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  1. By your wife with your insignificant other! 😂
  2. Guess the one thing I've learned and been taught in life is "electricity", (AC or DC), it has it's advantages and faults as well. Case in point, (thank God for Big Ben alarm clocks) power is out in the morning, no lights, no heat...5 oil lamps get lit for showerin' and shavin' and a log or two in the stove for heat. As far as vehicles go, there just isn't a charging station deep in the Gila Wilderness, places I enjoy beyond civilization.....They'll just have to impress me beyond fossil fuel....
  3. Or, when the electric goes out.....just nothin' better than a full head of Steam!
  4. If the foundation is solid the rest can be rebuilt ....and whole lotta fun to drive. I had a '60 Willys back in '80, it was geared low with the F4-134...45 mph downhill with a tail wind. BUT, would climb a wall in low range ....so much fun. Kaiser Willys is gonna love you if you choose to get it rollin'.
  5. Ya, 6200 is a pricey number, but fenced in it'll be safe 'till you get here. Rest easy.....😌
  6. The internet is a powerful tool... report it to "Ripoff Report".....If you have a name and address to which you sent the money contact the local DA's office and report it to them. If everyone that has been scammed reported to law enforcement (DA's office) it will become a file. Sooner or later this SOB will do it locally and be arrested for Deceptive Trade Practices. Being as you are in France....Mail Fraud will be on the table as well and that's a Federal offense! Watch your back and each others and take out the TRASH!! Bastards like this hurt me as well just trying to make a living and doing what I do best.
  7. Ohhhhh Baby......Now THAT's a camshaft! 😵 Creative humor, gotta love it!
  8. That thing just has "Knuckle Buster" written all over it! 😂
  9. Yep, master patterns were sent to an aluminum plate manufacturer and reproduced in single or gang configurations using plaster molds, 1 shrink...molded at the foundry in sand 2nd shrink. they were designed for high repetitive production generally on squeezer and Hunter 10 and 20 molding machines. Long ago they even used Magnesium to make the plates. 'Bout the only casting you can cast from itself would be cast in Ductile Iron, shrink lays in at 1/10 of an inch per foot...ok for small products with no machining involved but larger and machining needed a new tool is required. Gray Iron sits at 1/8 per foot and the numbers just keep going up from there for all other ferrous and non-ferrous metals. For the last few decades my shrink rules sit idle, I prefer to use dial calipers and convert into thousands of an inch...it keeps the tolerances closer to +/- .000".😉
  10. Yup, me.... 40+ yrs a Journeyman Pattern and Model maker. Got lots of steel ones too. Starrett and Lufkins. LOL, not many know what I do, seems when I tell them I get the "Deer in the headlights" look!
  11. Screw the screws...your sister has a blessed talent....recreating a 91yr old skill is her gift! Lucky you!!
  12. When wrenchin' Craftsman is the most I own, some SK....when building within critical dimensions it's Starrett and Lufkin. Just for a laugh, I have a 3/16 wooden shrink rule made by Stanley with brass ends.
  13. WELL DONE GENTLEMEN!!!!! Karma has a way, may take time BUT, it does come around. I know one close by to me that screwed members of this forum and hobby out of money and product. Rest assured, ya"all have NO idea how many hand stands and cartwheels I did the day he was arrested for "Deceptive Trade Practices" !! Truth and Character shines, Lies and Deceit are crimes.
  14. Cool Thread....I grew up with Bach and Beethoven playing in the house...My mother played it on the piano like a symphonist....sang like Julie Andrews too. Music = the moment for me....If I'm tweeckin' it's soft and slow....If I'm installin' it's "Rock On"! ALL music has a moment for every occasion!
  15. Wish I knew then what I know now...woulda" never parted with it. Earned a trophy competing too. A 1977 F-250 Hi-Boy , early 77 with the divorced 205 transfer case.
  16. LOL.. Well done Bob....Scammers think we're all stupid and easy targets. Since putting my web site up last Sept. I have had the "Worms beneath the Barrel" try the same thing.
  17. Has anyone used "Awesome"? Ya get it at Family Dollar. My 78 Bronco has white lettering .... I just spray and hit it with a soft scrub brush and is bright as new.
  18. Good question. My shop is a home based business, it's right beside the house if you are using Google Earth. This keeps overhead to a bare minimum thus not passing costs on to the customer. I build the patterns but leave casting to the foundries who have the manpower and resources to expedite the products and leaves me with the time to build more tooling. I've been a Pattern maker for 42 yrs, and the trade is a dying art, but there is still room for the small runs and one offs. Thanks for the question Larry, I hope this helps you and everyone else. Oscar
  19. Please feel free to visit my site at HTTPS://www.ziapattern.com. . If anyone has questions, comments or just want to chat about an idea I'm always available at 915-471-9337. Oscar
  20. I read one the other day waiting in line to top my tank, it said "My driving scares me too"! Ummm, I shifted into reverse and backed off 10. Guess it was a RED FLAG warning...and appreciated.
  21. OHMJR

    Bronze castings

    Hi Ken, Don't cut just yet. First take some measurements of the casting and jot them down, they are actual to the part and period. Second, if you can, make a "jig" from wood and bondo and secure the casting (wax it first) to the wet bondo and wood. This will give you a fixture to epoxy the casting back together filling "just" the saw lines. Castings are like a solid print, exterior first and interior second. You are going from iron to bronze so the shrink will be different and measurements will be critical. I did a "Thomasnet" search and didn't find any bronze foundries in your area. You might try a yellow pages search of 'Frisco and Oakland and see what comes up, there may be one not listed on my search. Oscar Merrow (Prime Pattern)
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