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  1. Ah, I'll check there first then. So I guess my 'logic' of narrowing it down to the high-beam conductor (and connections) between the hi-lo relay under the inside fuse bank, and that first headlamp holds? I did already also check voltage at the PAX side headlamp connector (reading zero when high-beam lever pulled on).
  2. I have the exact same issue now on my '89 'winter driver' Reatta.... And I don't want to 'borrow' the switch assembly from the good '89... Unless I find either a cheap working used switch assembly, or a tutorial here on fixing one, I may have to try to make my own tutorial (if I'm successful)... Saw one on eBay, asking $50; I hope there are ones out there cheaper than that. I also have an issue with both high-beams not working; but bulbs test fine, and I heard the relay working (and even swapped 2 other relays in), so I'm inclined to believe that it's a wire or connector between the relay and the headlamps themselves. I've glanced at what I believe is a circuit schematic, and unless I'm mistaken, I do not think the dash switch has anything to do with high-beam problem (since I have low-beams, and the relay switches from low-beam to no lights at all in the high-beam setting (with the blue dash indicator light coming on)).
  3. I need to know the name of the mount that is directly in front of the harmonic balancer.... I had a serpentine belt failure, and it clobbered the CPK crankshaft sensor; the car immediately stalled and would not restart; with an inspection mirror, I could see that a part of the sensor appears missing (with a bare copper metal wire or contact now exposed).... So, in order to get to the nut for the harmonic balancer, I removed that mount in front of it -- which connects to the AC compressor bracket -- and in removing the nut, the shaft for the mount broke (at the point where the nut is).... I thought this would be called an 'engine mount', but I now don't think that's correct name.... Anyone know the name and where I can get one (or just the shaft/rod that goes through it)? thanx, Luftweg
  4. Hey, so it sounds like your problem is solved? In summary, it all turned out to be that fuel pump relay then? And that you had errantly replaced a different relay (which was not the fuel pump relay) in the early-on stages of working on this problem? On my Reatta, I have had the same exact symptoms, but, I could have sworn that I had been hearing the fuel pump run for the 1.5 - 2 seconds (it's supposed to run (?))... And I thought you had mentioned that you also heard the pump running on yours -- at least sometimes (in an older post, and well before changing the real relay)... So I guess my question is whether this can be a somewhat intermittant problem?
  5. Although my Reatta has been off the road for quite some time (it has been stored for over a year), I too had pretty much exactly what you describe (the 'needs-three-to-five-cranks-to-start-in-the-morning-but-starts-okay-if-it-has-been-running-within-the-last-three-hours' syndrome)... I never got very deep into solving the problem; I did notice that it seemed to make no difference what the weather was, and that turning the key to on position a few times (for a few seconds each time) didn't seem to work (at least in any obvious way). I had been told all the stuff about the prom, fuel pump, filter (changed that), battery, etc... Btw, mine is an 89 with about 85k miles.... Is it possible that this problem is 'idiopathic' to many Reattae?
  6. That guy's clearly preparing for, and speculating on, the future when/if Reattas finally really become collectable -- and more valuable...
  7. body colored side mouldings, hands down... looking to have that done on mine -- possibly...
  8. I've always felt that the key to this working smoothly/quickly is the development a 'black box', that would 'translate' computer codes between the 'new' engine/drivetrain, and the 'old' Reatta's dashboard/electronics... Of course, there would still be some other issues, like mounts and such, but what it always seems to come down to -- as a stumbling-block -- is whether the engine and car can talk to each other... Until engine/drivetrain swaps become 'standardized' in the Reatta, it will probably always be a more expensive proposition than what it's worth in the end... And moreover, it will deter many people from even trying to do it, which will further help keep it from being a straightfoward undertaking. We need an engineered solution. Am I wrong about this?
  9. Have you thought about the torque converter possibly being bad?
  10. Don't suppose Ryan tweaked out that riding mower? Is that a customer's, or just his own.... and is it SC-ed? lol.
  11. >> ... car will be converted to right hand drive per government regulations ... << Didn't realize that cars HAD to be right-sided driver's seat in NZ. Wonder. Does this apply also in the UK? In the US, I could have sworn I have seen several right-sided cars (mostly like Rolls, Triumphs, and Jags); so, does the reverse rule apply here in the 'States' (as yous for-a-ners mites likes to calls uz)?
  12. I have an '89 red/tan. I don't really like the side moulding color (black), and prefer the look of all the Reattae that have matching moulding and body panels.... I was wondering if anyone out there had just the mouldings repainted to match the rest of the car in this way? (I think there is someone who did this but also had the bumpers painted too -- I don't think I want to paint the bumpers though... just the mouldings). How much would this cost?
  13. .... love that pipe wrench (or monkey wrench?) holding the hood up!
  14. I really like those spoke wheels.....
  15. Well I, for one, am excited about your SC Reatta project... Naturally, I am very interested in pursuing the idea myself someday... Hope everything works out well, that you get all the bugs out, AND that you well document every step. You are after all a pioneer (one of the pioneers -- no slight to others, because still there are not many who have done it)... and your reports will be of great value. Maybe someday there will be some sort of aftermarket 'translator' available to hook different engine's ECMs to the Reatta BCM, that might end up being the 'missing link' that will simply the whole matter.... or am I thinking sci-fi here?