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  1. Has anyone else noticed that every time it gets reposted, its for sale by a different seller? Using different agents or whats going on? Just wondering.
  2. Nice.......Typical CL ad when all of a sudden there's some interest...... the price just jumped 35%.......$100 more now!
  3. Wow! What a beautiful Grand National! Wish I had the cash & the garage space! That GN will sell it self!
  4. That is an absolutely gorgeous 88 Reatta!! It looks fantastic in the pics! If I only had a little more room in my stable & a little more cash, I think I would be all over it.... doesn't help that I already have too many Reatta that hardly get enough exercise as it is. Will make someone a wonderful ride!
  5. Hello Sidney22! So did you pick up the good looking polo 91 coupe? I see the link has been deleted by the seller.
  6. Hello Frank! No problem! I was only passing along a compliment where one was definitely in order! Wow, that truely is a very sharp Reatta convert! Wish mine looked that nice! Wish I was a little bit closer to you, since I would give those wheels/tires a little more thought. But given the distance between us, I don't think I would want to pay to ship them to MI, since I really don't need them. But they sure would look nice on one of my Reatta's or even on my black LeSabre T-Type also! I can't remember, did you mention the brand of tires? By chance, you never get over to MI, do you? Also, on a funny side note, for me anyways, I just recently bought a couple Reatta items from a Frank from WI, and I instantly thought of you & your sharp Black convert! But the fellow I bought them from, said no I don't own one! Take care!
  7. Hello Frank. Great Looking Reatta Convert!! What made you decide to go with other wheels for your Reatta? Did you have to use spacers or shims with these on the Reatta? Thanks
  8. Hey Bushwack! Probably a decent buy, but certainly not the bargain of the year with 95K, IMO! I think either one of your Reatta converts that you sold would have been a better buy. IMO.
  9. Hey Bushwack! Nice lookin ride you found! Is that silver or is that actually slate gray? Not a bad looking vert, but I'd have to replace that awful colored top! lol
  10. Maybe not sold, but the selling price only went up 50%! Mainly because of what the experts "think" its worth. Interesting though, since I was always told something is only worth what buyers will write the check for. What I wonder is, if any of them would write that check?
  11. vwdubb

    Radio Locked!

    Hello Guys! Thanks again for all your help. Mystery Solved!!!!! I took the fuse approach that KDirk & Ronie recommended and I was successful! As soon as I put the two fuses back in, 1:00 appeared on the radio! Thanks again for all your time and help! So now I can complete my project by putting the rest of the things back together! I will be happy once its back in shape and ready again for the road! Have a great weekend!
  12. vwdubb

    Radio Locked!

    Thanks KDirk & Ronnie for all your help! I am going to try the fuses tonight after work and I will report back my findings. I Will keep you posted. Thanks again
  13. vwdubb

    Radio Locked!

    Thanks guys for all the info! I really appreciate all your help. I went and read all the instructions on the ebay listing to obtain the 4 or 6 digit code, with no luck. The "loc" screeen never changes. BTW, Ronnie how did you determine the radio is a 1991? thanks again