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  1. Hello, everybody, Maybe we found the error of the heavy twisting. The spelling between the piston rings in the cylinder was correct. Only the piston rings don't go deep enough in the piston. Next week we're going to turn the pistons out a little bit. And then we will try again. In the oil pump there is a gear with play. We'll see if we can flatten the oil pump a little. And there are also very small grooves in the lid. We will try to remove them on a glass plate with very fine sandpaper grain 3000. We have a drawing of the pump. Only he is a bit unclear. I made a line on
  2. Hello, everybody. Thank you for all your comments. We towed the car for a few miles without turning on the ignition, then filled the vacuum jar with petrol. After dragging the car for a few kilometres we turned on the ignition. It wouldn't run at first,spark plug out.They were dry. Cylinders filled with gas.Then trying to start the starter engine,it didn't go great.Then towed it again,and there it was.It doesn't get gas.It didn't run very well.I want new spark plugs in it.What about spark plugs? We let it run.Then stopped.And tried the starter.The starter got it pretty good.The eng
  3. Thank you for your reaction I used my own crankshaft. Those rotate perfectly. The bearings are fine too. I used my own connecting rods with piston pins. I got six pistons on the block. They belonged to that block. Those were nice pistons. They fit nicely in the block, too. The piston rings weren't under a lot of tension,so we put new ones on them.The block was disassembled anyway. And that's why we changed the piston springs. We first fitted the piston rings into the block. There was a millimetre space between them to fit nicely. There are fou
  4. Hello everyone, Thank you for your quick response. The engine's still on a buck. It's not in the car yet. When the spark plug's out, it's still turning pretty heavy. Can't the Delco Remy pull much? We're thinking about getting the crankcase out from underneath. And take out the pistons. And mount a used piston ring. If we try 12 volts for a second, would that be a problem? The cables to the Remy Delco are heavy. It has a new Otima battery and connections are good. When we put it on contact it turns beautifully. The anchor is not completely clean. Can I look at s
  5. Hello, everybody, My name is Catrinus Kielstra from Holland. I have a Buick from 1923 roadster 6 cylinder black. I would like to place a picture but I can't, I'll try again. My English is bad, because I use a translation computer. My block was broken and I bought another block in California. Now I have new piston springs mounted. But now the Demy Relco can't pull the engine. Because of the new piston rings the engine runs heavy. When I pull the pin out and the brush comes on the anchor it turns quickly. We now want to build in the motor first and then tow it. Somebody mig
  6. c.kielstra


    Hello all, I have the wheel off. It was very stuck. I use a big heavy hammer. Thanks
  7. Goodday everyone, Thank you for your goodness. I have already emailed Arnold van Son back. Only I do not know if I did that right. My Packard is a Cabriolet coupe 733 8 cyl. 1930. He has a Borg-Warner overdrive.Only that does not work according to me.How he works, I do not understand.I have the idea that the ignition is not good.There is also something on the forum to put the ignition on time. Should the ignition also be different in relation to petrol today. I will try to send a photo. Kind regards Catrinus Kielstra
  8. Hello all, I use a translation computer, excuse me for it. This is the first time for me on this forum. My name is Catrinus Kielstra from Holland Europe. I have a Packard convertible coupe from 1930. I want the wheel off for the control of the brakes. I have the bolts out, but the wheel is still fixed. I have to remove the hubcap. I've tried that, but that's very difficult. Is that normal. A key does not fit. I will try to take a picture. I will try to send more photos of the car. Only I am not a computer technician Kind regards Catrinus Kielstra
  9. Hallo Jones, The needle can also be careful soldering. And after soldering the needle in the application do, and then to face with the hammer a little tap on that, then it is closed again. I've often done with carburettors. Good luck Catrinus Kielstra
  10. Hallo Holmberg, Thank you for the parts list, super. There must be regular nuts on the bolts?. Does anyone even 13 bolts and 24 nuts for sale. Is there english thread on the bolts. I bought the bolts on E-Bay. Thanks all. Catrinus Kielstra from Holland
  11. Hallo Hunter, The bolts are special for the car Thanks Catrinus Kielstra
  12. Hello everybody, I have another question about my buick. I found this add on ebay. I was wondering these bolts will fit my buick??? http://www.ebay.com/itm/111316204970?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT Or maby somone on this forum know's where i can buy a compleet set. Or maby has a set for sale. Thanks already!! Gr
  13. Hallo Hunter, The shellac is used in Holland for the anchors of alternators and starter motors, and electric motors
  14. Hi Larry, I'm Saginaw send an email, but first I want to try it with a cork float, and soaking in epoxy. Thanks for the email. Kindly regards Catrinus Kielstra
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