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  1. That would be the hydraulic cylinder for powering the windows and conv top. Cheers, Ed
  2. Way to go Glenn. Nice to see another 53 Skylark being restored. My 53 Skylark was the same blue exterior and black top. I went with the Victorian Maroon and White top for my restoration. Look forward to your progress and eventual completion! Cheers, Ed
  3. Not sure what 'kind' of fire you looking for but the engine was warm (it made a 4 mile ride around the block/town) w/o any problems, outside temp around 74 degrees. A friend of mine told me it may be the gas as newer gasoline has ethanol and really destroys / eats away at the rubber in the fuel system over time (i.e. fuel pump, carb,) I think i filled up with a tank containing ethanol and thinking of putting in a electric fuel pump to prime the mech pump and see what happens. Thanks, Ed
  4. My 53 buick v8 has been running fine and then the engine just cut off. I had fire but could not smell gas. I ran it around the block for 5 minutes, previous to this 'incident'. Could it be the fuel pump (its mechanical, not electric)? the carb has been rebuilt. I let it rest for a couple hours and started right up. Any ideas to check? Thanks Ed
  5. Just a small taste of Hershey and some pictures from the AACA Museum. This was our first trip to Hershey and we had a great time Cheers, Ed
  6. Yes it was a frame off restoration that Mr Jenkins did. I do have a few spare items if anyone is hunting some. I've traced the ownership to a phone number outside Chicago in Feb 1976 from a Hemmings advertisement. Ed
  7. It's been seven years since we bought this car but we finally got things restored and enjoying our 53 Buick with our car club members. Posted some pre and post videos of our 53 Buick Skylark restoration. Pre: Post: Cheers! Ed
  8. I manage our website and help with our newsletter production. Laser printers are the way to go and cheaper per page than inkjet. We produce around 50 hardcopies of our newsletters and email about 15. I send a link via email to keep members inboxs small. I also recommend Adobe PDF software and select to 'Reduce file size' option to Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher. This will dramatically shrink the file size of your newsletter and improve the download speed people viewing the newsletter. As for laser printers, I like the Konica Minolta printers as they really produce the sharpest images when we have
  9. I have finished restoring a 1953 buick skylark and currently tracing the history of this beautiful car. I have traced the roots to an ad in Hemmings in February 1976 from a phone number in the Chicago IL area. The car was reef blue with black top and bought by a gentlemen from CT. I would welcome if you have any info to help trace the roots of this car.
  10. I have a 70 skylark and put dual exhaust on the car in 1988. However, I do not know what muffler type I put on (can't remember). I did remove the heat coil in the connection from the manifold to the exhaust b/c I had trouble in colder (NC) weather when starting. I have the 350 V8 with 2 barrel rochester on it. The sound from the dual exhaust is nice though. Hope this helps your decision.
  11. Anyone know where I can find a radiator for a 53 Roadmaster, model 76x? I am in process of a major restoration. The old radiator cannot be patched (too big a hole from previous owner). [color:\\"blue\\"] [color:\\"blue\\"]
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