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  1. What its all about is compressing atmospheric pressure, so 6.5 times 14.7 psi equals ...........

    There are other variables; normal operating temps, throttle wide open etc. but as a rule of thumb just multiply atmospheric pressure by the stated compression ratio and look out for any large ( 15 - 20 psi ) variations between cylinders.

    Looks like yours is tired but sound.

    Chris H

  2. Definitely not a 34 Chrysler, the front guards were valance type for 34.Looking at the rear doors the bottom portion is relatively long so I would be going for the 120+ inch wheelbase. Screen & roofline look like 33 CO Chrysler but Grille & mascot seem more Plymouth 33, hood looks 33/34 Dodge. Noww you should be really confused !!

  3. Straight 8 has always been hard to cool at the back,some observations :

    1.tubes typically corrode around valve seat areas & there`s not much alternative but make up a hook out of rod & pull it out in bits & pieces ( ensure it all comes out )

    2.have heard of drilling thru back of block in line with tube & extracting from both ends ( engine out of course ) then fitting freeze plug after

    3.removing thermostat only adds to problem as coolant rushes thru radiator too quick not allowing heat dissipation

    4.run an external hose from heater outlet at back of block & make T piece to connect with inlet side of water pump, straight 8`s are known to percolate / airate coolant at back of block