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  1. wow!,the change in rpm`s would be fantastic.were you able to change out your speedometer gear also?i have a 3.6 from a 54 super,and the speedo gear and am considering the change to my 41 century.when i was a kid my friend had a 40 super convertible,a real snazzy car.
  2. ive never seen 3,3-3,5 ratios for buicks.i have seen 3.4 3.6 and 3.9 or 4.44.
  3. jeff,olds and pontiac have a different case than buick because of the open driveline.most of the internal gears however will interchange.buick changed there cases a little in different years.but gears from 38 to 53 will change.
  4. tblack41 if you would like to post up your address i think i finally found the oil pump part.
  5. export was factory moniker for legalized hop up equipment to increase the power and speed for the racing circuit.
  6. i agree the engine should be clean to use a detergent oil.ive ran the delo in my 41 buick century for 3000 miles,since the overhaul.valvoline is also an excellent choice it is a proven product.
  7. my choice is delo 15-40,it is a good split between 10-30 and 20-50.it is used in 70 to 80 % of semi trucks and has proven track record.engines in the 40`s and 50`s tend to (smudge up)and the delo has additives for this, and it will rival the synthetics in performance.valvoline is also a good choice,as is castrol.most oils on the market are suffient,some are a little better than others. the synthetics will do a little better job but i dont think the price difference warrants it if you keep it changed.
  8. scott,most 38 specials have the 4.4 ratio.with a standard 650x16 tire it will go around 19.10 to 19.40 mph for every 1000 revs.buick engineering pegs them about 4200 to 4350 revs in high or 82 to 85 mph.the ratios available were 3.9 3.6 and 3.4.a 3.9 would give about 21.53 to 21.75 mph for every 1000 revs or at4200rpm about 90 mph.most the years 40 to 55 all interchange.i havnt changed one but i know people who have,and with some machine work you can chang out to a higher ratio.
  9. if it had a new clutch installed it could be one cause.when replaced it is a good idea to take the clutch assembly to a machine shop and have it dialed in.this eliminates any vibration from the assembly.
  10. my two cents,if you go back far enough the roll s got it design roots from early allison designs the late ones used allison rods and the allison lacked the dual supercharging of the rolls.with the same supercharging the allison put out more than the rolls.the military needed aircraft so bad curtiss was asked to build the p-51 but they couldnt keep up p-40 orders.enter north american who said they could do it.the oroginal plans for the 51 came from curtiss and north american produced it.it became our supreme fighter.but dont knock the allison with dual stage supercharging it worked well on the p-38,and put out as much power.
  11. it is a chrysler product,my guess would be a 40 or 41 dodge or desoto
  12. with my 37 i first found a set of nos pistons and bored it to that size.they can go.0090 safely.i only went .0020 to clean mine up.the heads can be milled up to .0080,and ive heard of going as much as .0110.these engines thrive on high compression.you can use 38 or later high dome pistons and get about the same result.a 41 or 42 dual manifold will also work.find a late 49 or 50 special with insert type rods and these will drop right in.these engines respond very well to this treatment.your axle ratio is probably 4.4 which is very low.acording to buick engineering with standard tires it goes 1910 mph for every 1000 rpm in high.they will turn 4300 to 4500 in stock form in high gear or a true 83 to 86 mph.not big but remember this was 1937,and it was good enough to edge out a ford or chev.3.9 and 3.6 gearing is available,and with some machining will go in,and of course give a better top end.if you plane the head shim the rocker stands equal 1/2 the amount taken off as it will change the angle of the rocker arms.good luck
  13. unless it has been lost there are two plates and both are on the passenger side of cowl underhood
  14. these cars have great historical value,once you alter them the historical value is gone.
  15. the transmission end of the crank is different on dynaflow.i have heard that you can machine them to work with a stick.otherwise it is the same dimensions as the 41.i was able to get a set of nos insert rods for my 41 century,and it works great.the 50 rods will drop right in also.if the 41 crank isnt to far out you can regrind it as there are undersize bearings available.
  16. the rods in the 50 engine are insert type and will drop in your 41 as is.i did this conversion on my 41 century and it is a natural.you can get nos bearings from different suppliers.allmost everything on the 50 engine will work on the 41.mr harwood is right about the mounts.make sure your head is flat when you get it off,i had to mill mine 0040.if you mill the head shim the rocker arm stands 1/2 the amount taken off the head as the milling will change the angle of the rocker arms.
  17. try bobs automobilia www.bobsautomobilia.com,or 805 434 2963.i replaced my 41 century pump with there help.also i may have the part you need,i will have to look.let me know
  18. general motors rated there cars from the 10`s up.example chev4dr 1219 pontiac 4d 2219 olds 3219 buick 4219 lasalle 5219 cad 6219
  19. these old cars are our history and heritage,a 38 olds is very rare, once you alter it the historical value is gone forever.
  20. perry, your car probably has the stock 4.2 ratio,and with 700x16 rubber you get 2150 to 2200 mph for every 1000 rpm.at 70 you compute to 3245 rpm,which isnt to bad. buick rears are nearly the same from 40 to 55 and are available in 3.9 3.6 and 3.4.according to buick engineering your car peaks at 91-92 mph and around 4200 rpm.not bad for 1937.the lower ends are much stronger than some would lead you you to think.make sure the journals are round and ideally 1.400 to 1.800 in clearance.the senior eights create a lot of heat around the bearings,so use 20-50 valvoline racing or equivilant,make sure it has a high flash point and good viscoscity index.in 1949 after 5000+ engines buick converted to insert type rods and these will drop in your engine.good luck.
  21. as a point of interest the 38 special came with 4.4 gears with 3.9 optional,and the ones with the automatic had tall 3.6 ratio.
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