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  1. Good afternoon, My father-in-law has a 1937 Packard that a previous owner installed buckets seats in. I am in search of an original style bench seat, possibly for fathers day, though I know that's coming up! Let me know if there is anything avail able out there. Duane
  2. Thanks Glenn, I look forward to anything you can find. I have been wondering if anything like the shifter is shared with the Cutlass'? Duane
  3. Hi everyone, I just got a 1965 Olds Dynamic 88 convertible in the garage to restore for a friend. I need things like tail lights, both rear lower quarters, RF fender lower quarter, grill, straight front bumper. I need to find a source for interior bits like the chrome shift selector knob. Any ideas, links or people I can contact? I went through the SEMA website and Hemmings. Can find a little here and there, some highly over priced junk yards in AZ. Tons of Cutlass stuff. HELP! Duane
  4. I need to ask this group a favor! I do believe I have a 1926 Oldsmobile upon some serious hunting of the internet! The information pales in comparison to what I can find on Buicks! If I assume correctly and by looking at pictures of both cars I believe their bodies are similar. I have a two door sedan body which has been cut and for sake of storage folded into threes. I found it behind a farmers barn. I have been working on getting the rear quarters unfolded and looking more like the rear half of a sedan. Could someone please take a few measurments for me? I need the width between the lower B pillars (across the interior floor, outside skin to outside skin. Also the same measurement at the top. Also I need the width of the lower A pillar, the base of the cowl across the floor. Outside skin to outside if possible. Lastly, and this one is a doozzie! If someone could make a paper template of the curve of the B pillar, as you face it looking rear from inside the door jamb, it would be most helpful! I will pay for the postage to mail it. Or lay the curved cut template on the ground with a suitably long straight edge and give me the measurments of the inside (interior) maybe every inch or two down. I know its a lot of work, but I am in no hurry right now. I have a lot to do! Duane
  5. Straight eight Dyno flow No known rust except under passenger side floor under the heater core. Interior complete but dry rotted. Everything worked when parked 5 years ago, I was the one who parked her. But time has taken toll. Right rear brake backing plate wet, trans fluid leaking and the cloth covered wire loom has disintegrated with miles of copper wire showing. It has been inside the whole time. Has movie history with proof. Was one of several Buicks in the movie Batman Returns! I managed to keep the Warner Bros. title! has clear Nevada title. My wife and I moved from there about five years ago. That was when the car went into her hibernation. I would like $3000. I could deliver too, the car resides in SE Michigan at my dads, I am in Chicago Il. Photo's can be seen here: http://www.villagephotos.com/pubbrowse.asp?folder_id=1296271 Duane
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