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  1. Supposedly, this is the most complete version of the historic film, "A Trip Down Market Street," combining the best elements of prints from Prelinger Arichives and Library of Congress.
  2. I question whether that engine and trans will bolt togther. Do you know?
  3. The paper maps are going to be tough to find except in the collector arena. I've been forced to go to a Rand-McNally atlas and GPS when traveling in congested areas, like the Northeast, in recent years.
  4. You must not be an AACA member or you'd recall my story from the Antique Automobile magazine. PM sent.
  5. You should talk to the Antique Automobile editor's dad, Donald R. Peterson. That guy will drive anything anywhere and has for decades. So will most of his sons... I'm with you. With a cellphone and access to the internet, all you have to do is let the right folks know you need a little help and people in the old car hobby with fall out of the trees to assist. Ask me how I know...
  6. I blew up the ad quite a bit and I think it's 3-3/4" x 4-1/2". The top number in the second fraction is definitely '1', and I think the lower one is a 2. So with those numbers, right at 199 cid. Nice to see there's a least one survivor. I don't recall ever seeing a Fulton truck...
  7. This picture is ID'd on the Goodwill Hose Co's apparatus page as a 1918 Fulton. I blew up the radiator logo and while the first few letters are unreadable, the last two do seem to be 'ON.' A little searching found two ads from about the same timeframe with the same distinctive radiator, so that looks to be right.
  8. I saw these at Ollie's some time ago and bought five copies. One for myself and four to give as gifts. Some guy named West in Dayton, Ohio, got one of them... The list price on this book was $50, so at $4.99 it's a heck of a deal.
  9. Email me at greg@slotblog.net please and I'll explain the pic posting process. We can also do this via PM (private message) if you know how to use that part of the forum.
  10. Betty Jean, posting pics here is almost trivial. If you need help doing that, I am willing to assist. Please let me know.
  11. Price on the OP's item seems excessivle to me based on what's there and its condition.
  12. One of the better automotive mascot websites is this one: https://www.mascot-mania.co.uk Go: factory mascots -> click on the Belgium flag -> select Minerva from the drop-down menu. Six Minerva mascots are shown and the only one that looks similar to Terry's is this one: Differences in the name and the "squareness" in the base would lead me to believe Terry's is a later reproduction. Too bad Bill Williams left us so long ago. I'm sure he'd be able to tell you what this really is.
  13. Rusty, I believe the lamp company name is correctly spelled Heany.
  14. Others used this system for a while. Metz being one. Supposedly worked best on lighter cars.
  15. The Kissell Golf Bug in the Forney was Amelia Earhart's famous 'Yellow Peril.' https://www.forneymuseum.org/FE_AmeliaEarhartGoldBug.html IIRC the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles in Pennsylvania has two Daniels cars, which were produced in Reading. The neatest bit of trivia about Daniels is that they were only built to order.
  16. 1915 Model T Ford.
  17. Simple Search 1. Enter text in the search box found in the top-right corner and click enter or return key on your keyboard. Search Tips: KEEP SEARCHES SIMPLE AN DIRECT: GOOD SEARCH: "Dodge spark plugs", BAD SEARCH: "whats the best spark plugs for a 1929 dodge panel truck?" USE QUOTES: You quotation marks to narrow your search. Example: Enter "headlight switch" (including the quote marks) and your search will only find posts that have the words headlight AND switch together. SEARCH INSIDE A SPECIFIC FORUM: Go into the forum you wish to search then click the magnifying glass in search (top right) and check "This Forum". Advanced Search 1. Click "Search" in the menu bar. The advanced search pane that opens up. For a content search, there are five selections: Content Type, Find results in..., Find results that contain..., Date Created, and Last Updated. The last four should be self-explanatory. When you select a Content Type other than the default 'All Content,' another pane opens up that allows you to specify where you wish to search. Note that you are not limited to selecting just a single forum. Click your first selection and while holding down the Command key (on a Mac), click on one or more further selections to highlight them. On a PC, I believe you would use the Ctrl key. I've not included the search term field in my screenshots, but the final step is to enter your search word or search string in the search term field at the top of the pane and then click the back 'Search Content' button at the bottom RH corner of the pane.
  18. Powers for all levels of moderators are individually enabled/disabled on IPB. If you no longer are able to pin topics, someone almost certainly changed your moderator permission set.
  19. Threads and posts are being hidden, not deleted. They are still visible to me as an admin, and honestly, based on the less-than-pleasant tone of a couple of them, I can understand why a mod made a decision to hide them.
  20. Very unusual in having larger diameter front wheels than rear wheels.
  21. gwells

    What is it?

    Windshield on OP better matches the Rickenbacker, also headlight bar, headlamps, and door shape. Rickenbacker is it IMO. It's a shame how few Rickenbackers remain. Don't recall the number, but it is quite small compared to the 35,000 plus cars produced.
  22. The meet chairman of another large car club event offered this opinion in a meeting planning manual he subsequently authored: "Avoid plated breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The hotel will give you a better deal on food if you use the buffet line, with more variety and selection of food. Less set-up for them, and no charge by the plate."
  23. That would be my guess. 'Hydropower' suggests that, as opposed to a windshield washer.
  24. Found another pic of a 1913 Locomobile... and I'd say it also suggests the ID posted in Ford Barn thread is correct.
  25. I agree this is almost certainly a 1913 Studebaker. Virtually everything matches, comparing it to this pic from a 2006 Bonham's auction. The fact that hood louves are not visible doesn't bother me, as I think they may be there and they just don't show in that mage. Tried to enhance the photo, but no luck...
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