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  1. They're neither Model As nor Model Ts.
  2. I defer to Hanski's superior ID. The 'eyebrows' over the front wheels and the hood enblems confirm it for me. Still can't locate an exact match for the car though.
  3. Dave, I'm pretty certain this is a Pegaso, but can't locate a recent pic of this exact car. As far as I know, every Pegaso was custom-bodied. The rear of this car, with the continental kit, is pretty awful (IMO) and it is not unlikely that this part of the car might have been modified at a later date
  4. Agreed, but it is an important issue. I'll see if my admin 'powers' will allow me to split the discussion off into another thread. But first, please respond to my reply to your PM, so I can confirm what the problem is in inserting no more than three images in a single post. If my suspicion proves correct, it is not a software problem, but a user issue. I believe your thesis that this forum is "incompatible" with mobile platforms in in error and if you'll work with me behind the scenes, I think I can explain what the problem is and how to resolve it.
  5. Again, please explain exactly why you say this. Harder to post pics from what platform?
  6. "... it’s compatibility with other platforms"? Please explain what you mean by this claim more specifically. Understand I have been running an IP.Board forum for better than 15 years. My members don't complain as anywhere near bitterly as many folks here do. Not to pick on Bob, but almost every time he complains he can't do something, I illustrate that it can be done. The other issue seems to be with those who expect that their cellphone will provide the same level of functionality that a computer does. IMO it ain't gonna happen. Facebook is limited in many ways. I term Facebook the internet for the attention deficient. It's repetitive, ephemeral, terribly fragmented, difficult to search, and unsuited to collating and disseminating a large quanitty of information and knowledge for reference over time. It has its place but is a poor substitue for a well-designed and moderated forum or website IMO. Is Facebook easy to post to and use via cellphone? Absolutely, but one pays a price for that ease of access. As an aside, my experience with computers and coding started in 1967, well before the term 'IT' was even coined.
  7. I concur with the recommendation of irfanview (for PCs). Been using it for a couple of decades.
  8. Merlin, As I posted, in almost every case you don't need to resize a photo smaller to post it here, unless you just want to shorten the upload time. Try it, if you don't believe me. The only proviso is that your image has to be smaller than the filesize limit given here: Can a regular member please confirm what 'max file size' limit they're seeing? And it's worth noting that the procedure you give will only work on a PC running Windows.
  9. Mal, as far I know, IP.Board will accept any size photo or combination of photos that don't exceed the 'max file size' limit given to the right of the paper clip icon at the bottom of the posting screen. My 'max file size' is 125 MB, but it may be a lower number for regular (non-admin) members. The image below is 4,508 x 3,456 pixels and 5.4 MB file size as uploaded; I did not resize it smaller. IP.Board resizes it to s smaller size for display (800 pixels wide, I think) during the upload process. Note that images this large take a relatively long time to upload.
  10. Bob, your claim is totally incorrect. Count how many pics I have placed below. Hint: it is more than two. (Total filesize of these 14 images is 2.9 MB. Cars on the 2018 New London to New Brighton Run, if anyone wants to know.) Bob, since the AACA moved to the IP.Board forum software, it seems you never miss an opportunity to trash it. I have offered multiple times to assist you in resolving your pic posting issues, both in public and via private message, but have yet to receive a response from you indicating a willingness to accept my help. I don't know whether the problems you continue to complain about involve your hardware, software, or procedures, but I can assure you they are not due to the IP.Board platform. Looks like I will be at Hershey again this year and will offer one final time to meet with you with my laptop to show you how to properly upload pics to this forum.
  11. I knew Pop Rice a little. A number of the collectors in the Nashville area used Pop for a lot of work. Didn't know of his connection to McPherson.
  12. Do you have a pic of the other side?
  13. Actually, I would give that auction house props for being honest! What they're claiming to do is so obviously the central purpose of the auction format, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.
  14. Can't argue with a gut feeling, but I am consoled in knowing that nzcarnerd felt the same as I do. Again, I emphasize that the best image I could find to compare is a catalog illustration; these are notoriously inaccurate and could explain the differences you and others have noted. Simply could not locate an actual photo to compare. Thanks for the reply.
  15. The more I look, the more similarities I see between the OP's pic and the best illustration I can find of a Paige Linwood Tourer (which is admittedly an artist's catalog illustration). Wheels look very close: width of felloe, six rim clamps, hubs match. Hubcaps did trouble me, as I saw a lot of hubcap variance in the Paige pics I searched up but finally found very similar caps on a couple of cars. Sheetmetal looks to be a close match: fender contours, width of the cowl, slanted hood louvers. Hood latch is the same style, although not in the same position relative the louvers. Radiator neck looks the same. Windshield angle matches. Size and position of the folded top is a match as well. Note also that front seat back is taller than the body sides in both images. Vintman, what differences between the unknown car and the Paige Linwood trouble you?
  16. I was a worker at several well-known auctions in the '70s and '80s and have seen the dirty underbelly of the auction world. That's not to say there are no quality auctions, because there are. If I were in a position to buy or sell collectors cars at auctions, there are only a select few auction companies I would patronize. In my opinion, a lot of really good and desirable cars never see an auction block, although there are many that do, especially at the high end of values. And, as the man said, the house always gets its share if a car sells; it never loses.
  17. I can't find anything Pierce-Arrow that comes close. A full shot of the front, engine-side, of the part might be useful.
  18. To add to Terry's info, when you click on the bell icon look for the 'Notification settings' click in the header. If you click on this, you will find there is a large number of ways you can configure how you will be notified when someone interacts with a post you made. An easier way to go back to threads you started recently is to hold your cursor over your name in a post you made (or go to your profile) and click on the 'Find Content' search button in the box that pops up.
  19. But a transverse full elliptic rear spring isn't very common in my experience.
  20. Tough crowd here, Chris... LOL!
  21. I agree that is a 1931 Essex. Can't find any feature on the unknown car that would suggest otherwise.
  22. Nice pic! The unusual shape of those hubcaps ought to be a decent clue. I have no idea what it is.
  23. Of course, your Nash doesn't really have a VIN number, as they only started in 1954. Vehicle identification number I'm thinking the best reference is the late Grace Brigham's book, 'The Serial Number Book for U.S. Cars 1900-1975,' long out of print and fairly dear as a used book. I don't have a copy of this book in my library, but perhaps someone seeing this thread does and can check it for your number, which is likely just a simply serial number as far as I know.
  24. BTW, I agree with Grog. Cussler's books are not great fiction by any means. They're highly formulaic, but I find the characters are well-defined and memorable. And the plots have a lot of twists and turns. Great dialogue, too. I read very little fiction, but find all of Cussler's books to be great escapist fiction and very enjoyable. They meet the very definition of summer reads, although they're just as fun in any season.
  25. I offered to pick up a copy of the Cussler book at my local Ollie's for zephyr if he'd cover the cost of the book and shipping and he accepted. Since they had a stack of them, I grabbed two more (which makes a total of eight of these books I have purchased now). If there anyone else who'd like the same deal I offered zephyr, let me know via PM. Don't yet know what the shipping cost will be, but I'm going to ship them the cheapest way. Still, the cost of shipping is likely to exceed the $4.99 plus tax cost of the book itself but it shouldn't be too much more.
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