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  1. Basically, that's true for me. Although I have owned automatic trans cars, it's because they were either given to me or purchased for one of our kids. Never have used one for my daily driver. One of the best things about my ex is she wouldn't drive an auto trans car either. Took me six months to find my recently-purchased VW Jetta TDI daily driver, as only about 15% of those cars were manuals.
  2. He is a very funny guy. Don was my best man in 1977. After 37 years, the missus divorced me so I asked Don for a refund. He declined to do so, claiming she was out of warranty...
  3. Copying and pasting pictures is not the way to add pics to your posts. The way to do it is to save the pics from your emails to your desktop and then drag the image files into the designated area in the forum posting screen. That uploads them to your post. I can do a tutorial on adding pics to a post here later today if anyone would like one.
  4. Best guess as to why you can see them and others cannot is that your picture links point to the photos stored on your computer. FWIW. Pictures have to be uploaded to the forum to be visible to others.
  5. I've communicated privately with many of our common friends and there is no doubt at all that they will receive a 'shower of cards.'
  6. An antique car on a public road is the greatest smile producer there is, assuming it gets noticed.
  7. Not a bad idea, but I have no idea whether they're in a room with a view of a road. I'll have to check on that.
  8. May I ask a personal favor from those of you who know Donald R. Peterson... Antique Automobile editor West Peterson's father and one of the grand old men of the classic car hobby (an almost 70-year member of AACA and CCCA and a participant on 77 or 78 of the CCCA CARavan tours, the most in club history, among many other achievements)? Don, who turned 91 on April 1, fell in late June and broke his hip. While he was recovering at home in Roswell, Georgia, his wife Edie fell and broke her hip in four places. Currently, they're both in rehab in Marietta, Georgia, happily in the same room. They cannot receive visitors under the current pandemic restrictions and phone calls are somewhat difficult for several reasons. I'm asking for you to participate in a 'shower of cards' containing cheerful get-well messages of encouragement to this fine gentleman and his wife Edie. A big bag of mail from people they know would cheer them up immensely. The address of their rehab facility is: A. G. Rhodes Home 900 Wylie Rd SE Marietta, GA 30067. Thank you for your consideration.
  9. Hold your cursor over your name on the lefthand side of the post above and click on 'find content' at the bottom of the window that pops up. Select the post you're looking for out of the list that comes up.
  10. gwells


    AHa, Looking at your post's source code, I think why it isn't appearing is that you're trying to link the image from an email. Save the pic to your desktop and add it to the post from there, and I'll bet it will show here.
  11. When I bought my 1930 Model A in Oct 2014, it was fitted Firestone gum-dipped whitewalls that were more than 40 years old, but because the car had been garaged for the vast majority of those 40 years, the tires were not dry-rotted and in fact still had the molding nubs on the treads. The car had only traveled 1,536 miles since it was restored and did more than twice that mileage getting back to Georgia. But as soon as those tires started getting exposed to the UV rays in sunlight, they deteriorated pretty quickly. I've got four new Universal blackwalls waiting to be installed.
  12. From the event's website: "2020 has not been the year any of us imagined when we rang in the New Year. We have all felt a massive sense of uncertainty and experienced the chaos caused by COVID-19. Never have we felt less in control, personally and professionally. These new challenges have forced big decisions. Our dedicated Board of Directors has contemplated numerous options for our 2020 event. After much internal consideration and review and important consultations with our strategic partners and leadership from Hilton Head Island and Savannah, we have decided we cannot, prudently, host our event this fall. The health and well-being of our exhibitors, judges, attendees, sponsors, partners, suppliers, volunteers, and staff are our number one priority. Without a clear picture of how the virus will be impacting lives come October, and with no influence or control over potential new or ongoing safety processes, we have concluded that we cannot assuredly provide a safe environment for this gathering of over 20,000 people. Further, our major supporters and sponsors face the same ambiguity as they consider their financial investment for a fall 2020 event, as well as the safety of their own event staff. While all of us will sorely miss seeing you in 2020, we are immediately shifting our focus to organizing an especially amazing event for the fall of 2021. We anticipate that many of the features planned for the 2020 event will stay on the schedule for 2021 and invite you to follow our social media channels to learn more in the coming months. Mark your calendar for a wonderful celebration commemorating our 19th event – October 29 - November 7, 2021."
  13. True. But the planning for the next year's swap meet starts in earnest just two weeks after the event, with nearly 2,000 volunteers ultimately involved in putting it on. To have canceled it a couple of months before it happened would have been a hardship on a lot of people. And expensive. IMO. I know the people who made this decsion agonized over it.
  14. I would suggest you donate to this forum or the AACA itself. Just my opinion...
  15. Some years ago, I was told by someone in a postion to know that NAPA store often see a 20% level of returns.
  16. Could be. That's one of the configuration variables in the settings for this forum software package. I am unable to tell you what that limit it, as I don't have access to the settings panel. On my own forum, I limit how many posts per day a new member can make until he has made so many total posts as an anti-spam technique. I do note you've made only 40 posts here so far, maybe the limit removal trigger here is set higher than that and may eventually go away for you. But that different from the limit on the number of images in a single post, which is based on the total of the file sizes of the uploaded images.
  17. The Davis Registry indicates that 13 Davis Divans were built. FWIW, the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville has a Divan, as well as the Davis protoype called 'Baby.'
  18. The limit on pictures is not based on number of images, but rather the total of the file sizes of the the images you upload. The 'max file size' figure is shown in the posting screen on the line below where it says "Drag files here to attach...'. I'd quote it but as an admin my limit is not the same as yours. As to why there is a post limit, it has to do with the size of the database and the speed of post loading for people with slower connections. I'll fix your sideways images in a few moments... After downloading and rotating your few sideways images, I see they're uncompressed JPGs. By compressing them at a moderate 70% level, the file sizes were reduced significantly, anywhere from 35 to 50% and the image quality is not visually diminished at all. There are lots of related benefits to appying JPG compression to images being uploaded.
  19. When I stopped at Bert's in Denver on my trip to drive my Oregon-purchased Model A back to Atlanta in late 2014, I was advised by a very experienced Model A guy to ditch the Air Maze cleaner that was on my car. I did so the next day and did notice an improvement in the way the car ran on the rest of the trip. If you wish to run an air cleaner, there are people who can 'air balance' your carb to allow for the restriction the air cleaner causes. Most of the air cleaners for Model A don't filter much out of the incoming airstream; just the larger chunks. You asked and that's my opinion.
  20. My memory only goes as far back as punch cards. That was our data storage medium at Ga Tech in the early '70s. But... "The last year the Encyclopaedia Britannica was printed was 2010. That final edition consists of 32 volumes, weighs nearly 130 pounds, and contains approximately 50 million words and 300 million characters. It requires roughly one gigabyte (GB) of disk space to store the entire text of that final volume." I'll let you do the math for 100 GB of data.
  21. Take it. I have a two-car garage with about three and a half cars in it.
  22. Kind of difficult to backup a 100 GB database on paper... Or even a 25 GB one.
  23. Matt, I actually clicked the button to delete the thread in error, thinking I was just deleting the one blank post. Not a software issue, but human one.
  24. Steve and Peter: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I don't know if I'd admit to actually loving you two (I do have some standards...), but I'm definitely buying the beer for both you guys if I make it to Hershey this fall (if there is a Hershey this fall...) Just to give a little insight into how this happened, my hobby forum uses an older version of the same software package as does the AACA forum, and there is a minor difference in some of the mod/admin controls that led to my error. It wasn't just a fumble-finger after a three-martini lunch... Thanks, everyone, for your understanding and support. It means a lot.
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