Thanks Harry. Everything has been replaced. (Whole new system)
  9. 1990 Reatta, A/C light came on today. All new system one year old. Working up until this AM. I discovered that one of the belts had started to chew itself up and a piece had lodged between the compressor and the clutch. after clearing it and checking the relay, the light is still on and the controller stays on vent. What could I have blowen? Is there a fuse besides the one in the consul? Any Ideas will be helpful. Thanks in advance. Jon.
  10. (I would say about 85% of the time it is a bad cluster. The other 15 percent it's a bad ECM. ) Posted before by an authority.
  11. Try cleaning the contacts on the back of the unit along with the contacts in the dash. Ronnie-- DELETE THIS ONE TO!!
  12. If I were you, I would do it the Jim Finn recommended.
  13. 63viking


    GM would never allow it to become the buick Corvette. They have killed every aspiring product that tried.
  14. HERE YOU GO. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/buick,1989,reatta,3.8l+231cid+v6,1019900,electrical,power+supply+module+(tipm),13581
  15. Did you check the plug chart in my post? Those are the plugs for Reatta. Manufactures do change their logo and design every so often. So I'm betting that they are the same plugs.
  16. Yes you could have a bad one. I purchased one for my Park Ave and installed it and got the same message. It was a bad 02 sensor
  17. nice try. Check out this site and the plug chart at the bottom. https://herko.com/Retail/default-category/spark-plug-ignition-coil-set/new-genuine-acdelco-platinum-spark-plug-41-936.html
  18. https://www.amazon.com/ACDelco-41-936-Professional-Platinum-Spark/d
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