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  1. Here's part of the text I posted to my Facebook page regarding Don's passing...


    "Just heard one of my dearest friends in all the world passed away about 30 mins ago, Donald R. Peterson, 92, of Roswell, GA. We were friends for almost 50 years, but he was much more than that. He was my best man at my wedding in 1977. We worked together several times, most notably as the editorial team that started Car Collector magazine in 1978. We traveled together many times, in old cars and new. Truthfully, he was a surrogate father to me, too. 

    A car collector's car collector, perhaps the only person who has ever held 60-year continuous memberships in both the Classic Car Club of America and the Antique Autombile Club of America."


    I have so many great stories I could tell about our long friendship...


    Here's just one. He invited me to accompany him on the 1979 (?) Pocono Glidden Tour in his Packard 734 Speedster boat tail and we stayed at the host hotel, the now-gone Buck Hill Falls Inn. What I remember best, along with all the famous CCCA members he introduced me to during the tour, was him teaching me the proper way to shave with a razor. It's something I was never able to learn from my bio-dad, who passed when I was quite young.

    What an honor to have been Don's friend!

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  2. Long-time CCCA member Donald R. Peterson passed away peacefully this morning at age 92. He was well-known to many CCCA members due to his 60+ year membership in the club and his record level of participation in the CCCA CARavans.

    One of the nicest people in the world of collector cars as well as the father of West (the editor of the Antique Automobile), Wyatt, Webster, Winston, and Ryan, most of whom are avid collectors themselves.

    I know I will miss him terribly, as we were close friends for nearly 50 years.


    Please keep the extended Peterson family in your prayers.


    Here's one of my favorite pictures of Don with his Bugatti Type 57 Stelvio in the mid-fifties.


  3. I encountered this 1924 Ahren-Fox T54 receiving its first post-restoration fill-up in Oct 2014. Owned by  Doug Klink, who operates the non-profit Reliance Fire Museum in Estes Park, Colorado.





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  4. 2 hours ago, CarlLaFong said:

    I seem to recall reading that Buick had a problem with rings setting in about 41 or so. Factory recommendation was a teaspoon of Bon Ami in the carb at a fast idle. Urban myth or what??


    This is true. At some time in the past, I saw a copy of the Buick factory service bulletin containing this advice.

    BTW Bon Ami is not the same as Ajax and other more abrasive cleaners.

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  5. Bucket, there is at least one pic of the interior in each of the four separate ads.


    Here's links to the four ads:


    1921 Studebaker Light 6 touring car


    1928 Lincoln Model 147A seven-passenger sedan


    1931 Plymouth PA Deluxe Sport Roadster


    1929 Model A Ford Tudor

    To reiterate, I am not the seller. If you desire any further info, please call Harry at the number given in each listing.

  6. This Lincoln is very solid mechanically (I rebuilt the engine and went through the car mechanically). The car's serial number is 49600.


    The 147A seven-passenger sedan body was built by the Murray company. 1,023 were built in 1928 which was the last year they were made.


    I purchased the car in California from an ad in the AACA magazine and I believe the car spent all of its life in California prior to my acqusition. I know it was used in at least one movie: "The Kansas City Masacre." 


    Numerous spares and literature come with this vehicle. Note damage to rear fenders shown in photos.

    Lincoln $18,000 or best offer.


    Car is located near downtown Atlanta, in the O4W area, if you're familiar with the city. This car has to go to a new owner.


    Contact Harry at (404) 234-3506.

















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  7. This Model A needs everything but in all honesty, it is a parts car that could not be restored economically. It is basically all there with an older professionally-rebuilt engine. Body is not original to the car but is an early '28 body as evidenced by the body-mounted taillight provision. Nice 21" wheels with unworn lugbolt tapers.


    Make an offer on this car.


    Car is located near downtown Atlanta, in the O4W area, if you're familiar with the city.Car is located near downtown Atlanta, in the O4W area, if you're familiar with the city. This car has to go to a new owner.


    Contact Harry at (404) 234-3506.















  8. This Plymouth was restored by Leo Gephart and I bought it at auction in Auburn. It has sidemounts, trunk rack, rumble seat, wind wings and other options. It is a good driver, however, it has been sitting for a while and needs the early hydraulic brakes overhauled plus woken-up from sitting for several years.


     $28,000 or best offer.


    Car is located near downtown Atlanta, in the O4W area, if you're familiar with the city. This car has to go to a new owner.


    Contact Harry at (404) 234-3506.















  9. Folks, Harry needs to move these cars and is the very definition of a motivated seller. If you have any interest in any or all of them, please contact him. The Model A is rather rough, but the other three cars are very nice pieces. 

    I visited him a few weeks back (he's local to me and has been a friend for many decades) and took a number of pictures. If anyone is sincerely interested, PM me with which cars you wish to see more of and your email address and I'll send you the photos I have.

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  10. FWIW, the guy's real name is Ryan Thibeault.

    While I admit he's having a great trip, IMO folks are making too much of the fact that this is a largely stock car. In Oct 2014, I drove a bone-stock 1930 Tudor from McMinnville, Oregon, back to Atlanta, without much of an issue. Since it was a forty-plus year old restoration that had only accumulated a bit more than 1,500 miles since being finished, I did have to replace the rock-hard water pump seal the first night out and the overcharging generator (nearly 15 amps at cruising speed!) failed one day away from home. (I was too lazy to adjust the third brush and planned to replace it with an alternator anyway.) The forty-year old Firestones didn't give a bit of trouble, although a leaking stem on one tube resulted in a flat in Broken Arrow, OK.

    AACA members may recall the story of my trip that appeared in the Antique Automobile in the summer of 2015.


    Ryan's will have made a longer trip in his Model A than I did by the time he gets home. I did have a chase car as we drove out to Oregon to get the car, so had a bit more of a safety factor, if you will.

    But these are reliable cars, if maintained and not screwed up by ham-fisted shadetree mechanics.

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