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  1. I have a 1926 Dodge Brothers Sedan that I recieved from my dad after he passed. The car runs great everything works exept for the charging system. I am not getting any volts out of the generator. This has the starter and the generator as one unit. If anyone can help with some info can you please let me know. Thanks Geno Homewood, IL
  2. RAH, It sounds like you know a lot more than I do I Inherited this car, so I dont know a how lot about it. A question I have about the generator I noticed that there is only one wire going to the generator from the starter push button should there be another wire going to the battery from the generator. Hope you can help I really wont to get this car going, It is a relly nice car. Thanks Again Geno
  3. Can Anyone help with the charging system on a 26 dodge. Does not charge, tried to see what makes it all work but Cannot do. If anyone can help, It sure would be appreciated. Thanks Geno
  4. I Inherited a 1926 Dodge Sudan from my father after he passed away. I am having trouble with the fuel system. The vacum pump dosent seem to pump fuel can anyone help. Thanks Geno
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